Sex With My Best Friend

When I was 7 years old me and my best Frend (also male) found a porno vhs in my dad’s cabinet we was curious and took it to my bedroom and watched it he used to sleep over every weekend we started taking that vhs every time he slept over eventually we started to copy what we saw we started to kiss then take each other’s clothes off an till we were both completely naked then we would go in to the 69 position and suck each other’s dick then he would then fuck my ass I tried to fuck his ass but I could never get my dick in I thought it was just because my dick was fat and his was skinny we were both young so didn’t know back then that your ass could stretch this went on an till we were 13years old when he moved away we never saw each other after that I’m straight but I still wonder if he still thinks about it and if he enjoyed it like I did and if he has thoughts like me of doing it again now we are adults


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