Share your stories of revenge and let the world know that you don't tolerate being mistreated.

Whether it's a cheating partner, a deceitful friend, or a dishonest colleague, your retribution will be merciless. You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold," but it's also a powerful motivator. Tell us how you took matters into your own hands and got even with your enemies.

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I’ve always been a cheater. I know it’s because of my father. He relentlessly and shamelessly cheated on my mom. He went through several of our babysitters.
My first boyfriend of high school, I fucked his best friend in his truck more than once.

My first boyfriend in college, I ducked his younger brother on the regular. Would even tell my boyfriend how big his little brother was. Much to my surprise it turned him on. He was disgusted with himself but we kept it up anyway. My orgasms after one then the other fucked me were unreal.

My husband now loves hearing my cheating Slut stories. He works 24 7 but doesn’t want me lonely. He was my first to fuck my ass. He begged me to keep that whole for him alone. So this bitch fucked our pool boy and begged him to cum in my asshole. I took pictures of his cum leaking out of my gaping ass and sent them to my husband. He jerked off to it and begged me to record us next time.

I’m good wife and this time did as requested. The pool boy brought his friend as I requested and the double stuffed me and then took turns dropping loads in my ass. I’m so tired.

  • I found out that my girlfriend had cheated on me not once but 5 different times during our 2 year relationship. Each time she cheated it was with someone different , not the same guy each time. Instead of flipping out and kicking her out of the house I devised a plan to completely get revenge on the cheated slut. It took less of an effort than I suspected but I was finally able to convince her to put on a hood, strip down and bang herself in the pussy and ass. I had her using dildos at the same time. While she was going at herself I opened the door and let all her co-workers in to watch. They were amazed to say the least. When she brought herself to a orgasm that litteraly made her shreak and shake all over I told her to remove her hood. Her eyes bugged out as she looked around at everyone who started clapping and cheering. She crawled onto her knees covered her face and started balling. When she looked at me and asked why , I said that's what you get for cheating on me all the time. This made her cry more. She begged me for another chance as I threw her clothes at her and told her to get out.

    My husband chose a younger woman, a nurse receptionist in his practice. My lawyer told me to be careful about any romantic involvement until the divorce is final. Last weekend I fell short of that goal, I spent the night with a friend. Incredibly the private detective climbed onto the neighbor's carport and took a picture of me topless in my friend's bedroom, my seven year old was in the room with me. I am now being accused of adultery and perversion of a minor. The photo does not show my friend, but the photographer provided an affidavit that he saw my friend in the room.

    My husband screwed this nurse in one of his exam rooms, she performed oral sex on him in his office, by her admission. He was witnessed with her, running his hand across her back end, kissing her. And he bought her flowers on his credit card which he sent to her apartment. He is a sleazeball because he is screwing his nurse, but I am a pervert because I changed in front of my daughter.

    The bucket of money is in his office, I have a small coffee can. I am going to do something I should not do, I am asking my mentor, my lover when I was single, for his help. He is lawyer and can match my husband's bucket of money. I want him to not only defend me, but bury my husband. And he is requiring that I return to him and that is the price I have to pay.

  • I want my father to walk in on me and my boyfriend (who is his age) fucking. I know he would not stop.

    I just want to see the look on that assholes face, knowing there is nothing he can do to stop us

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