Share your most humiliating and embarrassing moments with Public Humiliation. Whether it's a wardrobe malfunction, a cringe-worthy social faux pas, or an awkward sexual encounter, this category is all about embracing your vulnerability and laughing at your own misfortunes.

Next Level Humiliation

My best friend and I had a lot of sex without commitment. Since we were both 17 years old, we did it continuously. It got crazier and wilder.
But the wildest thing happened when we were 24 years old:

We were direct neighbors in a high-rise building with 12 floors. She always had the crazy idea to do it in the elevator while it was going up and down.
She had persuaded me but I put a condition namely that she is completely naked during this time.
She agreed and we went to the elevator. We drove up and down and I pushed her naked against the wall. I fucked her hard, no one caught us. Shortly before I came I sprayed my sperm in her face and put on her handcuffs. These I attached to a rod that was in the elevator.
She looked at me in shock and without saying anything I left her there.

  • The Plumbet

    I am sitting in our bedroom wearing a blond wig ive made up my face, i have a pink bra on with silicone breast matching panties a black garter belt and black stockings and my pink chastity cage. I am watching our plumber fuck my wife up the ass. When he is finished with her i will thank him for fucking my wife kneel in front of him and beg to clean his cock. After i clean his cock i lick all his cum out of my wifes ass and thank her for fucking a real man. Pretty much every tradesman in the area uses my wife. Thats what happens when you are a sissy husband.

    I Have A Tiny Micro Dick

    Hey I always wanted a hot female to sph me but mixed with public humiliation by printing off my pictures and putting my name and number on them and leaving them around your town or mail them to my family.

  • Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    Years ago I used to often go for a walk in a nearby park, taking paths not many other people took and exploring off paths as well.

    Back then I was not in the greatest place mentally, just out of a bad relationship and feeling a lot of guilt and shame about where my life was going. In the intimate side of my life, this manifested as me having loads of deprived, kinky and degrading sex with different men, but also doing humiliating and degrading things to myself while I masturbated, as if to punish myself.

    One day, off the path, I found a rock jutting out of the ground, kind of narrow and flat at the top. As I was walking, I was thinking about one depraved thing or another and by the time I saw the rock, I was already sufficiently wet. So I thought to myself, look how convenient this rock is, I bet it would be good for humping. I was in the middle of this secluded wooded area, nobody around, so I dropped my pants and underwear far enough so I could crouch above the rock and rub my clit against it until I came, ass out in the cold and everything. It took no time at all, the rock was cold and the way my clit rubbed against the edge of it felt just right. I was filled with adrenaline too, afraid somebody might hear me or see me. I think it was a minute, at most two of humping that rock before I orgasmed, quite hard. It felt so good physically, but emotionally I felt awful about it! I guess the action served the purpose of making me feel punished and humiliated. And I did this on multiple different walks after that first time, maybe five or six times in total.

    Crazy thing is, if I was out and about with my Master, and he ordered me to do it or something similar, I'd probably love every second of it, despite the humiliation.

    Since then I've stuck to humping objects at my home, when the mood strikes. My favourite is the dining table corner. And no more guilt!

    It's Was A Sure Thing I Thought..

    This weekend I meet a 22 year old woman off of tinder. Odd match I know but it was supposed to be just for sex. She was pretty good looking and definitely fuckable.

    I straight up told her I have nothing special in my pants, just average size equipment but it gets the job done well. She was okay with that. I'm 6 inches for the record.

    This was going to be my first time having sex in three years. Normally I had sex with women my age or a few years older then me.

    So I went to her place and we were making out. I stopped and bought some condoms on my way to her place. As we were making out she unbuttoned my jeans and reached inside. She stopped kissing and looked and said you wear tighty whities!? I honestly was shocked, I didn't know they were so unacceptable. I just told her they come off so who cares. I push them and my jeans off and she saw I had an all natural bush. She wasn't too fond of that. She was shaved herself.

    I told her I'm 41 what do you expect? I ended up getting dressed and leaving.

  • Caught In The Act: A Mother's Shocking Discovery

    Two days ago I saw my 11 year old son masturbating while laying on his bed. He was too engrossed in what he was doing to notice my presence, and I silently slipped away.

    I know this is something that all boys do sooner or later, but I didn't think they started that early. I was going to tell my husband, but I changed my mind. I doubt he would be as shocked as I was.