Are there things you've done or kept from your spouse that you just can't keep to yourself any longer? Confession is good for the soul, and this is the space to share your spousal secrets.

Whether it's a past mistake, a current secret, or something you've discovered about your spouse, it's time to let it out. Maybe you found out they have a secret addiction, or they've been keeping a hidden past from you. Perhaps you've done something you regret and need to come clean about it. Whatever it is, we're here to listen.

So, take a deep breath and tell us your stories of love, betrayal, heartbreak, and everything in between. It's time to unveil those spousal secrets and find a path towards healing and resolution. This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Dummy Wife

I must admit that my sex life is very boring now. I've been married over 35 years. It was good first, then kids came along, then a little bit more hanky panky.....

Now it's all gone to the dogs, all because she spends all her time gossiping on the phone. She hasn't got time or interest anymore. It always full of complaints about domestic issues, relatives. Even in the middle of the night she'll wake up and go on her phone. What the fuck !! It's so annoying!

In bed she is sleeping right on the edge far away from me as possible. I've had enough. My wife doesn't even try to be near me.

Once I did manage to a night of sex, and while I trying to fuck her, she started talking about some problems of other people! Do I really care, I just wanna have a good fuck. But no she's just there like dummy emotionless. I've decided to fuck someone else now.

  • DP Wife

    My wife and I had a fb that we had a few threesomes with and she fucked him a few times without me, I was good with it and enjoyed her telling me about it afterwards. One night he was over helping me with a project, we finished and all had some drinks together. We were a little buzzed and the sex talk started which led to us making out together on the couch. Soon she had his dick in her mouth and I said she should suck us both together. We stood in front of her as she took one at a time and worked into taking both of our cocks in her mouth at once. It sounds wierd but feeling our cocks together was great but she wanted to fuck, I said she got us both in her mouth how bout both inside her. She said I don't know but the alchol convincex her to try it. I got my ass on the end of the couch, she climbed on and our fb got behind her. We fumbled around a little when I felt his hand around my cock and his holding them together and managed to slide both in. I couldn't move much but his movement sliding in and out felt good, she was getting into it and had her first orgasm. About the time I felt her cumming again he was moving faster tensing up and I felt his cum filling her pussy and oozing around me. It felt awesome and I exploded also. We held still and as our dicks were starting to go limp he slipped out oozing cum all over me. We cleaned up, went to the bar naked for one more and he headed home. We went to bed and had sex again, she admitted it was fun but once was enough. We got together again but one cock at a time

    Wife With Stripper

    My wife and I frequented a bar restaurant and became friends with the bartender. He was a good looking guy a few years younger than us and one night he told us he had been a male stripper and had a blast. After we left we talked about him and were surprised but not surprised. It came up while we were in bed so I asked if she wished she could see his show, she said sure. The next weekend we invited him over for drinks after his shift and on the way home she asked if I thought we could get him to perform. We have had some threesomes and open sex experiences so I guess comfortable with the thought. He arrived, we headed for our bar and after a couple drinks she asked him what was fun about stripping. He smiled, said he loved to dance and showing off for an audience was fun. She said how about showing me, he laughed and looked at me so I said go ahead if she wants. We had music on, he started dancing and seemed like he was in his own world.

    Clothes started coming off and soon he was down to his bikini briefs revealing a large package. He motioned for her to get up, he said I'll teach you. She did, they were dancing and she got down to her bra and panties. They started dancing and grinding a little and he unhooked her bra, as it dropped she said your turn. He slowly wiggled his briefs down and we could see why he stripped. They kept dancing and she aske if she could touch his cock. He looked at me, I said go for it so she started touching, rubbing and soon was on her knees. She took him in her mouth and as he got hard she went to work. I was hard by then but enjoying the show. He was getting into it pretty good when she looked up and said she wanted him inside her. He looked at me again, I said go for it. He hoisted her on a bar stool, slid her panties off and moved in while she guided him in her pussy. She gasped at his size which had to be 8 or 9 inches and thick. He fucked her easy for quite a while eventually sinking all in. She came at least three times when he started moaning and unloaded inside her. As he pulled out cum was oozing out, he said wow, best stripping gig I ever had. We had another drink, he got dressed and left and I got my turn in a soaked, stretched out pussy. What a night, he only bartended a few more weeks and moved away for a different job so no repeat performance.