Streaking At Night In My Elementary

So, when I was a kid, like 7-11, I used to love going outside and just get naked in hidden areas by myself when I started getting those curious horny urges. Yeah I was very perverted at a really young age. Lived in an apartment complex with some friends and family so had plenty excuses to go outside. Didn’t know how to masturbate and I might’ve not been able to cum yet anyways though so I would just strip and walk around a little, swinging my hips and little dick around.

When I started to learn how to masturbate at around 11-13 I decided it might be fun and hot to go streak naked at my elementary school at night at the playground. Figured it would be safe enough to do and not get caught since the school was fenced off with no cameras.

Ended up telling my mom I was gonna hang with a friend for a bit but in truth was going off to do some streaking. The school was really close thankfully just a few blocks away. Walking over there it was pretty dark and spooky on and I was nervous but really excited too. Thankfully no one saw me. Got to the fence in the front and hopped over it easy enough it was just a typical wire fence nothing on the top.

When inside I made my way to the playground which was only a few feet away. It was dark but moonlight and neighborhood houses kept the area lit up enough. Went to the center of it, stripped, and did my usual walk and hip dick sways around it. I ended up getting really hard but not masturbating to not leave behind, well a suspicious little mess. I felt really perverted and hot with my small slim body exposed completely including my little hard cock. Started to even fantasize on if an older guy or guys found me I’d happily experiment with them. Suck on their cocks, take them in my ass like I’d seen in porn I’d occasionally indulge when using the internet. Same goes for women I would’ve happily been a sex doll for either one, the age didn’t matter to me either. Older or around same age as me.

After some nice streaking and fantasizing decided it was time to go home before it got later. Got dressed, hopped the dance again, arrived home like nothing happened. Haven’t done anything that extreme and perverted since. Looking back still to this day I would’ve loved being found and used up as a bottom boy or try domming even if I was a kid.


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