I Fucked My Brother, Twice.

I am ashamed of something that I did twice. I had sex with my brother. It was a moment of weakness the first time. He was trying to put his dick inside of me for nights, he would pull down my shorts and try to fuck me. The virgin idiot didn't know there was a whole prep for that. And truthfully, I wanted to have sex too but definitely not with my brother. However, when one night, my lusts came over me and he was still attempting to put his dick inside, I held his wrist and he tried to yank by surprise but I instead pushed my ass up and we prepped before he fucked me.

It was an okay fuck. We didn't really come together and he didn't even come inside but it was alight. My bussy was a bit sore afterwards but it was less painful than me just inserting anything into my ass without prep. I definitely learned I liked getting my ass licked.

On the second night however, I was the one who initiated it and told him I wanted to do sixty-nine and we did. It wasn't great though, but the sex the second time was much easier than the first. This time, I tired out because my bussy was sore from his rigorous energy and I tried to let him cum inside of me but really, it was too much.

After that, i asked him if we were bad people for doing this and he answered I don't know. We made a promise then to never repeat what we did and it was the last of our sexual exploration. To this day, I regret and still feel horrible of what I did, May God forgive me


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