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Dare I Say It?

I fucking love sucking my bf’s cock. The sweet gasps of almost surprise every time I take him in my mouth just send me. I get to tease the tip of his penis with my tongue knowing that that’s where he’s most sensitive. Then hesitate - very slightly - and slam him all the way down my throat. His moans are exquisite. And I know he watches me as I work him up, even that makes me excited. I can tell when his hips start to rise to meet my mouth that we’re getting someplace good. His hands go to his nipples and we’re getting closer. I feel hime get harder and harder as I strive to keep the rhythm, then sweet bliss as I swallow and swallow and listen to the proof that I’ve done a good job. And even then, I’ll slowly suck a few more times root to tip just to make sure he enjoys every ounce of the pleasure I give him.

  • 1st Time Penetrated

    On Craigslist, i'd typically post for giving a No Strings BJ. Usually strike out with useless chat. i was striking out all through the night, drinking the whole time, until a guy responded that he was a top and wanted more...never had i done more than give bj's. I figured it wouldn't happen...I said I'll leave my apt door open if he wants to come by.. He responded...could you be blindfolded...i said was early, probably around 6a I put on a blindfold layed back on my bed from my computer desk and faded out.

    I woke up by him grabbing me gently by the head and shifting me off my bed to my knees, putting his penis in my happened quickly...I couldn't see...It surprisingly jogged my memory of leaving my door ajar.

    He face fucked me for no more than 2 mins...closer to one minute.

    Shifted me back to the bed on all fours and after a few pushes, he was in me.

    It was an odd feeling having another man's body get off using me...he came, spread my cheeks, he was checking out his load, zipped up, said very few words and left.

    A true story

    I Regret My College Major

    I thought I knew what I wanted when I chose my college major, but now I realize I made a mistake. I'm two years into a degree that I have no interest in pursuing, and I feel like I'm stuck. I wish I had followed my heart instead of trying to please my parents. They wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer, but my passion has always been art. I want to switch majors, but I'm scared of disappointing them and wasting time and money. I feel lost and trapped.

  • Nipples Unleashed: My Naughty Cruise Confession

    Bored and alone following a divorce and a lay off I decided to take a Mediterranean cruise. Everybody had somebody, I was alone and I was invited to join couples out of pity, I could feel it. Off Greece there was a dance, I decided to let my hair down, no one knew me. I bought a nice white cotton dress in the gift shop, had my hair and nails done. When I was getting dressed I did not have a bra that flattered the dress, better said the bras ruined the look. I took some bandaids and covered my nipples and went braless to the dance.

    I felt good in a naughty way, my breasts pushed against my dress and swung when I walked. Men and women looked, when I walked up with my glass of wine the conversation flowed. I was asked to dance by grandpas, and the Captain. As the night went on, I paid a trip to the ladies room and stripped off the bandaids. My nipples reacted to the air conditioning, the wine got me over any inhibition of starting conversations.

    I got lucky that night with an Austrian Uncle on a birthday cruise with his sister and her family. My first European, I felt that I was going to be executed, standing naked before him, there just wasn't that much to take off. There was some pain, some restraint, some humiliation. I got it, stop being American, he wasn't going to let me anyway. I got what I deserved, treated like the dirty whore I was that night.

    I go out now in tops and dresses that are better flattered by my swinging tits, no bandaids, ever. Hard, erect nipples are an ice breaker, they keep the grandpa's focused on me, I swear my nipples get larger when grandpa is staring at them, and frankly I don't want his eyes looking at anything else.

    Camping Trip Fling With My Daughter's Friend

    Last summer I took the kids camping for a weekend. I told the kids they could invite 2 friends each. So it was my son and his 2 friends and my daughter and her 2 friends. My kids where home from college for the summer when we went. My son drove his own car with his friends in it and my daughter driver with me in my Jeep. On our 4 hour drive to the National park my daughter sat in the back with her friend. Her other friend Lisa sat in the front with me. Lisa had on a loose low cut top with summer skirt on. During the drive the girls in the back fell asleep. Lisa just played on her phone taking selfie's and texting. I couldn't help but notice I had a nice side view of her breast at times . I could clearly see her breast. She had the nicest nipples that looked rock hard. I also noticed her skirt was ridding up and giving me a little look at her lace panties. I couldn't help from getting a hard on. At one point she caught me looking but didn't say a word. She just smiled and continued on her way with out covering up . Once when we stopped for gas the girls went to the bathroom but Lisa before going moved between the to front seats bending over looking for something in the back. Her butt was right next to me. I had a full view of her panties and legs . As she left to catch up with the girls she winked at me and smiled.

    It was now Friday night and camp was all set up. I cooked for everyone and then the kids went off on a hike. The Kidd's all came back late and tired. It was about midnight when they when into their tents. I thought I'd go gather some more wood for tomorrow's fire when all the sudden I heard Lisa ask Mr Johnson you need any help. I turned with the flash light and Lisa stood their in a very loose shorts and a top that only had 2 buttons done. As she bent over her breast would fall out giving me a view . How I wished it was daylight so I could get a good look. After gathering wood I told her I was going to walk down to the river and she asked if she could join me. As we sat at the rivers edge in the dark she sat very close to me. As we talked I kept looking down her shirt. After a few minutes of her catching me looking she reached up and un did the 2 buttons that held her shirt some what closed. As she took her shirt off she said I have always wanted to go nude in the wilderness. At this point my eyes were glued to her as I said well your definitely out in the wilderness. To my surprise she moved in and planted a huge French kiss on me. In seconds we were lost in a deep kiss full of passion. Not even really thinking of what I was doing my hands found their way to her breast. They felt incredible. I massaged and played with her breast and nipples. This intensified her kiss and she moaned in pleasure as we continued kissing. My other hand reached down and I found my way through the side of her loose shorts and to my surprise she had no panties on as my fingers found her wet dripping pussy. I started to finger fuck her with 2 fingers. Her pussy was so wet and hot. Soon her pussy was squeezing around my fingers as she thrust her hips forward. She whispered in my ear Fuck I'm going to cum. A few seconds later she was cumin . Her pussy became so hot and wet. She reached in my shorts and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I unzipped my shorts and my cock sprung out. She stoped kissing me and went down on my cock. Her mouth and lips felt so good on my cock. My cock disappeared all they way in her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat with my cock. Up to this point I had never had a woman deep throat my cock. I was trying so hard not to cum yet when we heard voices approaching from a distance. We quickly stopped and she put her shirt back on. It ended up being my son and his friends . They never saw us but it definitely killed the moment and Lisa and I made our way back to camp.

    That hole rest of that night I kept thinking about what just happened. I wondered how Lisa would act the next day. I slept in that morning because I stayed up most the night thinking about what happened. Early that morning I heard my Son say Dad were taking the Jeep into town to pick up some stuff and breakfast. I just said sure take your time I'm going to do some fishing later if you guys want to join me when you get back. The nearest town was a good 40 minutes away. It was about 20 min after they left that I felt like someone was in my tent. I opened my eyes and looked up. It was Lisa standing right above me. She had on a sundress on that I could see straight up to her pussy. She had on panties on and I could see she was wet and dripping down her leg. I look up and said is anyone gone. She said yes its just you and I. I asked what she was doing and said she was wanting to return favor I gave her last night. Before I knew it she was going down on me again taking my cock all the way in her mouth. I stated to finger her again but after a few moments of this she turned in to a 69 position and I now had her pussy in my face. I took full advantage of this and started to lick and finger her pussy. It did not take long at all before her body shook as she came. She cried out Fuck I can't take this anymore. She turned around and all the sudden lowered herself onto my cock. Her pussy was tinny and tight. Even in her wetness she still struggled to fit my cock inside her. She moaned and cried out as she finally had my cock all the way deep inside her. After a few minutes of getting used to the size we started ride me. Soon she was cumin again. It felt incredible. Her pussy seamed to squeeze tight all around my cock when she came. I was totally lost in pleasure when I cried out that I was going to cum. Her only response was Fuck yes give it to me, shoot your cum ! I was now shooting a good amount of cum deep inside her. To me it felt like the biggest load I had ever shot but I'm sure it was no more then normal.

    She fell down onto me. We kissed and I massaged her breast. She pulled herself off me and started sucking my cock. Moments later my cock was hard again. This time she turned and got on all fours showing he her beautiful ass. I entered her pushy from behind . I fucked her slow with long strokes at first then she begged me to fuck her hard and harder. I was now slapping so hard against her ass. She screamed in pleasure and as she started to cum I shot my 2nd load of cum inside her. Her pussy was the tightest I ever felt. We fucked ever moment we could that camping weekend and still today we fuck when she comes to visit for the summer.

  • Unethical Behavior At An Asian Massage Parlor

    Went to my usual Asian massage place.
    Walked in and her husband was at the desk.
    She came out from the back and I made up a flimsy excuse to get her into a room.
    Told her to take off her pants and panties cause I wanted to just give her daty.
    Off came her pants and panties and she enjoyed an short oral session all the while her husband sat at the desk.