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I am bi and was recently single and went online on a gay website to see if I could find a fuckbuddy. My gf and I had just broken up and I was in the mood for non-committal fun.

I noticed one of the guys had taken a self-picture in a mirror of a gym - but not just any gym - the one in my condo building. I recognized the colour of the walls and the equipment.

So I started chatting him up and he was actually a very nice guy ! He told me that he was bi and just curious and was afraid to meet. I showed him a fake picture so he wouldn't recognize me in the elevators as I was a bit apprehensive as he was my neighbour.

I started hanging out at the gym and sure enough, on the second day he came in. I chatted him up a bit and he had no idea that I knew he was bi and that he had been on a gay site.

We went in the changeroom and I purposely got naked in the shower and pranced around the changeroom. I then followed him in the sauna and I let my big cock hang out for him to enjoy. I was purposely getting up and putting water on the oven rocks so he could look at my back and my nice muscular ass.

Nothing happened but he asked me if I would get together with him for dinner and drinks. We did meet and we have been having amazing sex - this guy told me that I seem to be reading his mind. Well he doesn't know or realize that we chat online and we talk about sex and he tells me all of his desires and fetishes. He even shared that he had met a guy and goes in great details.

I feel a bit bad because I hid from him because I was shy and not for the intention of being deceitful. But for once I get a lover that indirectly tells me his wants and needs and what he loves in the bedroom everytime we chat online.

I hope he never finds out that his lover and his internet buddy are the "same" person.

  • I"m a student on campus and I posted on a gay bulleting board that I was looking for someone to hook-up and I got an answer from this dude and he told me to go to the fourth floor bathroom way at the back of the Law Building. He told me he was free anytime, morning, mid-morning, afternoon, late I agreed to meet him there at 11:00am.

    I did as planned, went to the first bathroom stall and waited. A few minutes later, the guy showed up and he went in the stall next to me. He then told me to remove the spare toilet paper holder and to my surprise, it just came off and there was a large hole that had been drilled out.

    I heard him start undoing his belt buckle and I did the same and put my cock through the hole. He sucked me gently and deeply and after good 10 minute sloppy wet bj, I came in his mouth. He then poked his cock in the hole.

    He had a nice thick cock, with a big mushroom head, he was fair skin with light blonde pubic hair. I got on my knees and sucked him and totally enjoyed his tasty cock. He was pumping my mouth through the hole and he eventually exploded in my mouth.

    I heard him get dressed again and I noticed that his blue pants had a light stripe along the side. He told me out loud on the way out of the bathroom that he wanted my cock again and that he would contact me by email to do this. I replaced the toilet holder and blocked the hole and left.

    A few days later, I was walking to class and when I passed the security desk at the Law Building, I noticed that the security woman was wearing blue pants with a light stripe that looked awfully familiar. The next morning, I decided to go for a walk and sure enough, there was a cute blonde guy behind the desk in full uniform. He was about 24, baby faced and light skinned.

    I met this guy three times a week for at least two years and the hole almost became an addiction. His smell and taste was so familiar to me that I would wake-up in the middle of the night wanting more.

    I never told anyone even my roomates.

    I have just arrived back from a business trip to London. On the way there I had an overnight stop in Seoul, at the Hyatt Incheon hotel. It is a great hotel with a wonderful indoor pool, next to the gym and sauna. There are individual sauna areas for men and women so total nudity is the form. I love being nude with men and had worked hard on my tan before heading off on this trip. I am 60 and have a very good toned body for my age. I also have a thong tan line and a very deep the little white waist band and triangle above my ass is very defined. After my work out were I had checked out the male eye candy, I left the gym figuring that the hottest guy in there would be finishing his work out pretty soon. We had made a bit of eye contact and I had made sure he saw me taking a good look at the package he carried in his tight lycra one piece. I undressed in the locker room and then went through to the basin area for a shave. I love to shave nude in gyms and spas and take my time so as any guys with any sort of inclination as possible get to see my gay signature - my thong tan line. The guy from the gym came in as I had hoped and I saw in the mirror that he paused to check out my ass when he passed the basin area on his way to the showers. I also got to see his nude young body... and felt my balls and cock stirring. I finished shaving and went to the shower area..a huge room with little buckets in front of each station..and a line of 6 or so western style showers...there were 5 guys taking showers and bucket baths..but no sign of the guy from the gym. I took a quick shower and headed for the sauna....there he was, standing leaning against the wall...nude with his huge erect cock in his hand...he smiled and just said I think this is what you are looking for. I went down on him immediately....taking as much of him into my mouth and down my throat as I could. I gave head for about 10 minutes and then pulled back and told him that I needed me...deep in me..we kissed and I gave him my room number..I took a shower and went to my suite. I pulled the curtains, set some mood lighting and music and a little sheer thong and robe. When he knocked on the door my cock filled my thong pouch...I opened it and he stood there in a robe, but he wasn't alone. Also dressed in a robe was probably the best looking Korean guy I had ever seen..he was totally gorgeous..they came into my room and I was speechless. The Korean slid his robe of to reveal his totally ripped muscled body and his long thick limp uncut shaft. My Gym jock said he hoped I didn't mind the extra body..I stammered some meaningless nonesense and let my robe fall to the cock and balls totally filled my thong pouch...The two guys were fondling each other..a little kissing and body rubbing..then we were on the bed... they put be gently on my front and spread my legs exposing the thong string in my ass...I felt a tongue..then fingers, more tongue and then the Korean entered me...the gym guy positioned himself in front of me so I could take him in my mouth again...I sucked as I was went on for what seemed for ass was on fire..being pounded deep as I gaged on cock...then they both my mouth and in my ass...spasm after spasm...thrust after thrust...then i was on my back, with my legs in the air while the Korean eat me out..filling his mouth with his cum as it spewed out of me...I swallowed as much cum from the other guy as I could...I had been totally consumed...and was still rigid...both guys were on the bed, there asses raised, their hot pink holes open and I fucked them both..moving from one hole to the other and back..fucking them both hard and deep. Whe I was ready to cum I pulled out and they put their mouths near my cock..when I shot they both slurped on my erupting shaft..taking as much of my cum as they could....I had not had raw unprotected sex for 30 years...and it was probably the craziest thing to do, but it was heaven...we fucked all night and into the be true, they fucked ..each other and my age I can cum a second time after sex but it takes about an hour or so....oh to be in my 20's again...they were insatiable..emptying load after load into me and each other....I flew on to London with my ass totally fucked and took 3 days before I was game to take a guy into me again...

  • He Was Cumming In The Milk!

    A little about myself first. I'm 37(F), have been married for 15 years and I have three daughters ages 13, 11 and 6 months.

    I'm not sure how to say this so I guess the best way is to tell it the way it happened..

    I woke up around 3am needing to use the bathroom. As I was getting out of bed, I realized my husband was not in bed either. I figured he was in our master bathroom so I walked out of room to use the bathroom in the hallway. As I rounded the corner of the hallway, I could see straight into the kitchen were I saw my husband standing there. I guess I was being nosey but I decided to stop where I was and watch to see what he was doing. It looked like he was jacking off but I thought that couldn't be what he was actually doing. I very rarely turn him down when he is in the mood and why would he be doing that standing up in the kitchen at 3 in the morning. I couldn't see his hands or waist area, he was standing behind the kitchen island, but it sure did look like he was stroking himself off. All of a sudden I see his hand come up to the island and place a bottle of my breast milk, on the island, that was in the refrigerator for our youngest daughter. I was confused as to what he was doing with my breast milk while he was beating off. Was he pouring it on his cock? That didn't make sense to me cause he didn't have any desire to suck on my nipples while I'm breastfeeding. Then he quickly picks up a half gallon of whole milk from the counter, that my two older daughters use for breakfast, and it drops behind the counter where I can't see what he is doing. I could tell he was coming and all of a sudden it hit me. He was cumming in the milk. My dear sweet husband was pumping loads of his cum in the milk that our daughters drink.

    I am not a sexual prude but I had no idea what to think, how to feel or what to do. He knows I am the only one in the house that drinks almond milk and that was not the bottle he was shooting off into. Feeling uncertain about what I'd just witnessed, I slipped back in bed without even using the bathroom. A minute or so later my husband slipped back in bed and went to sleep.

    I woke up the next morning still somewhat numb about what I saw him doing and jumped in the shower. After I got out and got dressed, I walked into the kitchen and there was my two girls sitting at the table eating cereal for breakfast. It felt like everything was in slow motion. I could see each spoonful of milk and cereal slowing going into their mouths. Knowing my little girls are eating their own dad's cum and have no idea they are doing so. I look over into the living room and there is my husband feeding our baby girl the same bottle of breast milk he took from the fridge and shot off in. He looked up at me and smiled like he always does. Looking back and forth at my girls all eating their own fathers cum and not having a clue they were doing so.

    My two oldest got on the bus for school and my husband left for work. I sat there for hours wondering how long he had been doing this. Did he do this when our oldest was a baby too? Did he just start last night? How often does he do it? So many questions were running through my head. Why didn't I say something to him when I saw him doing it? Why didn't I tell my girls to pour out the milk when I saw them drinking it? Why didn't I snatch the bottle from husbands hand that was feeding cum to my baby girl? The only answer I could come up with was it turned me on. I didn't say anything or stop them from drinking it because when I saw my girls licking their lips after each spoonful of cereal, my panties were soaked. My innocent daughters licking cum of their lips while I sat at the table with them and watched them do it. I didn't know if he was the was bigger perv or me. He obviously got off on doing it and now so was I. I sat on the couch breastfeeding my baby, thinking about what was in her mouth earlier, and rubbed my clit to the most intense orgasm I've ever given myself.

    This confession has ran longer than I expected so I'll have to finish up another time. If anyone is interested that is.

    I have just had my first overseas business trip for the year. Wow, mid Feb already...

    Back to Sydney, Australia where I caught up with my clients son again. He gets more gorgeous each trip I make. He has "outed" himself since I was last with him, which has created mayhem with his very conservative family but they are coping. Now he is openly gay, he has started to really work on his body. He is working out 4 times a week, has body waxing and shaving weekly, and now that his wavy dirty blonde hair is to his shoulder blades, gets his hair groomed all the time by a young gay hairdresser in his apartment block. He is now devastatingly attractive, rather than just being the hot young confused guy I have made love to so many times since we started our affair last year. He has moved out of home so now has an apartment which he shares with a str8 girl who is about 5 years older. His father, my client, shared a lot with me this trip, including the fact that his son is gay. That I still had his son's cum in my ass when he was telling me made me incredibly horny and as soon as we had finished lunch I called his son and had him come to my hotel again so I could explode in him.

    As we lay in a very wet bed after a very intense two hours of love making, he told me that his father had been quite drunk on New Years Eve and had told him he was very sympathetic about the whole gay thing and said he had actually felt incredibly sexually attracted to a man for some time. The more he talked the more obvious it had become to him that he was talking about me, without actually going there and saying it. Was I really shocked?? Actually no. I reflected on the last 10 or 12 years. We had traveled quite a lot on business , meeting with various business partners on deals we had been involved with. We had enjoyed some great times...both being foodies and wine lovers. We had been quite drunk a number of times...but never really drunk. We had laughed a lot. We had shared some private thoughts but nothing SO private that our sexuality was on the table. His wife had always been too busy to join us, but once, which was fine. No, I wasn't shocked. We were close. I had never really put it quite in that context. So then the bombshell. As he lay in my arms playing with my very hard nipples, he asked me if knowing that his Dad was sexually attracted to me changed anything. As in would I now want to have an affair with his Dad, or at least have sex with him. My lover was jealous of his Dad. I took him closer and kissed him softly on his warm mouth. I felt his erection grow quickly and slide up my body. I rolled him onto his back, and gently spread his legs. He arched his back, and lifted his legs so that his beautiful c**t beckoned. I took my swelling cock in my hand and guided it into him, without pausing, and pushed deep into him and immediately ejaculated, such was my passion and desire for him. We kissed long and passionately as my cum filled him. Then I slid down his body, and took him in my mouth. He too ejaculated within seconds, filling my mouth with delicious warm cum. I told him that for as long as he wanted me as his lover I would never ever even think about his dad's desire for me, and never ever disclose that we were lovers. I had never ever felt such passion for a human being as I did then for this beautiful young man. Our lovemaking after that totally spontaneous expression of immediate want and release was followed by much longer lovemaking, until the early hours of the morning. I left the next day and returned home, not wanting any connection with his Dad which might have spoilt the moment. We have talked every day since. I am going to have to handle this so carefully.

    Now, 3 years later, my lover has found himself sexually and is about to be a lovely girl...a really lovely girl. I have been in very close contact with him as he realised that whist we were having incredible sex, he was becoming more and more attracted to women, so I helped him through his return to heterosexuality. It is over a year since we had sex and by then it had become very infrequent. Last week, on my most recent trip to Sydney, I had lunch with his dad. After lunch we both went to the mens room before getting a taxi. We stood side by side at the urinal which had no partitions between. He turned towards me and undid his belt as well as his zipper...he was wearing sheer black lace panties which bulged with his swollen cock...the taxi took us straight to my hotel and to bed...he has wanted me for a long time...he now has me.

  • My father began touching my body when I was about seven. We lived on a farm and me and him were always very close.
    I'd often be playing on the farm, especially in the summer, and my dad would let me help him out in the fields or the goat pens sometimes. I loved it.
    It started with him playing tickling games with me in the hay or one of our meadows, and he just gradually starting touching more and more of me. Eventually he got me to take my clothes off for it. I never minded, and it never felt like he was forcing me, but he made me realise that I couldn't tell mum about it.
    He'd very gently rub his thumbs on my tiny boobless nipples which I enjoyed a lot. He would also start kissing them and sucking on them which felt like heaven, even though at thus point I was only about eight.
    Naturally he graduated to touching my vagina but he was always so gentle. I had my first orgasm sat on his lap with his hand down my panties and my legs squeezing his fingers against my clit. It was also around this point that we began kissing like lovers.
    He showed me his penis one day and I remember being utterly thrilled to see it. He guided my small hands to wanking him and the first time I saw him ejaculate I was worried I'd done something terrible to hurt him! He quickly made me realise that it felt wonderful for him and that it was what he called sperm.
    By age nine (I remember I'd had my ninth birthday party like a week before) I was giving my dad oral sex. I struggled getting more than the head of his penis in my mouth but I wanted to please him. He would usually have to use his hand to bring himself to his orgasm but he loved to cum in my mouth (he made me believe that sperm was good for me).
    We didn't actually have intercourse until I was twelve and we usually did it in my room when mum was out.
    Fucked up memories, I know, but they still make me wet.

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