Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to Unleash Your Secrets? Discover Anonymous Confessions

Welcome to Anonymous Confessions, the ultimate online confession board where you can let it all out without fear of judgment or consequences. Whether you have juicy stories to share or secrets that are begging to be revealed, our platform is the perfect place to do it.

We offer a safe and anonymous space where you can post your confessions on a wide range of adult or non-adult topics. You can read and respond to other people's confessions anonymously, providing a sense of community and connection that is hard to find elsewhere.

Want to make it to the top-rated page? Make sure you have something good to tell! Our community is always looking for the juiciest, most shocking and thought-provoking confessions out there. As Charles Sanford said, "Secrets are made to be found out with time," and we're here to make sure your secrets get the attention they deserve.

How Does It Work?

It's simple! Just head over to our confession page, write your confession and hit "submit". Your confession will be posted anonymously for others to read, enjoy, and relate to.

NOTE: Visitors can upvote your confession and make it famous. However, if enough people vote "dislike," your confession will be removed from the site. Anonymous Confessions is a user-moderated and user-policed website, so inappropriate confessions can be demoted by visitors and targeted for removal.

Will my identity be disclosed as a visitor or registered account holder?

At Anonymous Confessions, your anonymity is of utmost importance to us. As a non-registered visitor, you can rest assured that your identity will remain anonymous. We don’t explicitly track or store any personal information, so any stories, confessions, or comments you make won’t be linked to any personally identifiable information. We do attach an IP address to votes made at the bottom of each confession or comment to prevent ratings spam (users voting repeatedly on the same post), but if you choose not to rate posts, you can remain completely anonymous. If do decide to vote on confessions, stories, or comments it really shouldn't be of much concern anyways because what's voted on is of very little importance on a Website that disclaims that it "may contain sexual content and fictional stories. The statements and confessions made on this site are not necessarily true."

For "registered accounts" we drop the requirement to store an IP address altogether, which makes your account even more private and anonymous. In fact, registering gives you far more privileges on the site, while boosting your anonymity and privacy. The only real information linked to your registered user account with us is an email address (for account verification and password retrieval), and we strongly recommend using an email service such as hushmail.com or similar to create a non-identifiable email account to register with. This will ensure that a high level of anonymity and privacy is maintained.

Why did my confession or comment not appear?

If your confession, or comment contained a "banned" or "monitored" keyword in it, it goes in the queue for moderation. Most posts will generally be approved or disapproved in 24 hours or less.

Why did a confession I read disappear?

We scan the boards frequently and delete any confessions or accounts that violate our Terms of Use. Visitors can also essentially down vote and report inappropriate confessions using the "Dislike" vote. When the number of dislikes reaches a set threshold, the post is automatically removed from our database.

Can I share AnonymousConfessions.com with my friends?

Absolutely! Use our share features to post juicy confessions to your Twitter account. We appreciate your support!

Can I link to AnonymousConfessions.com?

Yes, you can! We appreciate your support.

Where can I find more information or ask questions?

Visit our contact page to ask any further questions.