Do you have a secret from your past that you've been dying to share?

This category is all about unburdening yourself of the confessions you've kept hidden since childhood. Share your tales of mischief, rebellion, and discovery. Whether it's a forbidden crush on a teacher, a prank gone wrong, or a stolen kiss with a childhood friend, this category will take you back to the innocent and rebellious days of youth.

Meeting Up With An Older Man

When i was a teen, there was a game online that i loved to play called Yoville. In yoville, you could buy houses and decorate them, meet people and socialize. It was a lot of fun!

I think i was 13 when i met a guy on there, and i remember really prioritizing seeing this guy on there every day. He was really sweet, and always made me laugh. He would buy me things in game that cost actual money, and g*ft it to me.

For a couple of years we spent every evening hanging out on our computer, and had even started a yoville relationship, as silly as it sounds, I LOVED HIM!!!

He had told me where he was from, and it was just a state over. When i found out that my parents were planning a trip to a campground near where he lived, i told him that i really wanted to meet him while i was out there. He agreed, and planned to go out there to meet up with us.

Weeks later, we were at the campsite. There were lots of people out there, and i had no way of getting in touch with him. I just had a couple pictures of him, and a promise that he would be there.

A couple days past, and i started to feel really down thinking that he lied about wanting to meet me. I remember my parents wanting to go for a hike, and me telling them that i just wanted to stay at the tent. Reluctantly the left me there, and after about a half hour after they were gone, i heard a voice from outside call out my screenname from yoville. I was so excited and nervous, but i sprang up and unzipped the tent.

To my suprise, the person standing there wasnt a 18 year old but he was the handsome man from my pictures. He looked to be about 30, had a well trimmed beard, and was wearing boots, jeans, and a pearlsnap shirt.

I was a little shocked to see he was older, but i didnt care. I was so in love with him! I ran into his arms and he scooped me up off of my feet, and told me how happy he was to see me. I told him that i was too, and he asked if i wanted to take a walk, so i got my shoes on and we started walking down the road together. A little ways down, he pointed to a nice camper trailer and told me that was his, and asked if i wanted to see inside.

Excitedly i ran to the door, and he guided me in. Once inside, he shut the door behind himself and i jumped on him. I was kissing him while having my arms and legs wrapped around him, and he walked me a few steps to lay me on his bed, and i felt his hands touching me all over my body.

He took off his shirt, and asked if i wanted him to take mine off. I said i did, so he pulled my shirt over my head and asked if i would take my bra off. I did, and he kissed my neck and chest before kissing and sucking on my nipples.

It wasnt long before i was pulling my sweatpants and panties off, and he burried his face in my pussy. It was my first time experiancing anything sexual, and i was loving every lick, kiss, and touch.

After what felt like an eternity of him eating me out, he stands up and ask me if i want to pull off his jeans, and i did! I sat up, and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled them down. As they fell down, his dick sprang up in my face and i just stared at it. He moved in a little closer until it touched my face, and i instintually opened my mouth and felt it slide into my lips and across my tongue.

I sucked his dick for a while, savoring every inch i could fit in my mouth. Feeling him thrust gently while pushing my head from behind made me want him even more, so i told him that i was ready if he was. He climbed on top of me and slowly inserted himself inside me. It hurt at first, not really bad but like a sting and a burn for a little bit but then it felt amazing!

We layed there kissing while he slowly filled my fifteen year old pussy with his grown man dick. He made sweet passionate love to me, and i told him that i wasnt on the pill.

He said it was okay, and continued to slowly fuck me until my back arched in an amazing climax. As soon as i came, he pulled out and shot spurts of his thick warm cum all over my belly and titties.

I layed there with him for a couple hours, and we made love again before i had to leave to go back before my parents realized i was gone.

The next day i went back to see him again, and he was gone! I was heartbroken, but after we got home he told me that he was scared that i was going to tell, and left. I never did, and when i turned 18, i moved in with him.

We're married now and have 3 children.

  • My Teenager Years With My Bro

    When I was in my early to mid teens, me and my younger brother have this thing we would do that was unoriginally called "the thing". You see "the thing" was really just my brother would lay on his stomach on his bed while playing PS2 or Gamecube while I unsuccessfully tried to get my cock into his ass. That is until I leaned about lube and found some KY in our parents bedrooms and that was the missing piece as I mamaged to slide my cock into that tight ass. He didn't cry out beg me to take it out but he did have his head buried. I put all of me in him and that was really it, maybe a few in and out motions but I kind of just kept it in place. I asked a few times if he wanted me to take it out and he said it was okay. I ended up taking it out eventually but my heart was pounding with excitement.

    Luckily for me, he still wanted to do "the thing". With lube my cock went on every time and with every new time the easier it got. Eventually I started movements and whenever I asked if it was was okay he would tell me it was. It eventually got his enough where I could pick up just enough speed to make me feel really really good. I had been avoiding cumming in his ass up to this point; not sure why but nerves I guess. But after not jerking off for a few days I didn't care and let loose in his ass as deep as I could.

    That's when I realised that he couldn't feel it. He couldn't feel my cum in his ass. From then on whenever we did "the thing" I came in his ass and he had no idea. That is until eventually down the road he learned about that and asked if I did that to when I confessed I had been cumming in his ass. He didnt seem to care which was a good thing for me. He also asked if we were having gay sex and I told him no and that we were just having fun. "The thing" went on for a few more years, usually once or twice a week. He got good at taking it, like towards the end of "the thing" there were times where I was giving it to him with everything I had. I would always ask first, some days he would not be for it, some days he would want it and tell me more while we did it.

    Position wise it was always on his stomach or eventually we threw doggy in the mix. If I knew what I knew now, I would of mixed in missionary to get as deep as I could. Anyways I moved away for university so "the thing" stopped. Years later he is not gay engaged to another man: not sure if I jad anything to do with that. I'm married to my wife and have kids. Though I have a thing for anal, its like my kink and the cards were dealt in my favour because my wife only cums from anal. We have actually been only anal for a while now as well she cums from it and we do not want amymore kids so up her ass the cum goes.

    All For One

    I confess that I was known at school (among the boys) as a slut. Before, during and after school I had sex. At the beginning it was only one, but it became more and more boys and they all wanted to fuck me.

    They started to plan meetings where they fucked me. They wrote a fuck list written on my back.

    Even in class I was fingered or groped.
    I let it all happen because I realized that I loved it.

  • Kayla, My First Love

    I've been wanting to post this true story for a while and finally got up the courage to. I've enjoyed everyone else's, so here's mine.

    When I was around 8 years old, we lived out West in a highly religious area of America. Normal houses for the 90s, normal parents, and going to church. There were a lot of kids who lived on my block around the same age and one of them was a girl who lived down the street and she was a year younger than me. Kayla (not her real name) would hang out with her brother and I. We'd all spend time at each other's houses doing kid stuff together; jumping on the trampoline, playing N64 games, riding bikes, Pokemon, etc. But one day all of that changed.

    See, Kayla had a crush on me and wanted to spend time with me alone. I never new why and I thought she was kind of annoying. So, one day when I went over to hang out with her brother, he wasn't there and her mom was taking a nap. Kayla said, "let's hang out" and we went to the basement were the TV and N64 was. Now, this made perfect sense to me because I wasn't allowed to have an N64 and they even had the Pokemon arena game. Annoying or not, I'm playing that game.

    However, we weren't going to play videogames. "Instead, do you want to go to the bathroom with me for a secret", she asked. I said, "sure", not really knowing what would happen, and followed her in. Now, at this point, I had no idea of true, sexual, things. I was a good kid, going to church, good grades, and never disobeyed. But what happened next changed me for the rest of my life.

    I remember her telling me to close the door after we walked through. Kayla asked, "have you kissed anyone?" I said, "no". She moved closer and asked, "would you like to?". "Sure", I said. And we kissed. We pecked for a bit and then she said, "Do you want another secret?" I was already on cloud nine, not knowing what to expect, as my dick was getting hard. I answered "yes".

    This part I still remember clear as day. She looked at me with those pretty brown eyes and slowly pushed her pants and underwear down. And that's when I saw it. The most beautiful, smooth, gorgeous pussy I have every seen. I was so stunned at seeing a naked girl that I just stared. She must have felt uncomfortable cause she asked me to take off my cloths. I remember looking and just enjoying the view. I do not remember taking anything off.

    Then, Kayla came close to me and said, "Kiss me naked like mommies and daddies do". Electricity shot through me as her warm smooth body pressed up to mine as we kissed. My cock gently pressed up on her tummy as we began our adventure. We didn't tongue kiss, but we kissed for a lot longer. Kayla broke off that kiss and asked if she could touch me. I remember being, at that point, nervous because no one else had ever touched my cock. However, I was masturbating since age 6-7 cause a friend of mine on that same block, same age, had figured out the glorious action and showed me. This was something I felt guilty about because masturbation was a sin, but I couldn't stop. I was having dry orgasms, but they were glorious.

    When Kayla touched me I fell in love; completely and utterly in love. Her smooth hand touching my cock was a feeling I didn't want to stop. I then asked to touch her, as she was so close, and she said yes. She felt wet on the outside and I didn't know a damn thing of what I was doing. But when she moaned and squeezed my dick harder, I continued my gentle movement on her slit.

    She then stopped and turned around. Kayla opened the door and grabbed some pillows from the couch downstairs. I, being shocked and scared of getting caught, stayed in the bathroom. In my defense, she didn't explain. She came back naked and laid down the pillows. Then, laying on her back, she said "get on top of me and we will be married". Now, she didn't really spread her legs, but her mound wasn't hard to reach. I rested my cock on her pussy and she said "move back and forth". I slowly figured it out and we humped together until we both felt good. We kissed and continued to hump. At one point my cock head met her entrance, but we just focused on the rubbing part. But rubbing my head on her smooth lips was amazing for both.

    At then end, I came, I told her I loved her. She told me that she loved me and I was her husband. I was excited and called her my wife. We dressed, kissed, and she told me not to tell. I did not tell, until now.

    We continued to express our love sexually until my family moved. We'd kiss, watch each other pee, and even started to kiss each other's parts. Sadly, I moved away around two years after this started. I missed her and the more I grew up, the more I desired my brown eyed angel.

    Recently, I looked her up and found that she died in 2021. Nothing was really listed and I wonder if suicide or drugs could be the reason. It's hard not to think that if I stayed, if she would be alive and mine. I like to think I would have protected her and married her.

    Cool Aunty Or Inappropriate Care

    So I have a brother 5 years younger than me so my parents would get a babysitter in even when I was 17 or 18. Very annoying! Anyway our patents were very sociable and were out once or usually twice most weeks. Though we had 3 or 4 regular sitters maybe 75% of the time it would be aunty Sheila, mums younger sister, that stayed with us. Sheila was cool and let us stay up, watch TV, have snacks and do anything that avoided her having to lay the law down. I also appreciated that she respected privacy and unless called wouldnt come into our bedrooms once we were in bed. As a developing girl with an interest in self pleasure this was great and a big diffetence from our mum who seemed to patrol my room at times looking for anything inapropriate. I remember being 13 and getting busted a string of times for masturbating in bed and that leads onto my Sheila story.

    So one evening, with our parents sorting themselves ready to go out, aunty Sheila comes in and heads to sit in the lounge. My mum calls her to the kitchen and muffled chat ensues for a few minutes ending in Sheila coming back into the lounge saying, OK she would to whatever the instruction had been. Our parents left, it would have been 7.30pm or so and Sheila soon went to supervise my brother having his bath, having some supper and going to bed for 8.30pm. I just watched TV. After a while she came in and sat on the sofa next to me, which was unusual. She put her arm around me and started saying mum had told her I had a masturbation problem and she had to watch I didnt do it. I wasnt sure what the word meant and Sheila picked up on this and explained it was rubbing between my legs to get nice feelings. I remember feeing bad. Mum had talked about my private things and now my Aunty was enlisted to stop me playing even though her respecting my bedroom privacy had been an important part of my masturbating for a long time. Yes I grabbed quickies once or twice a week when mum was home but leisurely plays when Sheila was downstairs were my happiest times. She hugged me and said not to worry as she thought mum was wrong, she masturbated and if I wanted to then she wasnt going to get involved. I remember welling up but asked if I was normal or was what mum said about it being wrong true. Sheila said it was good, fun, healthy and normal as long as I washed my hands before and after and didnt put anything inside myself at my age. We sat a few minutes then I plucked up the nerve to ask something. I told her I liked a pifco massager kept in the lounge sideboard and used it when I was in the house alone on things like teacher training days or when my school holidays were different from my brother (mum and dad both had jobs that took them out each day unless my brother needed minding when mum took holidays). Sheila was taken aback but said she too used a massager and it was ok as long as it was cleaned before and after and not used on too high a setting without something between it and me. I knew what she meant as I always folded a long sock and used it as a cushion just as she suggested.

    Soon it was 9pm and time for me to go bath and head to bed. I stood and Shiela said 'take the pifco up' and that she would retrieve it after 10pm and put it away well before my parents got back around 11pm. It was so weird going and getting something that had been my darkest secret for a couple of years and taking it in open sight of my aunty to go play with in my room. So a quick bath and into bed in my nighty with the pifco and required sock. A lot of pleasure was had rather quickly and it was so liberating. Soon after I stopped and noticed it was 10pm my aunty was knocking and said it was time to sleep and for her to collect 'something'. I said for her to come in. The pifco was on the floor unplugged. She picked it up, said, 'sleep well', and was gone. The next morning mum was in a good mood and said she was happy I behaved for Sheila. I just said Sheila was nice and it passed and we got on with the day.

    Sheila was back later that week and as soon as my brother was asleep at 8pm she said in a querying voice, 'Same deal as last time?' And I just hugged her. 'Yes', I said and so it was every night she looked after us until months later the pifco died and I was so upset. I would have been just turned 15 at that point. Hand play was nice but not as good or as effective as using the pifco. Sheila took the pifco away to see if she could fix it and yes she succeeded. The flex had broken and shortening it removed the break. I was so happy and the pifco and the sessions with it Shiela enabled went on right up to me leaving for university when turning 18. At uni I got a Carmen verson of the Hitachi wand and had a great time but never forgot the pifco. Was Aunti Sheila a good aunty or a bad influence?

  • I'm Ashamed Of My Past

    When I was younger, I did some things that I'm not proud of. I got into drugs, stole from my parents, and even got arrested. I've since cleaned up my act and turned my life around, but I still carry the shame and guilt of my past. I'm afraid to tell my new girlfriend, who knows nothing about my history. I don't want to scare her off or have her judge me. But I know that keeping this secret is eating me up inside.