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I am not gay but I love getting butt fucked prostrait orgasims are awsom I do have a wife she loves to watch me get fucked sometimes she wants me to fuck her at the same time I get fucked I really cum so very hard I am not into gay love only fucking each other I like only very fem. Men to fuck a man and feel him have a orgasim is a awesome feeling my wife asked me to give him a blow job. I am not in to that however I did to make her happy and yes he came in my mouth he wanted to fuck my wife and me to fuck him at the same time. Ok I did I must say it was awesome I am 50 wife 45 Tom 32 we get together every Friday night watch porn and fuck we are all school teachers



by Anonymous

I know how you feel about anal sex. I let my cousin fuck me when we were10 years old. I asked him to do it and he was more than happy to help me out. He fucked me a lot and the first time he ever came was in my ass. I let quite a few boys fuck me back then. All thru my school years. In high school I did it for the first time with two friends at the same time. It was after school, and we went to this spot we knew in the woods. It was very private and, we all knew what we went there for. We were all naked in no time and after sucking on each other I was on my hands and knees sucking one of them while the other was behind me fucking my asshole.
Wow! it was great. Both of them were really working me over. Two hard dicks going in and out of me at the same time. I was anxious for them to cum. I soon found out how exciting it could be to have one dick cum in your mouth and the other one cum in my ass. We all liked it too much to stop and they took me again. I took two loads in the mouth and up my ass. It happened very often after that first time, and still today if I get the opportunity, I enjoy letting a very select man fuck my ass. I know one married guy that is younger than me and he is hung very well. He is Hispanic, very muscular and a very thick 9" huge balls and he shoots huge thick loads. Always pounds me hard and fucks me deep. He will cum twice every time he fucks me. He talks very dirty to me and loves to fuck me in front of a mirror.
For months he has been telling me he has an older friend that has a huge dick, and he wants him to fuck me. I thought he was just kidding but last Friday I found out different. I went with him tohis older friend`s house and the two of them had their way with me for hours. And, yes his older friend was hung very well. Very thick uncut 10" They r**ed my ass for hours filled me full hot thick cum at both ends and left me tied to the bed face down with cum running out of my asshole until the had a couple of beers then returned to fuck me some more. We are going to try and doit once a month, and I hope it works out because it is great.

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