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Sugar Baby

I have always considered being a sugar baby, but never know which sites is the best?? anyone have any tips or recs??

  • Wife For Sex

    I want my wife to go out and have sex with people and let me watch or at least takes videos and show me.

    I'm A Sugar Baby And I Love It

    I'm a sugar baby and I love it. I've had several older men pay for my expenses, give me g*fts, and take me on trips in exchange for my companionship. It's not just about the money for me; I enjoy spending time with them and feeling desired. I know it's not a conventional lifestyle, but it works for me.

  • My Submission To My Older, Wealthy Lesbian Mistress

    It was 4 years ago, I had a part time job in an art store, and for reasons I won't go into, I left my moms place when I was 16. I was out on the street and scared to death. I snuck back into the art store and slept, eventually without changes in clothes the owner noticed. Val was divorced, 45 years old, owned several office buildings, and used the art store as something to busy herself. She is 5ft. 8in, 34d cups with dark thick nipples and very short black hair. Short except on her pubes, the hair there is even darker if possible, super thick and pretty long. I on the other hand was 16, thin, only 5t. 4in, with a cup boobs, thin waist and natural blonde hair on hear and between my legs. Once she got the true story, she took me to her home to stay. It was a mansion and she had me wear a few things of hers while, after my shower, we went out and she bought me clothes. The handbag she bought me cost more than every piece of clothing I owned at my moms house. It didn't stop there, she got me clothes, super sexy underwear, even some lingerie.

    Upon getting to her house I commented that I couldn't repay her in any way, I didn't have, nor make enough money. She told me to get into a bustier and stockings and come into the bedroom. I was petrified, 16, virgin and now a woman almost 30 years older than me wants to have sex with me. There was no quibbling about it, Val was in charge and I was going to have sex with her. I told her I was a virgin, and she immediately pushed me down on the bed and licked me. I get really wet when aroused and when I was at the peak of wetness she pushed 3 fingers into my vag. She thrust in and out of me several times, and showed me her fingers with some blood and my wetness on them. I was shocked, sore, and crying and she pierced me again, only this time she added her tongue on me and I was still so scared that I couldn't orgasm even though it felt really good.

    After a while she came up to me and was kissing me, playing with my boobs and I with hers, she moved my hand down her belly and I went to her pussy, or as I was told to call it . . . her c**t. I rubbed her, licked her and made her orgasm. She got up after a rest, then came back and took off the bustier and stockings and with me totally naked she walked back out and came in wearing a strapon. I got fucked for 30 minutes, then I finally came I think mostly from her pinching my nipples rather than the sore fucking she was giving me.

    I became her lover, her total sex slave, and do whatever she wants to do sexually. She really loves feeling me, kissing me, even exposing my c**t and ass by lifting my skirts or dresses in public. I only wear panties when I'm on my period so I'm available to her as she wishes. Many times she'll take me by the hand or reach her hand under my skirt in front of the other employees and say not to disturb her that she has to talk to me in her office. She cums very loudly, or gives her demands very loudly, everyone knows I'm hers. The only man I've ever had sex with was when she had a man pay $1000 to be my first. After that he's been with me about 20 times through the years. He pays $500 to her everytime. I'm a lesbian lover, submissive slut who drives a jag and lies in a 12,000 sq. ft. mansion with my older lesbian mistress.

    My Sugar Daddy’s Stretching Me Out And Spoiling Me Rotten!

    I ended up getting a sugar daddy when I was 18. It was when I started college. I was a virgin so it was all new to me.

    I'm a small guy. 5'7, 120, skinny twink body and 6 inches cut.

    My sugar daddy is 6'0, 160 muscle body, hairy and 7.5 inches cut.

    He really stretches me out during sex! But honestly the sex is great. I love spending time with him. He's bought me very nice clothes to wear and very sexy briefs. He only likes me wearing briefs.

    I see him a minimum of two times a week and spend every other weekend with him. Yes sex happens during all those times. He bought me an apartment so that he can visit me. He lives in a gate community, nice big house.

    To be honest once I'm finished with college I might just move in with him. I've become more gay over all this and he treats me so well. Plus he recently let me fuck his butt for the first time! First time my dick has been in a person.

    I've been living with him since all this covid stuff and always stay with him when I'm on summer break from college. We have sex almost daily. My body is shaved and waxed hair free. His body is all natural. He has thick pubes. It's so sexy to me

  • My Secret Life As A Junior High Prostitute

    Really not proud of what I did but I used to suck an older guys dick to get things. I was in junior high when I started doing it. This older guy lived on the other side of town so I'd ride my bicycle over to his house. I started with mowing his lawn but soon I was just sucking his dick for money. My mom thought I was making my money mowing his law. Plus I got other things besides money.

    A handful of times he did fuck me. All I can say is ouch! It always hurt. His dick was huge to me and very very hairy. Me letting him put his dick in my butt and cum in my butt always got me more money.

    Never told anyone about that.