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Learning A New Language

My mind swirls with all of the things I could ask of my Lover. He’s been around enough that nothing surprises him or turns him off. But I am shy to ask for things because I feel like I don’t know the language.

How do I tell him that I want him to touch and rub my clit until I cum? That I want to cum with his mouth on me, hips bucking as I quiver in ecstasy? That I probably need something to loosen my brain up enough to completely let go?

How do I tell him that I want him to take me roughly? To make me fight for an even stronger orgasm that can be achieved in the struggle. That slapping and biting stir my blood more, and I love it when he leaves a mark.

That I’m curious about what could happen if he took one of my senses away. Would it be bliss or should I beware?

That I’ve always wondered what it would be like to touch and be touched by a woman. Is it softer, like I expect? What is it like to feel her nipples stiffen under my tongue? To hear her gasp and sigh and know that I’m the reason she’s getting all wet between the legs.

And what would it be like if I was the one with the cock?

Darling, if you ever read this, my safe word is: Pineapple

  • She Wasn't Expecting Me Home

    This happened many years ago when my wife and I were in our early thirties. I work at a college where I design sets and lights for plays. Normally, when we were in the week leading up to opening, I was at work from the morning until late at night. On the production at the time, I had finished everything I needed to do earlier in the week. Around lunchtime one day I decided to surprise my wife by going home and taking her out to lunch. I heard something as soon as I walked into the door. I knew very well the sounds my wife made when having sex. She was louder than normal. We usually had to be quieter because our two boys were usually home. Since they were at school at the time, she could be as loud as she wanted. Still, i had never heard her be that vocal when she used her vibrator.

    I walked down the hallway toward the bedroom and rounded the corner through the open door. My wife was on her back on the bed with her head toward me at the end of the bed. The loud expletive came from the mouth of the black man I didn't know who was on top of her with his cock inside her. My wife twisted her head and looked back at me. Both of them scrambled as they separated in a flash. The guy reached back and pulled my pillow to cover his cock. My wife sat on her knees stammering for some way to explain her actions. I stepped toward the guy, stuck out my hand and introduced myself to him. He was slow to take my hand and tell me his name was Thomas. My action had silenced the excuses from my wife.

    I looked at her and explained that I had come home early to surprise her with a lunch date. I told her I didn't know I was going to get a show during lunch. She said she was sorry. I told her not to be. I said i had been having fantasy about her having sex with other men for years. I leaned over and gave her a kiss. Then i told her to please continue. I walked across the room and took my pants off before sitting in a chair facing the bed. She just looked at me for several seconds. Then she had Thomas lay down where she had been. She mounted him, and went at it while I stroked myself.

    i can't tell you how many times this happened over the years till right now. She took video of a lot of the ones I wasn't there for.

    They Had No Idea

    So I’m part of a group of women poets in a small town. We meet weekly to share our stuff, write and choose prompt, then write something new (based on the prompts) in 12 min. I’m not sure how I got roped into it, but it might be because the creator of the group is obscenely beautiful. Like the kind of beautiful where it’s hard to focus on the conversation. I’ll call her Natasha. Also included are her best friend Layla, a lithe yoga instructor; Megan, a bubbly, dark-curly-haired college student; Lilly, a sweet pink-haired arteest, and Clara, a willowy introvert. All of them are artists, poets, singers… and I want to fuck them all. They all have tremendous racks and it’s hard not to look. I want to see yoga teacher all sweaty and gasping, I want to bend pink hair over a table and take her from behind, I want to see curly girly’s tits bouncing up and down above me, I want to watch the willow sway with each thrust, and oh God to I wanna see Natasha loose her mind when she cums. But I smile and participate as I should.

    Tonight I kept wondering what they would think of me if they found out how wonderfully I’d been fucked last night. My fella and I christened his new apt with one helluva fuck. We’d been out and about and I’m pretty sure he knew I wasn’t wearing underwear and the bra I had on was very sheer and it was cold out sooo… my nipples were good and hard. Once we settled in, he spent some nice time tending to the girls - touching, kissing, sucking - and he knows it goes right down to my clit. Then he’s grabbing just the right spots on my ass to fan the flames. He let me suck him for just a little bit, then he wanted me to ride him. Gladly, I do and I cum over and over again in waves. He knows just how to position me and where to thrust so I cum hard, repeatedly. He brought me back down to him and I got up the courage to tell him, “Leave me a mark.” He obliged, then we switched things up and he took me from behind. I love doggie-style for several reasons - it feels amazing, I love being able to scream into a pillow (I can be loud), it gives him the power to control the pace and the rest of me. And it’s also super easy to reach down and touch myself for the bonus orgasm. Then he asked me to let him watch me astride him again, which I did, then he finally let me suck his cock to the point of explosion. (My speciality.)

    So as I sat with my poetry girls, I played with my necklace and tried not to think naughty things about them, all the while knowing I had a mark on me that I had requested.

  • I Am So Lucky

    I am 68 and my girlfriend just turned 50, and we have discovered together that she has been waiting for something sexual to happen and I happen to be it. She has been waiting to let loose this sexual creature inside of her and I get to be a witness to it every time it happens.

    She has lovely breasts that love my attention that when she gets really hot she likes me to bite her nipples.

    I wish you could see her face when she lowers herself onto my cock and starts to ride it.

    I have not even started to talk about how well she sucks my cock. She takes a deep down her throat and I can tell she loves doing it. She drives me wild and swallows every drop that comes out of me.

    When she is riding me I make her say, “I love to fuck.” And it is nothing but the truth. That is why I am so lucky.

    I Need A Spanking

    I'm very naughty. I need to be pulled over someone's lap and spanked. Panties down bare bottom on display, one thigh on each side of one of his legs type of spanked. I need my naughty Clitty rubbing against his thigh each time he spanks me

  • I Became A Closet Exhibitionist

    I’ve always felt I am reasonably attractive. I’m fairly tall at 5’9” and, at 35 I still feel that I can turn heads. My weight fluctuates a bit between 135 lbs and 150 lbs, but even at 150 I’m not considered fat. I developed early, my boobs were a C cup in 8th or 9th grade, and I have a nice, firm bubble butt. I don’t dress sexy but I have always been confident in my appearance.

    I got married to a good man after college and, rather than spend money on a huge wedding, we eloped and used the money for a down payment on a house. We live in a nice neighborhood with large lots and almost every house has a pool in the back yard…except ours. Our neighbor however had a large pool with a large pool deck. In the summer, he regularly has pool parties for his teenage sons and their friends and regularly invited neighbors over. His wife had left him 2 years earlier for another man.

    I was walking our dog one morning and he stopped me asking if we had plans for Saturday. I couldn’t think of anything so I told him no. He said “Good! I’d like you and Eric to come over to the pool to hang out.” He said it would just be him, his sons, us and a couple of their friends…no more than 8 or 10 people and insisted we join them. He even said he’d have plenty of margaritas, my favorite adult beverage, so I eagerly accepted.

    That Saturday we walked next door around 1:00. I had tried to find an appropriate suit, but none of them seemed right for a family gathering. I ended up settling for a small bikini that barely covered my nipples and was cut high on my hips exposing a lot of ass, at least it wasn’t one of my g-strings. Jim was outside talking to his sons when we joined them.

    His sons, Michael and Dave,13 and 15, are cute boys and greeted us warmly. They had barely finished their burger with 3 of their friends arrived, Doug, Isaac and Greg. Doug and Isaac are Dave’s age, 15, and Greg is 13 like Michael. Greg is black and Isaac is Hispanic and all 3 were polite and friendly. After eating, Dave set up a volley ball net across the pool and the 5 boys jumped in the water. The area where the net was set up is about 3 feet deep on one side and maybe 4 - 5 feet deep on the other. The tallest of the boys is about 5’10”, that would be Dave and Greg. The others are a few inches shorter so Greg and Dave were on the deep side and the other 3 were on the shallow side.

    It was getting warm out so I dove in the deep end of the pool to cool off. Eric and Jim were sitting under an umbrella at a table talking, and the boys were arguing over their game. Greg was saying it’s not fair that they had 3 players when there were only 2 of them so Dave asked me to play on their side. I’d had 4 margaritas by now and figured what the hell and joined them. Since I was taller than the other kids it was only fair that I was in the deeper end. The water came to just below the bottom of my boobs.

    We started playing and I was quickly diving for the ball, jumping to spike it, or tossing it to serve. I tried to tell them I needed to rest, but the pressured me to continue. We played for over an hour, 4 or 5 games I guess, before we decided to rest. I got out and poured me another drink and sat down with Jim and Eric. We talked for a bit and Jim got up to make more margaritas. When he did, Eric asked me “So, are you having fun?” I said yes then he asked “Have you looked at your suit lately?” I looked down and one whole breast was uncovered and half the nipple on the other as well!

    I looked at him and asked how long it had been like that, he said about an hour. It hit me that the boys had been looking at my tits the whole time! I got a slight tingle at the thought of it! I casually covered my tits, leaving the suit dangerously close to my nipples, then moved over to a lounge chair to lay down. I watched the boys play and noticed them staring my direction. When Eric went inside to help Jim, I discreetly moved my bottoms to the side so my lady parts were partially exposed. I realized I was getting excited knowing they could see me! I had sun glasses on so they couldn’t see me watching them while pretending to sleep. When we finally left, I stripped naked as soon as we entered the house and fucked Eric on the sofa. I can’t remember being that turned on before.

    Since that day, I find myself looking for ways to “accidentally” expose myself to men. I’ve done it at stores, the park, restaurants, and the beach. I love the excited expressions on their face when they think I’m not aware that I’m exposed. It’s like they get a peek at something forbidden! I haven’t told Eric about it, but I think he’s figuring it out. I don’ t think he minds at all!! Somehow, there’s something about knowing men are trying to sneak peeks at me, though they don’t need to sneak, that really gets me excited. I will say that I seem to have become very popular with the Jim, Dave and Michael!