I Sent My Mom A Dick Pic

Since I was an early teen I was pretty into the mom and son kink, and I'd watch porn and read stories depicting this taboo. I was into it as a fantasy but had no attraction to my actual mother. But over the years, the thirst and curiosity grew, as it does. Finally the temptation took hold of me and I made a bold move.

I downloaded a texting app and got a fake number. I shaved my junk smooth, got as big and hard as I possibly could, then snapped the most flattering pic I could. I was careful to make sure my face or any distinguishing features were excluded. Then, from my fake number, I sent my mom the picture.

There was no response, but she did open it. This just led me to more questions. Might she have any idea it was me? And did it turn her on at all? I know it's fucked up but I really hope so.

Our interactions since then haven't really been any different or awkward so I'm guessing she doesn't suspect anything. There's no way I could ask or follow up without incriminating myself, so I guess I'm left to wonder.

Also I should probably quit porn since it's apparently making me do fucked up things lol


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