Randomized confessions..

As a slim, pretty faced and very long haired 18yo boy, I began crossdressing and could easily pass as being a girl.
With my bra loaded with warm water filled balloons, my well applied makeup, a tight fitting top, black stockings with garter belt and complete with plaid miniskirt and heeled strappy shoes, I frequently enticed younger boys of 12 to 14 years old to my room after attracting their attention by flashing my stocking tops and garter belt from my apartment window. Once inside my slightly darkened room I would suck and rub them to orgasm.

  • I'm in a relationship where we don't have sex. Everything else is good but we don't have sex. I crush out on this myspace profile and send it to my hot, single friend. She meets him and posts pictures of the two of them together having a really good time and looking adorable. Now I totally want to die.

    I should be happy for her, but instead I was childish and told her he was fugly and looked like a junky.

    I'm pretty sure she saw right through that.

    So now I'm avoiding her calls, not leaving the house, and making anonymous confessions.

    Oh, and wishing I had actually offed myself in high school when it was all chic to be suicidal.

    I had a minor accident with my car. This young man backed up hitting the back of my car. There was $369.15 worth of damage. I called the police right then and filed a police report.

    The car that my car was hit by belongs to his grandmother.
    He said he has insurance and I guess he does because the police asked to see our insurance card. I called my insurance company and he called his insurance company the next day.

    His insurance company called the grandmother and the boy and they haven't returned their calls. I am thinking that I am going to get screwed over.

    My insurance company told me if I don't here from their insurance company in a week, I should call a magistrate. I don't think that is right. Why should I go through a magistrate. I may be wrong, but I think my insurance company should get a hold of their insurance company and straighten this out. Or my insurance company should send me a check and then get reimbursed by Safe Auto.

    This morning, I called Safe Auto and left a message and hopefully they will call me on Monday. I guess if they don't call me on Monday, I guess I will have to go to a magistrate which I think is a bunch of crock.

    Any advice?

    Thank you

  • Have you ever sat on one toilet together with your boyfriend/girlfriend while peeing/pooping? Ever had sex on the toilet while taking care of business?

    So, I left this girl I was with for my now wife, the things is, I never lost any feelings whatsoever for the first one. I still talk to her, and my wife knows this. But I love her more than I can express. Many days, if it weren't for my step-daughter, I think I would have already left. But the two of them are somewhat friends also, and even if I did bring myself to leave, I don't know that she'd want me anymore anyway. But nothing, nothing, is a greater desire for me than her. Rarely a night goes by that I don't fall asleep thinking of her.

    I love you my red star.

  • Now that I'm a responsible, 24 year old mom, I look back and can't believe what a huge jerk I was.

    These sweet Christian folks hired me to work for them in their hockey pro shop when I was a senior in high school. To begin with, I should have never taken the job. I was so tired and already had way more than I could handle. On top of impending graduation and keeping my grades up, I played the ever-so-time-consuming sport of hockey, I played softball after school, I got a new boyfriend, and now I was taking on this job.

    For the job, I had to commute. I had to get up at 3:30 am on weekends to open the shop for early games. Countless times, I slept right on through my work start time (I would get calls from my boss-"Uh, did you sleep in AGAIN?") but the times I did make it to work, I was dead tired. So much so, that once, I had drifted off to sleep on the on the customer service counter. I woke up to tapping on my shoulder. These two hockey players were standing above me, laughing, saying, "Wake uuuuup!" They had to wake me up to pay for some skate laces!!! I felt so embarrassed and scared that they would tell my boss, but they never did.

    On top of that, I destroyed many players' skates in the skate sharpener. The automatic machine was always broken and despite the complaints, it was never fixed. So,that was not my fault. Ironically, that's all my boss ever yelled at me about, was the bad skate sharpenings-the one thing that wasn't my fault!!

    One thing I enjoyed was pulling my boyfriend at the time, who was also a hockey player,too, into the back room for heavy make-out sessions....yes, while there were customers outside.

    The worst thing I did, though, was when these people came in to get completely outfitted with gear. This was a major sale, and I thought, "This is how I can prove to everyone that I'm a good worker." I went and spent about 2 hours educating the people, a husband and wife, about quality hockey gear, correct fit, all that mumbo jumbo. I was pretty proud of myself-I had just raked in a $1,500 order. We had those old style credit card runners, where you do it manually on a carbon copy receipt, and it gets signed, etc. Well, I had filled out all the necessary info on the receipt, called the card's service number to make sure the card was good, and I FORGOT TO RUN THE CARD THROUGH THE MACHINE!!!!! Yep, after all that, I didn't get their card number on record, and they were "nice" enough, not to come back in to let me know I had made a mistake. I basically GAVE away $1,500 in brand new, top-of-the-line hockey gear, and did not realize it until they were long gone outta that store.

    The day after this, I quit, because I knew once they found out, I'd get fired. I have never gone back to that shop out of sheer humiliation. Hopefully, when I have enough money, I'll send them a check for the money I screwed them out of!!!