Do you have juicy stories about your crazy, dysfunctional relatives that you just need to get off your chest? This is the category for you.

From the overbearing mother-in-law to the black sheep cousin, from the cheating spouse to the estranged parent, share your tales of family dysfunction without fear of judgment. Let it all out, and revel in the catharsis of confession.

Did you have an affair with your sibling's partner? Do you hate your mother? Did you steal money from your father's wallet? Share the shocking, scandalous, and downright hilarious moments of your family's history.

Don't hold back - we want to hear it all. So come on, confess your deepest, darkest family secrets and join the dysfunctional family club.

Might Or Might Not

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  • Wife's Little Sis Gift

    My wife seduced me and presented her sister as a g*ft for my recent birthday. She is just 19. I did have desires for her but didn't expect it. It was a good ride and we still hookup whenever we have a chance.

    Cumming For Mother In Law

    When my Mother in Law (MIL), comes to stay and visit, I always make her morning cup of tea with an added does of cum. There have even been mornings where she's still in her pj's and I can see her big nipples which makes me cum harder. I love looking at her as she sits at the table in the next room as I want into her cup in the kitchen. She always says it's a great cuppa!

  • Family Affair

    I have been having sex with my two older sisters for a year now. They are both ugly but have the hottest bodies. It started when they were laying by the pool in bikinis. One is 26 and the other is 29. They both had towels over their faces to keep the sun off, so I wasn't distracted by their ugliness, and could only see their hot bodies. I was watching them from the pool room as I was rubbing one out, when my younger sister got up and headed my way. The poolroom isn't very big and there's no place to hide, and as soon as she walked in, I got down on my knees and started mouthing her through her bikini bottom. She grabbed my head and slipped her bikini aside and was grinding my face until she orgasmed. We didn't speak at all. She pulled me up and tried to kiss me, but I turned my head and hugged her instead. I just couldn't kiss that mug.
    She walked out and said something to my older sister, and she gets up and heads my way. She's not as ugly as my younger sis, and as soon as she walked in the pool room, she pulled her bikini bottom aside and I got down and repeated the deed. So this was the beginning of a year long affair with them both, but I still won't kiss them.

    A Secret Love For A Distant Relative

    I have a crush on one of my third cousins. He is the son of my grandfather's cousin. Not sure how that works in terms of family tree, but I'm sure it is still quite i****tuous. We did not grow up together, and he lives overseas. I first met him when I was 17, he was about 12. We got along, and no feelings were there. I didn't meet him again until I was 25. When I went to visit, I was blown away by how my chunky little cousin had grown up.

    He was typical Italian beauty. About 5'10, a little husky, olive skin, thick black hair, beautiful green eyes, with just the same amount of facial hair. Francesco was quite the catch. I was, and still in the closet to my family. They were unaware of my sexuality, and thus my sexual feelings for Fran were a secret. It made things quite conflicting.

    One day my uncle had driven Fran, a few of his friends, and I to the beach. I was excited to see him with less clothing on. I was not disappointed. Fran immediately undressed to his skimpy little pair of blue speedos. I surprised such a tiny piece of fabric could hold in that ass of his. Before we went to the water, we applied sunscreen. I eagerly agreed to assist Fran. His skin was so soft. How I wanted my hands to venture else where.

    We had a marvelous time, and stayed for hours. At the end of the day the fellas went to the lockers to wash off. Fran included. We went in and headed over to the showers. Some of the guys just washed off with their swim suits on. Lucky for me, Fran wasn't as shy. He slipped his tiny speedo off as the shower began to run down him. He stood so proud and unashamed. Michelangelo couldn't have sculpted something more beautiful. Finally, I could adore his plump, fuzzy butt without that meddlesome speedo hiding anything. Just as I suspected, he had the thickest cock and balls I could imagine. Long, thick, a nice dark color, and uncircumcised. He pulled it back to rinse it off. What a beautiful pink head. The guys teased him for going nude, and they started to horse around. My eyes were fixated on his thick cock flopping around. God he was stunning.

    Later on that night Fran asked if I wanted to sleep over. His brother was out of town, so there was an empty bed. Naturally I agreed. We went over to his house around dinner time. In the middle of it I went to the bathroom. Fran had his own bathroom that he shared with his brother. After taking my piss, I noticed the hamper of dirty clothes. I went through, looking for Fran's underwear. He specifically wore stripped ones, so I knew which ones were his. I was so aroused. He had so many. I found a pair that was covered in cum stains.

    I started sniffing it. God, it stunk so good. I could just imagine his wet uncut cock rubbing against it. I found the biggest cum stain I could find, and I started licking it. It tastes so good. I knew this was the closest I'd ever get to swallowing his cum. I hid the underwear and went back to dinner. I did my best to hide my erection.

    Later on that night, when he fell asleep, I went back to the bathroom. I started sniffing and licking every pair of underwear he had. I put one pair on so I could imagine how it would feel. I started quietly playing with myself. I just imagined how much I would give anything to have his cock in me. Nervous I'd get caught, I put everything back and headed back to the room.

    It was so hot in the room, and I couldn't sleep. I looked over at Fran, who was only wearing underwear to sleep. God he looked so hot, his legs wide open. He keep twisting and turning, at one point his blanket came off the bed. I whispered his name a few times, but not response. I got out of bed, and sat infront of his. I just wanted to look at him. As I got closer, I noticed he was hard. His dick was standing tall, with only the button on his boxers keeping it contained. Curious, I tapped his shoulder. Nothing. I did it a few more times. Nothing. He continued to snore.

    My heart was racing. I turned my eyes over to his crotch, and I could see his dick twitching with excitement. Carefully, I reached over and gently rubbed his head through his boxers. The fabric started to get wet from his precum. I licked my lips, and watched him from the corner of my eye. His snoring continued. I carefully undid the button on his boxers. His wet hard member snuck out. I took my finger and began to rub his exposed urethra. It was soaked. I licked the precum off my finger. It was so delicious. So this is what his juice tasted like.

    Very carefully, I did my best to expose his entire cock through his underwear opening. My heart felt like it was gonna pop out of my chest. I knew if he woke up I'd be fucked. He remained hard. Must've had some hot dream. I leaned my head in and went for it. I licked the tip of his fat wet cock. He tasted so good. Francisco, I want your juice.

    As I licked it some more, he became to react. He turned over. I took that as a sign and quietly went back to bed. I couldn't believe what happened. I tried to savor the taste of my precum on my tongue. I fell asleep gazing at him.

    The next morning was nothing out of the ordinary. We had breakfast, chatted, and went out. I don't think he ever knew what happened. I think about it all the time. It hurts. I wish I could tell my cousin how much I want to sexual with him. His body reacted to me so eagerly. It knows what it wants. I wouldn't mind being disowned if it meant I could service his cock and eat swallow his yummy sperm. What a delicacy.

  • Mother And Son, It's An Intense Sexual Connection Beyond Genetics

    My son Olly and I have been keeping each other satisfied these past few weeks.
    It's not easy for us, as we both have huge sexual appetites.
    My marriage to his dad failed, mainly because I just adore sex and big cocks. An affair too many, and a threesome where I didn't know he'd taken an earlier flight home.
    My son has inherited my genetic sexual makeup, in as much as he's such an energetic fantastic lover.
    It helps he's extremely well endowed and handsome to boot. Plus he doesn't have a hang up about inter family sex.
    He shouldn't, as I know he's been fucking his pretty cousin for the last two years.
    Olly basically asked me during a wine and movie evening together, if I missed the real thing, rather than one of my many dildos I'd been using during lockdown.
    I told him I was missing cock, and he obliged me by dropping his shorts.
    You shouldn't need a description of what we did over the next few hours together. What I will say, by the time we curled up together in my bed, I'd taken his cum in all my holes.
    When he woke me the following morning, it was with his tongue lapping at my clit. After he'd brought me to orgasm, he spooned me, entering my rear. Whispering in my ear "We should make this permanent".
    I knew what he meant. Not just for the isolation period.
    We've now had sex every day since, and I simply cannot get enough of my sons beautiful body, mind and cock.