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Killing Me In That Muscle Shirt

She and trucker husband rented a single wide trailer from my father who owned several on our property.Hubby gone most of the time on the road. She late 20's early thirties, me 16 my dads slave digging ditches,doing chores around dad trailer park.. It started when dad told me to stay away from them..What he really meant was stay away from her..I saw him drooling all over her, moms body language in response to her behavior and dads...She would call me to the back door of the trailer.She'd give me 50 cents to carry her garbage to the burn pile.....I had such embarrassment trying to hide my boner in front of her..She always in her husbands wife beater muscle shirt,she bending down from above giving me a view of her little titties with big brown nipples..Always a pair of her stained panties on top of the trash in a brown grocery bag.

I couldn't get to the burn pile behind the big oak tree quick enough to sniff her panties while I'd beat off..Her scent was intoxicating.. Of course she was seducing me.

That summer I'd do things with and to her I never knew existed.She showed me the pleasure of being anally stimulated while being sucked off..I couldn't get enough of her...Then one night in the middle of the night they were gone.Skipped out owing dad rent...I was devastated for the longest time..I'd gotten used to cumming in her couple times a day every day.

She gave me confidence and skills to rarely be told no by anyone I wanted sex with.I had my way with seniors right down to jr.high school girls.,I had my way with my Algebra teacher many times my Jr. year..I made her my sex slave.Her hubby was a missionary position only guy. I gave to her my way sometimes leaving marks, made her quite the slut..I went from failing to passing grade and never learned squat about algebra..Made her whimper often..If you touch a female right they'll beg to be touched..

In the last 50 years I've had so much sex I can't remember it all..As a senior its the same just less often. Love making them squirt...There is this light skin black girl half my age that works behind the counter at the bowling ally that's about to get it.. Told her yesterday I was going to have my way with her and make her squirt...She smiled ear to ear, blushing telling me she has a boy friend.I told her we won't share it with him..She gave me her number..Perhaps I'll write about her next....

  • My Boyfriend Found Out !

    I've been fucking my step dad since I was young an we done a good job of keeping it a secret until my boyfriend found out.. He bought a smoke detector that has a camera in it an put it in my bedroom.

    Dare I Say It?

    I fucking love sucking my bf’s cock. The sweet gasps of almost surprise every time I take him in my mouth just send me. I get to tease the tip of his penis with my tongue knowing that that’s where he’s most sensitive. Then hesitate - very slightly - and slam him all the way down my throat. His moans are exquisite. And I know he watches me as I work him up, even that makes me excited. I can tell when his hips start to rise to meet my mouth that we’re getting someplace good. His hands go to his nipples and we’re getting closer. I feel hime get harder and harder as I strive to keep the rhythm, then sweet bliss as I swallow and swallow and listen to the proof that I’ve done a good job. And even then, I’ll slowly suck a few more times root to tip just to make sure he enjoys every ounce of the pleasure I give him.

  • 1st Time Penetrated

    On Craigslist, i'd typically post for giving a No Strings BJ. Usually strike out with useless chat. i was striking out all through the night, drinking the whole time, until a guy responded that he was a top and wanted more...never had i done more than give bj's. I figured it wouldn't happen...I said I'll leave my apt door open if he wants to come by.. He responded...could you be blindfolded...i said was early, probably around 6a I put on a blindfold layed back on my bed from my computer desk and faded out.

    I woke up by him grabbing me gently by the head and shifting me off my bed to my knees, putting his penis in my happened quickly...I couldn't see...It surprisingly jogged my memory of leaving my door ajar.

    He face fucked me for no more than 2 mins...closer to one minute.

    Shifted me back to the bed on all fours and after a few pushes, he was in me.

    It was an odd feeling having another man's body get off using me...he came, spread my cheeks, he was checking out his load, zipped up, said very few words and left.

    A true story

    I Regret My College Major

    I thought I knew what I wanted when I chose my college major, but now I realize I made a mistake. I'm two years into a degree that I have no interest in pursuing, and I feel like I'm stuck. I wish I had followed my heart instead of trying to please my parents. They wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer, but my passion has always been art. I want to switch majors, but I'm scared of disappointing them and wasting time and money. I feel lost and trapped.

  • Nipples Unleashed: My Naughty Cruise Confession

    Bored and alone following a divorce and a lay off I decided to take a Mediterranean cruise. Everybody had somebody, I was alone and I was invited to join couples out of pity, I could feel it. Off Greece there was a dance, I decided to let my hair down, no one knew me. I bought a nice white cotton dress in the gift shop, had my hair and nails done. When I was getting dressed I did not have a bra that flattered the dress, better said the bras ruined the look. I took some bandaids and covered my nipples and went braless to the dance.

    I felt good in a naughty way, my breasts pushed against my dress and swung when I walked. Men and women looked, when I walked up with my glass of wine the conversation flowed. I was asked to dance by grandpas, and the Captain. As the night went on, I paid a trip to the ladies room and stripped off the bandaids. My nipples reacted to the air conditioning, the wine got me over any inhibition of starting conversations.

    I got lucky that night with an Austrian Uncle on a birthday cruise with his sister and her family. My first European, I felt that I was going to be executed, standing naked before him, there just wasn't that much to take off. There was some pain, some restraint, some humiliation. I got it, stop being American, he wasn't going to let me anyway. I got what I deserved, treated like the dirty whore I was that night.

    I go out now in tops and dresses that are better flattered by my swinging tits, no bandaids, ever. Hard, erect nipples are an ice breaker, they keep the grandpa's focused on me, I swear my nipples get larger when grandpa is staring at them, and frankly I don't want his eyes looking at anything else.