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Trapped In Leather, My Endless Fantasy Becomes Reality

I've always fantasized about being kept in a strait-jacket, otherwise naked, and endlessly fucked at both ends, by a pair of older, tough-guys, for weeks, months, even...

Recently a pair of escapees from the local prison found my unlocked patio door, and carried out a very private 'home invasion' during which they found me asleep, half-way into my strait-jacket, a horrendously expensive custom-made affair, of expensive leather, lined with latex, and with an attached hood, whose drawcords could hold it tight to my face, so that the zippered opening lay right over my mouth. Well obviously they quickly completed the process, until I was utterly helpless, and after making themselves at home, for a day or so, decided to have some fun with me.

I ended up on one guy's lap, his hard cock gradually penetrating me deep and deeper, my legs dr**ed over the fat padded arms of the old armchair, while his buddy stood in front, his cock in my mouth, via the zippered opening. One lifted me up and down, on his cock, while the other thrust in and out of my mouth. The one under me reached around and was mauling my swollen testicles, and sliding up and down my shaft, as the other pumped in and out slowly and intensely, until his ejaculation hit the back of my throat, triggering a swallow reflex. Then he withdrew, and closed the zipper tightly, and soon after that his partner exploded inside me, and lifted me off, and out of the chair. On weak shaky legs, I allowed myself to be put back to bed, and they settled down to watch some football game or another. I slept after a while.

The armchair position has been inflicted on me several times a day, and they discuss at length just how long they can take advantage of their situation. Some serious orgasm denial drew a full confession from me, as to my seclusion and lack of friends or family, and how there was really nothing to stop them making this menage permanent.

A year later, nothing has changed, and I crave my time in the armchair to the exclusion of all good sense and judgment, as my permanency fantasy grows more and more likely. Now totally compliant, I am allowed an hour a day, to feed myself, toiletries, exercise, and what I'm doing now....

  • After finishing my MBA I took a job for an oil company. I met a girl who worked for an accounting firm. Truthfully it never crossed my mind that she could have been a virgin, totally inexperienced when it came to sex. I was 27 and she was 23. Sex was a bit wild, a bit hard, and a bit restraining, I had to hold her down.

    Well she announced to her close friends that we were a couple, I told the same people in her dreams. Some weeks later she had an out of town conference and I decided to surprise her. I went up on my own and met her when she came out of the conference room. She was surprised, especially when she found out I was staying with her. That night much against her will I poked her good in the ass and fucked her balls to the wall. Butt fucked did it, now there was only one thought on her mind. Get married.

    Well it took a good while before we got married, two more years. She kept up the act, no sex. But sex happened, including more anal when she was in her period, lots of oral, she loved sucking on a dick. And she told me she had heard about it the day she shaved her pussy and sat on the kitchen table and told me she was giving me clams for dinner. She invented, because I was caught off guard, when, where, how. Sex was not held back, she liked being brought around, she got wetter than hell when she was taken by force.

    It is now twenty years of this, she comes up with stuff, I will say we have given up on anal, got bored with it, but giving me a naked ass crack flash going up the stairs of the theater or giving me a quick blowjob in the car are very much on the table.

    Sometimes it is nice to reminisce, especially about something that really made your engine run hot. I had to go to Gabon. At the time I was working for a shipping company as a Maintenance Engineer, to go observe an inspection of the main power generators and give it the pass or fail. I arrived out of Paris and checked into the hotel. Along with me a man that had sat in the isle seat across from me also checked in, a French man.

    We said hello and took our bags upstairs, we had rooms next door. He asked if I was going down for a drink so I agreed and we met in the bar by the pool. There were two topless women, he said they were flight attendants and he knew them. He also told me that we would be wasting our time. We talked, introduced ourselves really, he was with a law firm and after a couple of drinks he suggested we get something to eat.

    At dinner there was a lot of small talk, and talk about politics and the economy and his comments about the US economy and to be truthful he was pretty well informed. After dinner we walked out onto the beach and he offered me a cigar with I turned down. He touched my arm and then my shoulder and said that he found me interesting. Back at the hotel on the elevator he invited me to his room for a nightcap, he said he had some very good Cognac.

    The Cognac was good, he took off his shoes and socks and the next thing I know he is taking off his pants and shirt, she slips his shorts off and comes over to me and asks me if I want to join him, his cock under his undershirt already at somewhere near hard. There is a minute when you don't know what to do, his cock is in my face, his naked legs beside me, he has his hand on the back of my head and I realize I am being pulled forward. His cock is now on my mouth, no words just his cock against my lips.

    You have to let yourself go sometimes and I opened my mouth slowly and soon his cock head was in my mouth and then his cock was in my mouth, my tongue running all over it, finding his pee hole and I am sucking on his cock. I am not repulsed, I am really quite into it. Maybe not something I would ever do but here I was sucking on his cock. He took off his undershirt, went to the bed and took the covers off and laid back on the bed and asked me to come join him.

    He was hard, his cock was hard in his hand and he offered it to me again. I got my shoes off and my pants and my shirt and then my shorts and undershirt, and with nothing other than my watch and my socks I got on the bed and went back to sucking his cock. My cock got hard and then softened up and got hard again and softened up, depending on whether I was thinking about my cock or just sucking on his.

    After a few minutes he mentioned that I needed to move up the bed and he took my cock in his hand and I took his cock in mine and we started kissing, making out like teenagers. His hand on my cock felt amazing, and his cock in my hand felt dangerous. We kissed for quite a while, he bent down and sucked my cock for a bit and went to the bathroom and came back with a small bottle and he told me to settle down, and I let him rub the liquid all over my asshole. That I was going to get fucked wasn't in question, my question was how, how did I place myself.

    A bit more kissing and his cock slamming against my thigh and he pushed me onto my side and I felt his cock exploring my asshole, by then I was quite ready for him to do it, he pushed me onto my stomach and gave me a pillow to put under me and with his hot hairy chest on my back he slipped his cock into me. I was amazed as to how easy it went in, and how good it felt. I relaxed and he did all the work. Soon he was off and my asshole was cold again. It felt funny, a strange feeling.

    We lay on the bed for a while, he asked me if I wanted to spend the night or go back to my room. By then I was ready to go back to my room, I got dressed and we said goodnight and I went back to lay on my bed and just relive what had happened. It was a long time before that when I last jerked off with my hand, that night I jerked off, it felt good and I went to sleep.

    It has not been easy finding someone to play around with like that. Mostly I have hooked up via an internet forum, always when I am traveling overseas. I don't know when my next trip will be, but I am looking forward to it. I miss the company and hopefully I can make arrangements with a like minded soul.

  • I actually had a dirty dream, and I was with a woman who was older than me and she was really beautiful but she was actually showing me her fair private parts and she was demanding me to get physical but I told her that I feel like a old man now a days I can do it with her so she said that her husband isn't going to make her happy physically...I know it was a only dream but now a days I really feel like I am older and I am not young like other g us from my age I am actually 24 and i have to many experiences about life. Please guide me why I am feeling older

    Just a question to others about bachelorette parties. Whether you are a woman who has attended or a guy who has heard about what goes on?

    Bachelorette parties that have male strippers.... have you ever heard of cheating going on at these parties? I realize there are a lot of fantasy porn sites about this. But does it really happen in real life?

  • Actually I am addict to masturbation and I am doing it for nearly 11 yrs when I was 14 I discovered how to jerk off without a porn movie. I actually started to masturbate daily because of depression and tension. I used had bed wetting problems till 14 and they stopped after masturbation. So I thought it's good for me and started to do it twice sometimes trice a day but I keep doing it till today I just done it and I really felt bad that I have nothing but masturbation to do. I lost my hobbies because of my families money problems I turned to masturbation and now no one can help me. I tried my best to stop it but the depression and problems are kept increasing. I know I am straight actually. I tried to propose a girl who I saw suffering and when I asked her she rejected me so I asked another normal girl even she rejected me so I thought a prostitute or Pornstar will be okay for me and I started to talk to them through onlyfans and I got stuck into masturbation trap I know my life wasn't really good without porn and masturbation because we never had that much money to enjoy and masturbation is really good escape from everything so I kept doing it and I never had much expectations from my life. And I really want to quit masturbation but I can't can you guys help me with medications and all ...