Come Out To Sister

So since I was 13 I started my long journey of being curious about wearing girls clothes and tbh I liked it

I used to sneak into my parents room and start dressing in my mom's clothes like everything from panties, bras, lingerie to blouses and skirts also would try to use makeup and all

when I was 16 my mom passed away and well my dad kept her clothes and didn't want to give them away so I kept wearing them whenever he's not at home and eventually I discovered sissy and femboy porn and got into it all and enjoyed it and enjoyed being a bottom to the point where I was 17 and had my first dick and anal sex and I loved it and loved the idea of being submissive and bent over for a man or a woman and let them control and fuck me and since that I've been into all that

So I have a step sister and she's older than me and since she was young she'd travel to many countries and essentially decided to stay abroad and come every couple of years for a quick visit

so lately my dad passed away and since I'm alone at home I started to get in touch with my girl side more and buy clothes and panties and dresses and bras and basically became a sissy femboy

she couldn't come and visit lately because of her work but she calls me all the time but lately I've been thinking of coming out to her and letting her know everything because I feel that she'd accept me but at the same time scared of her reaction even though I never saw anything to say she's homophobic but I just don't know how will she'd react


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