I'm weakened by him constantly
I'm not my self when I'm with him.
I crave him non_ stop,
When I'm working here's what I think about when I'm dreaming he's what I dream about
I only sleep and I'm with him,
I can't stand to be away from him and when I am my soul screams for him.
I would do anything to satisfy that man I love the way he touches me I love the way he looks at me I love the way he smells.
I like that he's my manager,like proving my self to him.
I know we come from similar backgrounds,
I'm just use to one side of that back ground
While he's training me to the other.
He is my darkest fantasy, I could never be with snoy man,he's ruined me for other men.
I'm definitely used to a rougher terrain,
He just goes about it in a different way and I can't get enough of him no matter what I'm anxious to find out what he has in mind I just wish I could have found him sooner he is my strength he is my weakness he's the one that feeds me and he is the one that quenches my thirst.,.,.


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