Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you? Revenge On The Neighbor is the category for those who have had enough of their obnoxious and inconsiderate neighbors. Share your stories of vengeance and retribution and revel in the satisfaction of getting even. From petty pranks to elaborate schemes, this category is all about getting sweet revenge. We want to know!

There is genuine hate between us. We've even fought, with his wife complaining later, how I'd made a mess of her husbands face. Dont know how I did that, as he's one ugly obese jabba the hut looking freak.
The fact is, he's a fat prick with a gobby mouth.
So to why I'm here.
His son is a closet gay eighteen year old. I know he's still firmly in the closet, because when I fuck him, he's careful not to have anyone know.
And when I say fuck him, I mean I screw the shit out of him, often making him cry out with over exertion.
He's nothing like his parents, slim, articulate and caring. And it was his caring nature that got him sucking on my eight inches.
He called round a few weeks after my confrontation with his dad. It wasn't to placate me, but rather to make sure nothing happened again.
He was so sweet, so caring, I fucked him in my lounge to show him I'd be a good neighbour.
I've always known he was at least bisexual. When you've fucked as many young guys as me, you just know who likes cock.
Offering him a drink, then my dick, he practically pounced on my cock, sucking on it like a desperate refugee.
Fucking his tight hole was so good, I fucked him twice before he left for home.
Now even with 'Fuckdown' as I call it, I'm still fucking his gorgeous mouth and arsehole every single day.
I still hate his jabba father, but love fucking the fat c**ts son.

  • A fews back my neighbour was just a pain always knocking in .we did get on that well ...anyway 1 morning I was in the shower .wife gone to work I was getting ready myself then heard a loud bang at the door I jumped out of the shower in a towel opened the neighbour was there with the percel ....she looked shocked then I noticed I'd a massive boner on .she brushed it with her hand..... that's just part 1 .....omg ive loads my genuine real stuff that happened

    My friends older sister turned me into the cocksucker of the neighborhood. My buddy's sister is and will always be an evil whore. Her brother and I would spend the night at his house a lot. His dad was old and slept like the dead and his mom popped pills to sleep and spent the nights essentially in a drug induced coma. At night, the whore, me and him could get away with murder. Her big thing was to smoke weed, play with herself or fuck neighborhood boys. Most every night that I stayed over we would fool around, whether it was sucking each other off, fucking each other or watching porn and cumming on one another it didn't matter, it was happening. His sister approached me one night suggesting that I fuck her, that I was the thickest cock she'd ever seen. I didn't like her in the least, though she had a great body but she was a terrible person to her brother. Instead I suggested that she go suck off the rest of the town. This notion was not received well. Later her brother and I would find out that she recorded us on multiple occasions fucking and fooling around. With the fear of god in us of anyone finding out and his strict catholic parents she has leverage over us. The bullshit started simple. She busted in one night while her brother was sucking me off threatening to expose us unless we complied with her demands. That particular night she wanted to watch me fuck her little brother in the ass while she watched. The was resistance but she reminded us that she would let everyone know of our gay activities including my friends girlfriend. He got down on all fours and told me to fuck him. As I pushed my big dick inside of him I felt him clench and she noticed he dropped cum. She put her hand in her pants and began to play with herself. She climaxed watching her brother cum as I fucked him. She stated that he had to swallow me, and he did as told. Things like this continues for awhile. She would have him fuck me as well, even though he was very large she stated because I was bigger she wanted me punishing him. She eventually became bored with this. She slowly began exposing our secret with the neighborhood boys. She would lured them over to fuck but instead would make them do things with us before she would let them fuck. If they didn't do things with us, she would blackmail them into it. She would make me and my friend suck the guys until they were hard before she would mess with them. Before long, my buddy and I had either sucked or been fucked my all the teen boys living around us. She had all of us under her thumb. Little did she know, her brother and I loved it and a lot of guys would hit us up on the side for a good fuck. One night she had a handful of teen boys over for a basement party. She got everyone in through the garage and again blackmailed is to all fool around. Here we had roughly 10 horny teen boys, ranging in sizes and thickness, color and stamina. As "punishment" for not fucking her she ordered all the guys to take advantage and fuck me while she pleasures herself with a weird looking dildo. Of course I acted like I didn't wanted to but I was so excited. I took everyone of them and their load while my buddy couldn't play but had to watch. I took dicks in my ass while choking on the others. The guys would blow their loads in me and the next would use it for lube. This went on for a long period of time and it was obvious that I was getting tired. The table turned and she wanted everyone to fuck her. Including her brother and I. Her brother and I refused to fuck her and she threaten to expose all of us. She only agreed to let me off if her brother fucked her first and didnt pull out. After a much heated debate, my buddy, her hung younger brother was pushing in her nasty pussy and I had to watch. It took him while but he eventually busted his large load which was visible to everyone dripping out of her. Then th other guys lined up and did just the same. To this day the hate her brother and I have towards her is indescribable. Said events continues for a length of time. She eventually got pregnant as she has always wanted. Parents forced her to stay home which didn't help. She continued her bullshit until she had her baby. Eventually the majority of the neighborhood has busted in her pregnant pussy. The hate is always there. The father is still unknown. The only thing she helped with was getting her brother and I out the closet and hooking us up with a lot of horny teen boys. To this day him and I enjoy fucking guys. He and her family don't associate with her anymore. The truth came out a few years after he graduated high school. Things will never be the same for his family.

  • I hated my neighbors. They are loud, obnoxious. They keep dangerous dogs for pets. Those dogs tear up my yard, my garden and shit everywhere and growl at me just for trying to leave the house and go to work. I tried putting up a fence but my neighbor picks the dogs up and puts them over the fence on my side to shit. You get the idea. They have parties EVERY NIGHT and they are loud parties with those three foot giant super terawatt subwoofers that register 30 on the Richter scale. The do drugs in front of their kids. They brag about teaching their kids how to successfully shop lift. I wont' say what race they are but I will say I'm the last white person in my neighborhood. I am also upset that before my neighborhood turned into a jungle my house was worth 300k. That was 20 years ago. In those days my tax appraisal was for 200k. So I paid $3000 a year in taxes. Now, twenty years later my house is worth $150k but my tax appraisal is 400k so I have to pay $6000 a year in taxes, twice as much for a house worth twenty five percent less due to the kind of people who have moved in.

    So one day a few weeks ago I hear screaming next door. Normally I'm the kind of guy who will come running to help someone begging for help. I heard screaming that sounded like someone asking for help. I put in my ear plugs and picked up a nice book and started to read it.

    A few hours later I hear a loud knock on my door. Ear plugs don't block out everything. It was the police. They were canvassing the neighborhood looking for witnesses to a crime next door. Seems there was a home invasion and the perps were looking for drugs and money and found some but not enough so they murdered my neighbors and r*ped their kids and then killed them too. When the officer asked why I didn't hear anything I told them that they are always so loud that I got into the habit of wearing earplugs I hope those monkeys all suffered slow horrible agonizing deaths. They were always so drugged out I doubt they even noticed being dead.

    Within two weeks of our neighbors moving in, I was fucking his wife and she was begging me each day to call over for sex. John is a huge guy with what is supposed to be a large cock. His wife Andrea who's half Greek and stunning, loves cock and loves to be fucked. However she tells me her husbands penis remains hard for only a brief time and often she's not orgasmed by the time he's cum. Welcoming her to the neighborhood after their first week, she asked me to call by the following day to have a coffee. Only when she said it, she bent right over and flashed me the most perfect pussy and ass. I realized she had no panties on, so when she rose up and said "Be knocking about ten am, he'll be at work by then". I knew exactly what she meant. I swear by five minutes past ten the following day, I had my cock down Andrea's throat and was face fucking her. maybe ten minutes after that, I had my face between her long slender legs and was tonguing the most delicious pussy and asshole. With my cock pulsing and hard as granite, Andrea was going to try and mount my dick, but I asked her if she was on birth control. Telling me she couldn't have kids, and that she was 'clean' I let her sink down over me. Only she chose to have my dick up her asshole.
    For almost half an hour and changing position a few times, I fucked her pussy and asshole making her orgasm five times. Ready to cum myself, my neighbors wife told me she liked it on her tits. Withdrawing from her ass, I stood above Andrea, tossed my cock a few times and came all over her tits, face and hair. Smiling up at me, she said "You'd better be saving that cum for me from now on".
    And so I have over the last eighteen months. John has no idea whatsoever that his wife, the woman he professes all the time is faithful to him, is being fucked by a guy nearly ten years younger than his wife. He also doesn't know and it's Andrea who's told me this, is often over the past eighteen months, she not cleaned off my cum from her pussy and ass before having her husband go down on her after he's gotten home.
    There must be thousands and thousands of unsatisfied married women out there. And now I've fucked one, I think I'm going to try and fuck many many more.

  • There's a big game going on today. One of my neighbours has travelled down to Wembley to see his blue mooners. Already today I've fucked his wife who's a total slut with me.
    She's thirty four, absolutely gorgeous and has a unbelievably stunning body. She's with him because he's all about money. What she doesn't get from him though, is my eight and half inches. His little penis I'm lead to believe, has never once made her orgasm, so she approached me earlier this year for sex. And I've been fucking her ever since.
    Today as his team will probably be winning, I'll be banging his wife's pussy and arsehole as he's watching football.