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so ok after hearing ashlie lillie video on dahvie vanity issue not tea. and the competiton and people thinking they are wining. winning what? a tart of a hooker tranny dahvie vanity old tadpole toad with a chode? really. he is nothing to win. also, this proves to me these whiney little dumb sluts are all money and fame chasing and no legal thing is going to be done. ok. that is clear now. and today someone raised my attentions to the black nig cow tit maid showing legs and underpants at the interviewer and that was a disgusting act. OK this speaks what all this drama is. One big media free pay for play promotionals for this weanie wanker and his gross disgusting whores. all those fans and disgusting women in the band or around the band if you listen to lyrics like that its mentally damaging and these people need to be bombed. These bitches should never have kids and never work again because you grow up on a diet of those lyrics and band your gonna be a mental cane whore ninkem-poop for life. you will never be good for anything and what a trash generation probably the most stupidest generation of the earth. How dare you force your sex life and gossip and crap on everyone and the lockdown all about you when I think that damien dog has said enough already and I hate dahvie and all these people should be put in a trainer container and thrown into the ocean to drown in hell. They are garbage trash people good for no one not even themselves. They are a turd that won't flush so they need to be culled because that generation are dangerous and don't deserve to live another day. please die bitches and chode and jeffree star etc your good for nothing not even yourself. They are just slutz hookering for a chode on the road. I knew where ever js is its a con game. I mean look at the niggtard on cowbelle maid boob show dress and doing the sharon stone and its all some weird competition for these peeps and pimps to kick start their new careers and to me, I had to agree that latino tart who went on and on and still pulling her pan over it for 3rd and 4th what a bunch of fakers and scammers. Its sad how these stupid girls think its ok to go to concerts and after shows at 9 and 14 and where were the retarded parents? those parents deserve to be sued by the state as much as dahvie and look heaps of real r**es happen and get no support. You all just want fame and milking the cow for tickle at a ruthless pickle. how sick. I hate all those dumb cows and I have never heard of a media getting copy cat statements before a trail. Police usually keep details secret so they can get accounts in legal counsel so copy cats done just slam the game around. The parents need to be sued as a sign to society to say " this is an example so this never is allowed to happen again!' because I am sick of adults hiding away and children running lose acting and being treated like adults and stealing a real adults rights and life from them. I mean everytime these stupid parents allow a kid around a adult and stealing in on adults places and adults turf you steal and rob someone from a life for your own bastard whining motherclucker swill kid. This generation does not deserve to live and I think they need to suffer a lot more like I did. I have never been believed when I have been assaulted. You need to learn to suffer a lot lot lot more yet little kiddies. I am a old bleep bleep who calls bs on many reports on this topic " do you put a cat in the pigeon cage?" so why would parents honestly think their kids wouldn't be abused around a tattooed pierced farted out druggy band of fools? You should have been at home watching barney and you have never stayed in your own lane from a child and clearly that is the biggest problem and its got to stop. All these people statements are now questionable and also friends do not kiss so I noticed listening to my own kid watching videos on this that the amount of women who say "we didn't like him that way" what a load of garbage. As garbage trash as you all. I was abused. I was not believed. You all look ugly in the eyes of older people and your young. You should never be allowed jobs or responsibility and kids. That is all I can say.

  • this is my second confession on this topic. I love the homework she sets so far. aha. I see a therapist and she suggested to me I try masturbation and looking at women's bodies to start to like my body more. I told her I have never felt good about touching my breasts and feeling wet and smelly so she told me that it might help. I also told her that as a obese woman its hard to find lingerie and to feel good about the fat as so much fat shaming I have gotten. So she told me to google up some obese women in porn and to see how I might like feeling like that woman and touching myself. So I have given it a go and it feels ok. It reminds me of the past I didn't want to remember. I notice that it is a turn on and yet a guilt. what should I say next to her. yes I had orgasm, finally. I am straight and worried about potentially turning lesbian but at this point who cares? anyone relate?

    Was just messing around with my wife yesterday, making out and manhandling her. She was scrunched up on my lap on the couch and I sneaked my hand up her shorts and was fingering her backside. She's tall and slim and has a cute little round ass that's just a handful.
    Eventually I got her shorts off and had her kneel up and feed me her musky little crack. From the erotic smell to the bitter taste I knew I was licking and rimming her and tasting sweat and shit.
    My dick was throbbing and I stuck my tongue as deep as possible. I fucking love eating her ass out.
    I was begging her to open wider and to give it to me. I didn't give it any thought but could feell something pushing at my tongue. It was a small bit of her shit and I was afraid and excited at the same time.
    I didn't know if I could really do it, but I held my lips tight around her hole and heard her groan, then felt it pushing past my lips and onto my tongue. The taste was very strongly bitter and slightly metallic.
    I can't believe I've gotten so far out of control that I actually ate her shit. Just a tiny piece, but still...

  • I have a lot of scat fantasies and love rimming my pretty wife. She always showers twice a day and is a very clean woman. Naturally that's a great thing, wouldn't want to be married to a pig. On the other hand, I do love to eat her out and rim her ass. I really love it when I can catch her when she's fresh from exercising and is sweaty and musky.
    My dream fantasy is to catch her right after she goes to the bathroom and wipes herself but just once so she's not perfectly clean. Getting hard just thinking of it. Having her lie down with her beautiful butt in the air, a couple of pillows under her tummy and letting me really eat that sweet dirty ass. Wanna taste her dark chocolate stripe.

    Been awhile since I've had so I took to Grindr to find some ass to fuck. Sometimes hard for me to find a hook up because I'm HIV positive but been undetectable for years. But that's a whole different story, I got r**ed.

    But anyways I had a guy hit on me on Grindr. He didn't look too bad so I told him to come over around 7 that night. I was 1 pm and I had to go get condoms and lube at the store. Which that was a task of its own, two stores I went to were sold out of magnums. I got 6 inches of birth so I need magnums. Ended up finding them at Walgreens.

    So 7 comes around and the guy shows up. He isn't showered fresh as he got done mowing some lawns, he's a landscaper. It's whatever, I will fuck a sweaty ass. I undress right away, take my shirt off and take my shorts off. Tossed them out of the way, I was going commando so easy undressing for me. He takes his shirt and jeans off and tosses them out of the way. He's left standing in his briefs. I'm already rock hard.

    I bet him bent over my bed in my spare bedroom and pull his briefs off. Out fall some low hangers and a nice dick! Very hairy too! That's okay because I'm all natural in my pants too. I squirted some lube on his butthole, put a condom on my dick and rubbed lube all over it.

    Slide right in his hole. It was tight but he bottomed often he said so he knew how to relax. Not even three minutes in I smelt something and looked at my dick. It was covered in a golden glaze, he had shit on my dick. I asked if he was empty? He said I thought I was and said I thought I was clean. Saying this while my dick is sitting balls deep in him. I said fuck it and just continued fucking him. Few minutes later I cummed.

    He turned around and I sucked his Dick till he came. Then I let him shower.

  • used to have a lot of sexual hang ups and I seen a spec****st and she has helped me to find sex fun. she told me to think like a giddy kid about sex and talk silly sexy talk and I am not sure if its helped. My man found it weird. what should I do now?