Ah, the office is a playground for the wicked! Have you ever seized an opportunity to backstab a co-worker or even your boss while they were away? Do you engage in cut-throat office politics, always scheming to one-up your colleagues to advance your position? Are you secretly eyeing your boss’s job? Have you ever set up a fellow co-worker to take the fall for your mistakes or to secure a promotion? Have you claimed expertise in a subject you know nothing about just to impress your boss? Have you thrown a colleague under the bus to get ahead? Or maybe you’ve been the one thrown under the bus? And let’s not forget the juicy details of your office flings! Have you ever had a steamy affair with a co-worker behind your boss’s back? Did your workplace romps lead to a promotion or get you fired? Share all the sordid details and let the fun begin. Who cares about morals and ethics when you can climb the corporate ladder and satisfy your lustful desires? Your boss will never suspect a thing!

The Pass Around Gal

Not going into too much detail.

A young office girl (consenting but still young). Was hired while in Hs. Would do very little work but oddly never got reprimanded. Would hear rumors she was sleeping around the office (male and female). Thought it was all rumors till i went to a small little cookout with others. She was there but would disappear for 40 min at a time with different guys. Later would see a video from friend of her eating the HR rep out during that party while i could hear the voice of my cubical neighbor recording it.

She applied for maternity leave 3 days ago. Im appalled yet a little jealous. (Would like to reiterate, she is consenting and legal)

  • I am going to call this RICH SHAMING

    First, right out if the box, rich girls like to fuck. What we don't like is a filthy bathroom, greasy hair, dirty fingernails. Filthy stinky dick.

    Rich girls are very aware, sympathetic. We are not stupid. Being poor is no excuse for being a dick, for treating women like trash.

    Third, rich girls know you are not rich. Believe me, you don't need to tell me. Your language, table manners, attitude, and your inferiority complex give you away long before you confess you are poor.

    We fuck you because you're fun to fuck, we aren't going to marry you.

    I know a cop who works in a small college town with a major party school. As his side hustle, he works as a bouncer at the biggest club downtown. His favorite thing is when he gets to arrest freshman girls with fake id. Penalty ranges from a minimum of a bj to a full cavity search.

  • 26 and with the world out there to conquer I took a job in advertising at a midsize Manhattan firm. Yes, I was an intern, low pay, assigned to Miss know it all with all the connections, to watch and not comment, dress nice, you are purely window dressing right now. But I was in, I had the internship and I was in Manhattan.

    We went to see an established client, my boss made the presentation, I carried her bags and kept my mouth shut. At the end of the meeting the client asked me what my name was, school credentials, and he asked for my views and opinion. My boss said we had to leave, he said he wanted my opinion. Worst moment of my life. I tried to repeat what my boss had said, he said he wasn't impressed and he wanted me to give him the proposal. He dismissed my boss, and said he had a call and to come up to his office with him. Past secretaries, offices, into a corner suit, a reception room, into his office. Huge, living room, conference room, office all in one. He offered me the bathroom, in his office, shower and all.

    He took his call, talked in front of me, when he was done he took me to the massive windows and asked if I liked the view, his windows darkened in the sun so he didn't need window treatments, then his finger goes from my neck to my tail bone and he says I really looked pretty. We go to the living room section, I get the background of the paintings and sculptures and how about sitting beside him, just give him a kiss, what a nice derriere, we need to get to know each other. Hands, fingers, hugs and kisses on the cheeks, forehead until he lands kiss on my mouth, hands everywhere and then hands grabbing my boobs, by then I am on my back on the couch. Intercourse was uncomfortable, clothes in the way, but bottom line he gets what he wanted.

    I replacing my boss, he is sure she is owing to take it very hard. One day I was am going to be out, replaced. But how much money she has because she drives the account, a couple of million at least, not to mention the other accounts. Every one has their shot, now it's my turn.

    I work for Best Buy's Geek Squad servicing computer systems. It doesn't pay well and there's a constant feeling that each year will be our last. I would have quit a long time ago, but each day working on other peoples computers potentially adds to my early retirement plan.

    Since 2014, I've been collecting customers Bitcoin wallet information. So far, I have data for almost 200 Bitcoin wallets totaling just over 500 Bitcoins. As of today, Bitcoin is valued at over $11,000 USD per Bitcoin. When the time is right, I'll transfer and collect over $5,000,000 as my own. Untraceable retirement fund.

  • A little over a year ago I asked my boss if he had a thumb drive, he reached for one out of the drawer and gave it to me. I used it for my presentation and was going to return it when I got curious of a sub folder that looked like it was part of the thumb drive software. It had various excel files, a couple of word documents and some pictures. I looked at the pictures first, my coworker a girl from Puerto Rico, but younger like early twenties. A few were pictures of her topless or nude. The excel files were year by year registers of payments to her, several thousand dollars per year. The word documents were agreements, if she received the money she would accept that as fair support. The second document a formal agreement giving up parental rights to a child, a girl born to her and she gave the girl up for adoption to my boss and his wife.

    The child is now seven, my coworker works in government relations for the company, she is not married, the excel files detail payments up to four years ago. And the pictures a pure innocence, a girl very uncomfortable at being photographed like that. I deleted my files and returned the thumb drive to my boss, he said for me to keep it. I have the thumb drive, I still look at one photograph in particular. When I see her with him I imagine what she is feeling, he is very gentle with her in an intimate way. Does he love her? Does she love him? What about her daughter, does she know who her mother really is? How often does she see her daughter? Does he still support her?