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Spanking Time

I was just 13 when i was at my aunt and uncle's house with their 6 kids 3 boys 3 girls, we usually spent a week each summer at one or the others houses , but i made sure i was going there this time because i had so much fun last year and they lived on a farm and lived a weird life with strange rules . One was spankings! Yes strip naked and stand in line in the barn type of Spankings and i became a victim of my uncle's huge hands last year and I wouldn't miss out this year, i was terrified at first but one other perk was that my boy cousins always got spankings and they were super cute boys and i got to see them naked and they had really nice penises even my youngest who was 9 then , i remember how they all were crying and standing in line for their turn i came up because I was told everyone must attend what i saw was 3 boys jumping in place nervously waiting for my girl cousin Anna to be spanked bare butt i heard a crack! And a yelp, but my eyes were glued to those boys each had a an erection going on some were harder than the others and standing from half erect to partly erect and my favorite was Tommy his was straight up and down and throbbing ! It would slap his tummy it was so full of blood his head pulsated and his shaft would slap his skin almost to his chest ! As he wailed in fear of his whooping! I was in love i just was wide eyed and wet i stood only 3 feet away and stared at those beautiful cocks and got so aroused i wanted to grab them with my hand wrapped around them and feel how hot and thick they were, feel the throbbing in my sweaty hands! I must admit the crying added a sense of urgency and made me even more excited my other cousins were bigger but not down there he was 3 and 4 years younger and he was so much bigger it looked odd they were little boys but had a mans penis hanging between their legs! I just felt so lucky to see them naked all the time! And soon i just went nude too we all acted like it was nothing but I had to keep from going to far since they were my blood! Oh how i would have sucked my youngest off so good. i masturbated 5 times a day often in the big barn by the horses or in the woods near by i just was so horny that summer and when I had my first orgasm in that barn with the scent of those horses and seeing their cocks hanging down too, i just about had a seizure they were the most powerful orgasms a 13 year old girl could ever have! I miss that place!

  • I Live For My Mother In Law

    I’m not even married or engaged, but shes been in my life for over 6 years now and I think of her as family.

    I slowly developed a crush on my mother in law while dating my girlfriend. At first I wouldn’t think anything of her, but I slowly started to fall for her long toes and soft voice. I ejaculate for her feet and face almost every week. I even do it to the sound of her voice. I don’t know where this desire came from, and I know its wrong, but i want to ejaculate on her more than i want my next breath.

    Once I masturbated in the living room at sunrise, and she came in to fill the fireplace. I initially stopped, but after staring at her soles as she sat on them, I finished in my pants behind her just gazing.
    I love you so much Jenny

    Brothers Be Making Mothers

    I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend. So i cheated on him with his brother. Now I'm pregnant and everyone thinks it's my boyfriend's. I know this is wrong but I get so hot thinking about him never knowing. It feels so wrong yet so good. If this goes well, I might just do it again

  • The Closest Cousins

    I am currently in a life long relationship with my 1st cousin. We have 2 beautiful children with a 3rd on the way (no abnormalities which we were worried about). We also havent been in contact with the rest of family in over 15 years.

    We both grew up close. Both loved video games, spent summers sleeping over at each others houses to play games or swim. As we got older, we started noticing more and more about our bodies. As most preteens do, especially when no one teaches you otherwise, we started experimenting. At 11, we lost our virginity. Soon after, our parents gave us the talk and kept us more separate (didnt know we had already learned this first hand but noticed we spent alot of time together at our age and were worried)

    We still hung out at school but never really dated anyone. We both were considered attractive, but never really cared. Fast forward to prom, and her parents asked me to take her since she didnt have a date but felt wrong going alone.

    I picked her up, and was blown away. The tomboy girl with messy hair and played games with me was now a beautiful woman in a dress. I knew i was going to make a move that night, even if i understood it was "wrong". At the dance, she was getting alot of attention and i admit it made me feel jealous. Think she noticed as she would frequently come over and talk to me, ignoring the other guys.

    As the night wore down, she let me know she wanted to leave. She asked me to pull off at a wooded lot our families owned, and i understood what would happen next. She took her dress off, put it in the back, and for the first time since we were 11, we fucked.

    I am ashamed to admit, but i didnt last longer then a minute round one. She just laughed and sucked me clean (we while we had only done it once as young ones, we DID do alot of other things including oral as we learned.) We didnt go home that night, and instead fucked on and off untill sunrise. On the hood, in the car, cowgirl, from behind, you name it. This was the night i realized that i love her. We spent the last hour watching the woods get brighter, holding each other, kissing, and finally admitting the fact we love each other.

    When we went home, out parents asked what happened, and told them we drank at a after party and i didnt feel right driving, so i parked and we slept it off. I dont think they bought it, but let it go. From then on, we decided we would be together.

    Through college, we kept it low key. We only did it when we met up during spring break, and never around family gatherings. We also used birth control after we got lucky during highschool. We both, however, would screw harder and longer when we talked about me knocking her up.

    Our families found out. Apparently, one of my "friends" knew we were going out, and also knew my dad. When we showed up for the family reunion that year, we were not allowed to enter, and our parents wouldn't even speak to us. It was a shock... Especially for cousin. She was so close to her mother. I would propose to her a week later. A week after that, she stopped her birth control.

    We moved states, and never "married" but see ourselves that way. 2 months later she would surprise me with a pregnancy test, and one of the hardest nights of sex we have ever had. I learned not long after, that my favorite sex, is when she rides me cow girl, her pregnant belly taking up my view, and milk lightly leaking from her nipples.

    Its been...a while since we saw our family, yet we now have our own. I know most people see it as " wrong" but i have something most people dream of but cant get. A loving wife, a home, 2 kids, a third on the way, and a sexual craving for each other that doesn't end.

    I will say, the oldest is entering puberty, and we have decided to teach him proper. We came home to him in his friend and his friend in our daughter (a year younger). we arent quite ready to be grandparents yet. (Plus we honestly dont want the risk of genetic issues to come up).
    He did let us know that he likes men more, but his friend likes both, which is what happened that day.

    We also have told them that we are cousins, and that it is taboo. Not to mention it to anyone. They have expressed interest in meeting their grandparents, and we will not stop them.

    Might Or Might Not

    had so masterbation time today and starting to wonder if I am in love with the porn star male on here. So sure it could be just a hubit to watch him fuck but it does when you can't find a man. I wonder if a porn star could love me?

  • Wife's Little Sis Gift

    My wife seduced me and presented her sister as a g*ft for my recent birthday. She is just 19. I did have desires for her but didn't expect it. It was a good ride and we still hookup whenever we have a chance.