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Our Front Line Is Our Uterus, We Are Made For That, Let's Do It

Let's get serious. If women were meant to be men, then they would have broad shoulders. As it is we have broad hips. Why? To have babies. That is the fate that is ours to carry. Bad luck and all that, we are made to get pregnant.

In university I was preached about self reliance, about working for a living. I was preached that I was equal to men, in everything. There is no difference. Well we all know that's bull shit, just one try and man can kick your ass and fuck you if he wants to. The only thing keeping a man from fucking you, is another man that owns you. That's why you change your name, and you wear your wedding j*welry.

I put my uterus to work, took my fucking, and I presented a bouncing baby boy to my husband. Now that's woman's work, men cannot do that. It is reserved for women. So why, if there are things reserved for women, cannot there by things reserved for men? I ask you. Do you want to wear a uniform and stand on the front line. Where are we going to get the balls to do that? I didn't think so. We are sisters, sisters, we hold the line at home, in the hospitals. We don't throw our bodies at the enemy. Do you know what the enemy does with a captured female combatant. No? I didn't think so? They r**e you, that's what they do, r**e you and make you serve them, and r**e you some more. The enemy has a use for you. They are going to use you to make babies for them.

I don't know about being a lesbian. I don't understand that. But if that is your problem to deal with, that doesn't excuse you from your duty. MAKING BABIES FOR THE FATHERLAND. That's our duty now. Our boys don't come home. We have to make more boys. That's something women can do. Let's go to work, for the boys that don't come home.

  • Paradise Or Hell, It's Your Choice.

    As a 19 year old freshman I found myself on the balcony of my apartment being lectured by my forty year old neighbor about obedience. There was more, looking up to a man, taking my place beside him. I was given two choices, be an obedient woman and paradise would be mine or be a disobedient woman and hell would follow me.

    I never got over that lecture, I have lived my life as an obedient woman, an obedient wife, an obedient Christian. Paradise is mine. I try to convey to disobedient women that hell is of their own making. Hell has possessed them and hell's clutch is hard to break. If it were not for that one night when an Angel came to preach to me, I too would live in hell on earth.

    Obedience is not a burden. Obedience is his mandate. He did not choose for you to be man, He chose for you to be woman.

    The Burden Of Being A Woman: Three Things I Hate About My Gender

    Three things I hate about being a woman.

    1) Weak, not being able to physically compete with men.

    2) Male dominance, having to give men deference, ride shotgun, give him the place at the head if the table, give up my birth name, wear a symbol of his ownership.

    3) Eggs, subservient to my menstrual cycle, child bearer, female form.

  • The Summer Of Birthday Suits And Learning About The Birds And The Bees

    I am now in my early forties, but at one time I was six years old. That summer my family took us to a lake house cabin for the summer. My father worked in the city and he came up every two weeks, the rest of the time it was my mother, my sister and me. The cabin was on the lake and it had a dock and that is where we would go to sunbathe. There weren't many cabins on the lake and from time to time we would see someone go by in a boat, but otherwise we were left alone, part of the reason why my father picked that cabin.

    The first weeks we were there we spent time out on the dock and on a very sunny day and my mother took her top off and laid back to sunbather her boobs. Little did I know that I would grow boobs like that, huge momma boobs with big brown nipples. It was just the three of us, my sister and my mother and me. After a while she turned over and pulled up her bottoms to uncover her butt and get some sun on her cheeks. I remember how white her boobs and bottom were, almost pink in the sun. Out of the blue she told my sister and I that if we wanted to sunbathe in our birthday suit that was okay with her, just don't get our little tushies burned because that would hurt.

    I lay on the towel, completely naked, the sun cooking my tooshie. I opened my legs to get some more sun, it felt so good, something that is hard to describe. After a while my mother told us to turn over and sunbathe our bottoms, get them nice and toasty brown. When daddy came we would have toasty brown bottoms and toasty titties. Well I burned my tooshie that afternoon, pretty bad too. My sister had kept her legs closed and although she was also sunburned it wasn't so bad. My mother had burned her boobs pretty bad, by burned we were pretty red that night.

    My mother had me rub Nivea cream on her boobs and she rubbed Nivea cream on our burnt bottoms, and she took special notice to my tooshie, she was very gentle and told me I had not done what she told me so there, spend a day or two with a burned tooshie and I would learn to pay attention to what she said.

    For the rest of the time before my father came up we sunbathed in our birthday suits, swam in the lake in our birthday suits and walked around the cabin in our birthday suits, we got nice and toasty brown all over, even our tushies got toasty brown. My mother's boobs got tanned and so did her butt cheeks, but she never let the sun hit her tooshie, she said daddy didn't like it that way.

    When daddy came we didn't bother to get dressed, we swam with him in our birthday suits, had a picnic on the dock in our birthday suits. Daddy convinced mother to take off her two piece bottom not just her top. She was naked outside, her boobs and butt were tanned but her tooshie was so white, a triangle of pink white which is the way daddy liked it. Daddy kept his ding dong covered most of the time, except when we were in the lake, mother would cover it with Nivea cream and when she was done she would hold it up and kiss it. At night we heard all sorts of things coming from their room which was next door to ours.

    In the morning mother told us that we should know that when daddy has been away he comes home and he wants his tooshie, that daddies really like tooshies and that he uses his ding dong to make her happy. She opened her legs and showed us her vagina and had us open our legs and find our vaginas. The summer went by fast, there was lots of birthday suit sunbathing and swimming and lots of mother and daddy making noise in their bedroom. We saw daddy's ding dong get pretty big and hard and mother hold it tight and kiss it and we saw mother pull daddy down on top of her. By the time we went back to school in the fall we were pretty knowledgeable about the birds and the bees and how mother and daddy had sex. We got the birds and the bees straight that summer.

    As I am now, I have those same big mother boobs and I like having daddy make me happy. My daughters are now in their late teens early twenties so there isn't much that I can tell them, except that you never get tired of having a ding dong make you happy. As with my parents my girls growing up never had an issue with nudity in the house, not for me or for them. We went once to the south of France and to see what they would do we went to a beach that allowed nude sunbathing. They were fourteen and seventeen at the time. I was curious as to what they would do. They never said anything, they just let the nude people walk by. It is really their time and don't ask don't tell is the order of the day, any conversation about sex with them is strictly verbotten.

    Areolas: To Cover Or Not To Cover?

    I have very large areolas, so big in fact that I have refused to wear a bikini top at the beach.

    My husband thinks I am being silly about this, and overly shy. Maybe he's right?

  • The Pressure To Procreate, Fulfilling My Mother’s Wishes

    I have four brothers, I am the fourth in line. My mother talked to me, pestered me, reminded me that she wanted the patter of little feet, from me. It did not matter how many grandkids my brothers gave her, it was me she wanted grandkids from.

    I got married early, fulfilled her dream and settled into having a large family. I have five of my own, my brothers have been little rabbits themselves and my mother has thirteen grandkids.

    I love being a mother, one day my daughters are going to bring grandbabies home to me.