Lesbian With Fantasies Of Men

I'm a lesbian I always knew, but lately I have this regular fantasy of finding myself dancing in the club, men start watching me like hypnotized, and I start to get horny just by their glaze of desire over me. One of them slowly approaching, making me dance against him, and I'm so into it. I dance against him like I want it. He starts touching me softly over the close to the rhythm, then slowly touching under my dress. A lot of teasing, a lot of soft touches and rubbing here and there. Others keep looking, only at me. He starts kissing me, his tongue inside my mouth, we make up passionately. Then he leads me to kneel down, guiding my face to his pants. I make out with his pants over his crotch, I unzip it, then I make out with his underwear. Before I get to the real thing I turn the round, I shake it against him again, but this time, I stare at the others who keep watching me, almost hunger in their eyes by how intensely they stare at me. But I'm in control. I get f_cked rough in the floor to the rhythm of the song, all eyes on me. And I'm loving every second.

The fantasy sometimes differs a little. Maybe I'm against the bar of the club, drinking casually, standing by looking towards the bar. Then some dude places himself just behind me, against me. Starts massaging my body like it's his. Proceeds to fuck me against the bar with my tight dress on, the music playing, no one gives a f2ck.
Or in the bathroom of the club. But in this one I'm constantly being told how much of a s1lut I am, a lot of dirty talking, I'm f9cked like a doll and this one feels a little dirty given, ya know, that I'm in a bathroom. But I somehow still love it and I just want to be used and adored.


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