My Son

I'm a 38-year-old single mom and I have a 14-year-old son, we live together in a small apartment with 1 bedroom. We were used to sleep together since he was small and up to now, we're still doing so. It all started last year when we were sleeping... It was in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up and felt something hard was rubbing against my butt. I pretended I was asleep and wait for his next move. It went on for about 15 to 20 minutes getting faster and faster until I heard a soft moan behind me. Then I felt something hot wetting my panties from behind. That's the time the rubbing stopped. I didn't bother to get up for I was so sleepy. The next day, I didn't talk about it and just acted normal like any other day. When he left for school, I began to think about it. I didn't see it but I imagined it was big and a little thick for his age. My hand went inside my panties and to my surprise, I was wet. I stopped thinking about it knowing it will just happen once, but it did not. It happened several times, and in some few times he would slide it between my thighs rubbing against my pussy while he slips his hand under my nightie to feel my breast and play with my nipples while humping until he finished. Sometimes I wear thongs and some nights I don't wear undies so his hands were free to touch and rub me. I know he can feel my wet pussy during those times.
It wasn't right but the sensation I felt was so good that I almost guided him inside me.
The last time that happened was a few weeks ago, I wasn't wearing any undies, I got so wet and while he was humping, he almost got inside...good thing I moved a little and he missed my hole while he was cumming all over my pussy.
We haven't talked about it up to now. I'm waiting for what's about to happen next.


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