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I Want To Fuck A Guy I Know.

So, there's this guy.

We met in middle school and we still text at times. He's a failing musician, loves metal, generally greasy but keeps his hair well groomed which makes absolutely 0 sense to me, rude.. But I saw his cock once. I was surprised at how big he was, I was expecting maybe 3 inches at most flaccid. That looked like a damn 3rd leg and he wasn't even erect. I know for a fact he's a virgin too. Something about being his first and letting him use me like a doll feels so euphoric to me. I've jerked off to voicemails he's sent me. I hope he invites me to one of his concerts again, I want to flirt with him so bad.
He's thick, long, cut and isn't shaven. Something about a hairy man gets me going..

  • Fun Time

    I 19f want to play with myself out in public and have someone come up and finger me

    How Much I Love Anal

    At the age of 23 I had a friend who was a school teacher also his wife was a school teacher they were on spring vacation and spent a week with my wife and I he and I went to Kmart to pick up some items whatever return home we saw his wife and my wife having sex together that was quite a turn-on as we were both quite surprised that evening my wife told me that his wife told her that my friend wanted to f****** I have to laugh my wife said why not she thought that was exciting I gave it some thought the following afternoon he approached me I agreed he got some KY Lube rub it on his cock and around my butthole he laid on his back ass metal straddle him mind you this is my first time oh my God I don't think it could have gone in any father he held up there shortly and gently started to pump I can feel his cock massage my prostrate that was the most exciting thing I have ever felt I started to lose some pre-c** he started to increase his pumping his breathing got heavier I can feel his cock expand where did he began to move faster I can feel my prostrate in large he let out a huge moan he was coming hard and so was I I covered his chest with semen I have to tell you this was the greatest orgasm I have ever encountered hey ask me if I liked it I told him absolutely but I did not know that he was gay he said that he was not gay but bisexual he asked me if I would like to f*** him are then hesitated and said yes I will try it the feeling of his spasms in his rectum were awesome I come extremely hard again I will tell you this intercourse with a man is much more exciting than a woman the next experience I had he asked me if I thought his wife was attractive and what I like to have sex with her I said absolutely he said this is good however I must f*** you while you are f****** her I agree to that that turned out to be extremely exciting or dad I come so hard I thought I would pass out he asked me if I ever had oral sex performed on me I told him Only my wife again I let him do it very exciting he then asked me if I would like to do it to him I said I will give it a try I don't think it was more than 30 seconds that I had it in my mouth when he shot hot semen into my mouth again this is very exciting I am not there because I love women also again I have f***** his wife are you ask me if it will be okay to have sex with my wife I agree to that and that was a very exciting experience as the first time I f***** him while he was f****** her and at the same time she was looking his wife's p**** the question is am I gay the answer is no a rectum knows neither gay or straight only pleasure I have also had another experience at the age of 13 my father was working late shift I heard my mother moaning in a room next to mine I walked over and look through her door and saw her masturbating my cock instantly became hard I then went into my own room and masturbated absolutely wonderful two weeks later my father was on night shift again I also heard my mother again masturbating this time I cannot resist it I walked in and I asked her if she was all right she said yes but I need the real thing can I help her I wasn't quite sure what I could do she asked me to sit down on her bed next to her she put her lips around my hard cock and began to lick it she continued to masturbate her body went into spasms as I know she was having an orgasm she then put her hands around my cock and cause me to have an orgasm at that point my dad went back on day shifts and we no longer had any other experiences like that until I was 17 and she was still very good looking she had the nicest shaped ass of any woman that I have seen are done my father was on night shift my mother was masturbating and this time she asked me if it would be okay for me to put my penis into her vagina she was beyond childbearing age it did not matter if I came in her but before this she asked me if I wood lick her love button as she pointed to it I did she got so excited it was unbelievable against her whole body went into spasm she laid there breathing hard for a few minutes then grab my penis and told me to insert it into her vagina I did I believe it was only about 30 seconds before I shot hot sperm into her vagina we agreed at that point to have sex together on a night that my father was working serious currently 71 years old now and I am 50 and we still have the most enjoyable sex that I can ever remember I am married now and my wife is okay with me having sex with my mother and on occasion she loves to watch and as far as my anal sex dolls my wife text me with a strap-on

  • The Moment That Destroyed My Ego

    Recently dated a girl who was on the dominant side. She enjoyed femdom type stuff and pretty much insisted on pegging me. It seemed a little outside my comfort zone, but I'm not vanilla and like to try different things, so I went with it.

    I'll admit I enjoyed it at first while it was nice and slow. But soon she started getting carried away. Once she started pumping me a bit too hard I grunted in pain and asked her to ease off. That's when this bitch goes "Oh please, it's not even big. It's literally, like, your size." Then stopped after realizing what she said.

    She apologized and swore she didn't mean it "like that" but I'm not sure how else it could be meant. I gotta admit that was a confidence killer. We kinda fell apart after that.

    First Time I Mastrubated

    when i was 16 i used to sleep next to my mom one night i wake up and i have a hard on i was like wtf my mom rolled over i can see that fat ass i remember its like yesterday i take my cock she is sleeping and stroke it for the first time looking at her ass made sure not to touch and came held the foreskin so tight so the cum dont spray then then put it back in my underwear and went to sleep

  • Mom Seen My Dick Pic

    so i was watching porn and took a pic alongside the porn which was like a girl on her knees infront of a cock and had it in the laptop .one day my mom opens my laptop and sees the photos and shit and when i came home she was like i know what you do in your room and shit.fuck.now its super weird.