This category is for the wickedest, most sinister thoughts and deeds that you’ve ever contemplated. Let your dark side out to play. Embrace your darker side with Dark Desires Unleashed. From domination and submission to sadomasochism and beyond, this category is for those who aren’t afraid to delve into the shadows.

Submission Is Wanted

Is it really that bad that I want it?
For my sister to pull off her clothes, grab me, and place her plump and juicy ass on my face.

I wanna feel her thighs squeezing my neck, and I fall in and out of consciousness.
I want her ass to press down on my face, unable to see and unable to breathe.
I want her to shout for my mother, my mother to come up, and for my sister to be showing my mother my worthless penis.

I want my sister to have complete control over my body, and make me feel worthless and ashamed of who I am. And if possible, I want my mother to use me too, reminding me that I'm merely a worthless group of cells.

And the best thing is, my sister is right there. In this house, and I can ask her for all this.
She has never flirted with me, or sexualised me or anything. But I want to try. I want to hope. I want my future to be a living vacuum for her anus, a living chair for her ass. A submissive slave for both her and hopefully my mother too.

This is the life I want. And if people react positively to this, I'll strip right now and ask her

  • First Taboo Evening

    Tonight I want to finally hookup with someone in secret!
    If you're interested and living in the south of the Netherlands, give me a comment here and we'll continue our chat elsewhere.

    I Fucked My Brother, Twice.

    I am ashamed of something that I did twice. I had sex with my brother. It was a moment of weakness the first time. He was trying to put his dick inside of me for nights, he would pull down my shorts and try to fuck me. The virgin idiot didn't know there was a whole prep for that. And truthfully, I wanted to have sex too but definitely not with my brother. However, when one night, my lusts came over me and he was still attempting to put his dick inside, I held his wrist and he tried to yank by surprise but I instead pushed my ass up and we prepped before he fucked me.

    It was an okay fuck. We didn't really come together and he didn't even come inside but it was alight. My bussy was a bit sore afterwards but it was less painful than me just inserting anything into my ass without prep. I definitely learned I liked getting my ass licked.

    On the second night however, I was the one who initiated it and told him I wanted to do sixty-nine and we did. It wasn't great though, but the sex the second time was much easier than the first. This time, I tired out because my bussy was sore from his rigorous energy and I tried to let him cum inside of me but really, it was too much.

    After that, i asked him if we were bad people for doing this and he answered I don't know. We made a promise then to never repeat what we did and it was the last of our sexual exploration. To this day, I regret and still feel horrible of what I did, May God forgive me

  • The Need To Submit

    I'm hopeless at saying no to people. I claim I'm just kinky, but the truth is that anyone who wanted to take control of me would easily be able to, men, women, cis, doesn't matter - I go weak at the thought of being dominated. The more degrading and humiliating the better.

    I get lost in fantasies of my boss forcing me to become the office pet, announcing my status as the office bitch in heat during an all staff meeting, having me strip and providing me with a new uniform consisting of nothing but a leash attached to nipple clamps and a butt plug tail. Making me crawl around to be humiliated and fucked by anyone who sees fit.

    I imagine being kidnapped and waking up in a strange room, tied, bound and helpless.

    Whenever someone calls me a bitch, slut, whore, worthless, pathetic or any number of degrading names I have to fight not to whimper and I feel my knees go weak. Hell, it doesn't even need to be directed AT me.

    Anytime someone is mean I secretly hope they'll take out their frustrations on me.

    I can't even masturbate without feeling guilty. Like I need permission. Like I haven't earnt it.

    And yet I pretend like I'm a strong, independent woman... knowing all the while that the truth is anyone could take me, because I find it impossible to resist anyone showing the slightest bit of control toward me.

    Submit To Superiors

    I must admit my fantasies of being used by my big manly black coworkers and friends years ago were very erotic but now I have to admit I am fully ready to drop to my knees and ask my black daddies if I can suck them off like a good white sissy should do for her black masters. Then of course they should ravage my butt with those beautiful big black butt bangers until they’re done with my weaker subservient white sissy ass. Black man are my masters

  • The Unapologetic Desires Of A Kinky Soul

    My name is Jake, and I'm a 27-year-old man with an unconventional secret. For as long as I can remember, I've been drawn to the darker, more carnal side of life. Over time, I've come to realize that my sexual desires are unconventional, but it's time I finally confess.

    It all started when I was a teenager, and I stumbled upon a hidden stash of adult magazines in my father's closet. The images within ignited a fire inside me, one that could not be quenched by conventional relationships. I began to explore the darker corners of the internet, seeking out erotic literature and videos to fuel my ever-growing fantasies.

    As I grew older, my desires became more focused. I discovered the world of BDSM, and was instantly captivated by the power dynamics and the intensity of the experiences. I began attending local kink events, and soon found a community of like-minded individuals who understood my desires and embraced them without judgment.

    I experimented with different roles, but ultimately found that I was most drawn to the dominant side of the power dynamic. The feeling of control, of possessing someone completely, was intoxicating. I reveled in the pleasure of pushing my partner's boundaries, exploring the limits of their trust and devotion.

    But it was only when I met Mia that I truly discovered the depths of my desires. She was an experienced submissive, with a hunger for the same intense experiences I craved. Our connection was instant, and together, we began to push our limits further than either of us had dared to before.

    Mia introduced me to the world of sensory deprivation, where she would allow me to blindfold her, restrict her movements, and use various implements to enhance her pleasure or pain, depending on my whim. I reveled in the power I held over her, her complete trust in me allowing us to explore the darkest corners of our desires.

    But my ultimate fantasy was yet to be fulfilled. I wanted to take Mia to a public event, a place where others could bear witness to our connection and the intensity of our experiences. We attended a private, members-only club, where our play took on a new level of excitement as we were surrounded by others who shared our passions.

    As I bound Mia in intricate rope patterns, dsplayed her for all to see, and tested her limits with floggers, whips, and other tools, I felt alive in a way I never had before. The thrill of exhibitionism, of sharing our most intimate moments with others, was intoxicating.

    I know that my desires may not be conventional, but they are a part of who I am. By confessing them, I hope to find acceptance and understandng from those who might be willing to listen without judgment. I am Jake, a 27-year-old man with a passion for the darker, more carnal side of life, and I am unapologetically, unashamedly, myself.