Experimenting With Another Boy

Growing up I was an odd boy. Not as masculine as normal boys both in looks and personality, I was sometimes pretty feminine. Either way I was a cute little boy with a tight ass and cute little dick. I knew for sure I liked girls and wanted to be manly. When I was around 7, I started to get curious about sex. Saw glimpses of it in movies and video games which made my little cock hard but not too much because I didn’t know why it would do that.

One day, a local boy (who was 7 or 9 at the time I forget, and my friend) invited me to his home when alone and showed me porn videos in his room that he shares with his older sister. This was the first time I saw hardcore porn. I remember one of an Asian woman getting fucked by a fuck machine and squirting. My friend said it made him hard and I noticed I was hard too. We both ended up dropping our pants, our tiny little boy cocks exposed, watching more until he said something like maybe we can do those things too.

We then went into the closet and took off all our clothes. Our little kid bodies exposed with our tiny etect dicks out. We didn’t know what to do he just lifted me up in a carry fuck position, but he didn’t penetrate my little asshole, just kind of bounced me up and down while his tiny hard cock kept hitting my ass. But his older sister then came home so we both quickly changed and acted like nothing happened.

I ended up sleeping over either the same day or soon after that incident when we had the place to ourselves because his family were in different places. Taking a vacation or with lovers who knows. Anyways, that night we ended up getting naked again and just touching each other. This time our cocks were limp. We didn’t care we just kept rolling around sort of wrestling and cuddling.

The following morning however, when we awoke cuddling each other naked, he made a suggestion I was very curious on.

He told me to try sucking his dick.

I actually didn’t mind trying it so, he stood up, and I got on my knees in front of him and put my hands on his thighs, his limp 7 or 9 year old penis hanging limp from his crotch. First I licked his little balls, they were really soft. Then I just put his whole tiny penis head and shaft into my 7 year old mouth. It was very squishy and I actually tasted a tiny bit of piss that he was leaking out. He said it felt good but I ended up stopping because I got bored of it cause I just held it in place with my mouth. He then said we could try kissing but I was unsure about that.

We ended up going into that carry fuck position he tried before with the same result. But this time I leaned into his head with my head for a kiss, but not just a normal kiss, one with tongue. He ended up not liking that and put me down. We never tried anything again after that.

From that I knew that I wasn’t gay and neither was he I don’t think we were just kids being curious. But, sometimes I think about it. That if I had actual penetrative sex and proper oral with cum involved, inside and on us and in our mouths, could I have become gay or a twink, bi etc. Because for a bit after that I fantasized on handling older guys’ cocks as a little boy. Swallowing loads from bigger dicks, getting fucked in my little pink asshole. Maybe I would’ve loved getting gabanged. I even tried fucking my asshole with my toothbrush which felt pretty good as I stroked my cock sometimes when I learned to properly masturbate.

As I got older though and more masculine, that mindset faded and I am now just a straight adult male who is only attracted to women. And I don’t regret it it was a fun experience. I’ve tried thinking if I could be with a man now and no I wouldn’t like it. Although, femboys, and trans girls who still have their cock, that look like very much like girls are still attractive to me idm sleeping with them but not date seriously.

Though I do sometimes fantasize that it would’ve been hot af had me and my childhood friend managed to get hard when I slept over, sucked on each other’s little kid cocks until we came in our mouths and pounded our tight assholes to fill each other up good. If you’re reading this and masturbating. Know that if you ever met us little boys back then we probably would’ve let you join us. Either gender nor age (as long as not too too old and wrinkly or saggy) wouldn’t have mattered. What would you have done to and with us ;) ?


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