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Are you tired of biting your tongue when it comes to politics? Let it all out with Politically Provocative. Whether you lean left or right, this category is the perfect space to share your political views, vent your frustrations, and engage in heated debates with like-minded individuals.

From discussing the latest news headlines to tackling controversial issues, Politically Provocative is a no-holds-barred zone where anything goes. So come on, don’t hold back. Share your most controversial opinions and ruffle some feathers. Confess all your political options to the World right here. Don't worry, we'll most likely debate you back, but debate is good for the flow ideas now isn't it?

Here's a hint! ..Don't be racist, misogynistic, homophobic (or whatever else the new offensive word of the day is today) and you won't have your confession removed.

I Love Cumming On Here To Disike Everyones Stories

I press the bin it button for just about everyone for fun. Its so cool being a put down towards everyone else but yourself.