Whether you were the one who cheated or the one who was cheated on, this is the place to spill the beans and let your lustful desires run wild. Was it a one-time fling or an ongoing affair? Did you cheat with a neighbor, coworker, or someone you met online? Maybe you even have multiple partners.

Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know! Don't hold back, this is the place to share your scandalous tales without judgment. So, what are you waiting for? Let it all out and unburden your cheating heart.

They Don't Know I Caught Them

I work at a sports physiotherapy clinic. Something happened a few weeks ago I can't get out of my head. It was a Sunday and I stopped by work at 8 am to pick something up. Nobody was supposed to be there. The door was locked, but the lights were on. The clinic is a very large loft space, and when I entered, I knew what I was hearing right away - sexual moans.

Part of me told myself to get the hell out of there, but I couldn't kill the curiosity. I crept towards where the noise was coming from - one of the physio rooms. These are individual rooms with glass walls and venetian blinds, but the walls only go up about 10 feet of the 20-foot height of the loft. This means you can hear anything. I soon saw everything too, when I peered through one of the slits in the blinds.

It was one of our phsyiotherapists, Naomi, getting her brains fucked out by one of her clients. She's sneaky-hot with a pert athletic body. I never had spent a lot of time thinking about her, but this was a scene I never expected. She's married, in her mid-to-late 30s with a kid, and the guy fucking her is a 20-something amateur triathlete. He had her on the physio table with her legs back behind her ears, standing over her and thrusting his big uncircumcised cock in and out of her like a jackhammer.

My knees got so weak I almost collapsed. Part of me thought about pulling out my phone to record it, but I was almost frozen in shock. But when her legs started shaking violently and her moans got even louder, I knew she was coming. I swiftly turned around and moved towards the door to leave. Opening it as quietly as possible, I heard him groan out loud. I pulled it shut and got out of the building.

I went to a nearby coffee shop to gather my thoughts. The problem was, I still needed to go back to the office to get what I came for. After about 30 minutes I decided I'd just go back and hope they were done, and just play dumb.

When I got there, the guy was on a spinning bike and Naomi was working at a standing desk.

"Oh I didn't think anyone would be here," I feigned.

"That's ok, Juan just had an early appointment," Naomi replied.

She looked incredible, wearing a tight cargo playsuit. Her entire body was a shade of pink that should have given away that she had just been fucked.

I went home and masturbated immediately. I haven't been able to get her out of my head since.

  • Cheating Wife

    I know my wife has been cheating on me for several months now. She thinks she's sneaky and that I don't know. I own a gym and spend at least 12 hours a day there working and training members. It's hard to find people to work these days, so the gym takes up a lot of my time. I thought about hiring someone to get me pictures and details of her affair for a divorce lawyer. She meets her lover twice a week when she is supposed to be going to night school. She's been cold toward me lately and we haven't been having sex. I have found a way to give her yeast infections and urinary tract infections while she's asleep, and I'm sure she thinks she's getting them from her lover. She has been to her doctor several times and prescribed meds, but the infections just won't go away. When she stops seeing him, I'll stop the infections.
    Then the separation papers will be served.

    Caught Them In The Act

    I play on a co-ed rec league beach volleyball team. I’m not bad, but the reason we’re good is mostly because of this guy Julian who used to play pro overseas. He’s basically a typical “playa”, rich, with a fit 6-foot-5 body.

    Going back a year, I had suspected something was going on between him and Naomi, one of the women on our team. It wouldn’t be noteworthy if she wasn’t married with a kid, but I had no proof anyways.

    Until last weekend, that is, when we went up north to cottage country to play in a tournament. All five of us stayed at Julian’s summer place, and after our Saturday round of games we headed back there. Two of my teammates decided to take a nap before drinks and a late dinner, and I just chilled out by the dock.

    Julian and Naomi disappeared, which I thought little about until I grabbed a beer and decided to take a walk on the wooded trail nearby.

    As I walked I realized I was hearing moaning. Without even thinking I knew what was going on. I ducked down and started to move closer to the sounds. Sure enough, about 30 yards away I saw them going at it.

    Julian had Naomi pinned against a tree with his bare ass thrusting. Her shorts were tangled around one leg, which was wrapped around his back.

    I was scared shitless they’d see me and thought about scurrying away, but I also couldn’t not look. I tried to camouflage myself in the bushes and could feel mosquitos biting me, but I had to watch.

    He started fucking her harder and harder with each stroke, which led her moans to get louder. Then he engaged her in a deep kiss - I assume to muffle the moans.

    Her body started shaking and he let out a groan and I knew he was coming inside her. I knew then I had to get out of there so I made my move.

    It was hard keeping a straight face at dinner, but I managed. Naomi’s face and neck were flushed pink the whole time.

    I was concurrently turned on and disgusted by the whole thing, but I’ve been masturbating all week with nobody to tell.

  • Can't Stop Cheating On My Boyfriend

    I've been with my boyfriend for two years, but I can't seem to stop cheating on him. It's not that I don't love him, but I have a compulsive need for attention and validation. Ive slept with multiple guys behind his back and feel guilty and ashamed, but I can't seem to stop.

    I'm afraid of losing him if I tell him the truth, but I know I need to come clean..

    What I am doing is helping the NHS and those my husband, who is a male nurse, looks after on his shifts.
    Because he's very busy with extra shifts, he's obviously unable to do his married role in keeping me sexually happy.

    So one of neighbours, Andy who's forty three, has very kindly visited me with his gorgeous huge cock, every time my husband has been on shift.
    And unlike my husband who won't fuck my arsehole, because he says it's not clinically safe in terms of bacteria, Andy fucks my arsehole as much as I want.

    Andy's penis really is enormous compared to my husbands, so every day for the last two months I've taken full advantage of Andy and his beautiful cock.

    It makes me extremely happy having the kind of rough sex Andy gives me. And I now crave his wonderful size deep inside my mouth, my vagina and my arsehole.

    All this has kept me buzzing with sexual excitement and makes me a happy girl. Which in turn, when my husband occasionally has his day off, I make sure he's looked after and extremely happy too.

  • The older lady is really a bitch. She isn't neighborly at all. Across the street is a young couple with a couple of kids, the wife is from Mexico and she is quite attractive. I tried to make friends but she is shy or something like that. I am lonely, I don't want to work but maybe that is what I need to do to get out. My husband's assignment is for one year and it isn't worth getting a job.

    The woman across the street is named Monica, she is probably thirty or close to it. She is the right height, and she has large hips and big boobs. I see her when she is out with flower beds, wears shorts and tshirt type tops. That morning while she was out working on her flower beds I went over to talk to her and her nipples were hard against her shirt, she caught me looking and pulled her shirt out. I smiled and told her I was sorry, it is just that nice tits and nipples always get your attention. I invited myself in and she offered me a glass of lemonade. Her shorts were a bit tight around the legs, I stared at her, it had been a long time since a woman in tight shorts and big tits got me going.

    If she was uncomfortable she didn't say anything, she stopped trying to get her top to cooperate, her nipples got harder in the air conditioning and poked out against the fabric. I went over and sat beside her and asked if I could touch. Her nipples were really hard between my fingers, as I played with her nipples she kept looking into my eyes so I kissed her. She didn't refuse the kiss and I got my hand completely around her tit, and then when I laid her back onto the couch I got my hand up high in her crotch.

    I kissed and kissed and kissed her, I kissed her hard nipples under her shirt. Getting her shorts loose and pulling them down was hard, her thighs are a bit thick, she helped and I got them off and then her pink panties which were wet, she laid back against the cushion on the couch and I ate her. She was so wet, my tongue slipped in and out of her vagina, and when I got my teeth on her clit she screamed out in Spanish. With my mouth on her clit I fingered her and finger fucked her until she went into a rush of an orgasm.

    Then I kissed her on the mouth again, grabbed her tits, worked my pants off and leaned into her face and she ate into me. It was hard getting dressed again, she was shy and didn't want to look into my eyes, my kisses on her face seemed to make her shier, but she let me kiss her lips, and grab her tits. Saying goodbye to walk back across the street left me wanting more. My last time was way back before I got married, and she wasn't anywhere near as pretty as Monica, or hot either. It must be her Mexican blood.

    Monica is one of those girls who denies how attractive she is, she knows I think she is a goddess, but she is always trying to cover up. I have to take her hands away, and force her to let me see her tits. The minute I straighten up her hands are covering her tits again. But she doesn't stop me from taking all her clothes off, or kissing her or going down on her. She smells fresh, I don't know what soap she uses, but she is always fresh mid morning when we get together. We have moved out of the living room back into her bedroom, the bed is much better to get on her, or to sit on her. Her hips can carry me and I putting the pillow under her head so she has to look straight into my pussy. It is easier too when I grab her head and lean over her and have her eat me.

    I'm still bored, Monica is an hour or two during the day, it is just that there isn't anything to do in this town. I want my husband's assignment to end, but I also don't want it to end. I think Monica has developed strong feelings, and truthfully so have I. We talk about kids a lot, these towns make you want to have kids, that's what all the women do, except those of us who are here on assignment.