Our Welcoming Neighbors

Me and my BF (29) were moving into a new apartment on a country sided town a couple of months ago. Quite lovely place, with a nice garden attached to another house, so we kinda shared the garden lot.

We met our new neighbors pretty much right away when we moved into our new home. Sabrina and Tom, both in their 50's and a real pleasure to be around with. Probably haven't seen another couple that happy being married ever.
It was super enjoyable being around them as well, they were very open minded and told us about how they loved sharing sexual experiences with their friends.

Even we shared some of our secrets, but we both were holding back on what our desires were.
That evening my BF and i talked alot about our sex life and how it's been a bit stale and that we both need some more spice in our sexlife. We're both bisexual or at least interested at that time, so it was more about finding the right partners.

We both visited Sabrina and Tom a lot, they were super welcoming and fun to be around and we didn't know any other folks in town, so we just hung out with them. The conversations always were a little naughty in retrospective, but my BF liked it and i did too. Kind of the humor you just go with, but a little awkward if you aren't used to it.

One night, like 3 months ago, they threw a house party for their birthdays, so we got over, had some bbq and enjoyed our time with them in the pool, when Sabrina was getting undressed and Tom was fucking her inside of their pool. My BF and I got extremly horny as well and started making out right next to them in their pool. They pretty much approached right after telling us to "join their "fun" tonight". We kinda looked at us for a second but both agreed to join since it sounded super exciting...

We got out of the pool area and Sabrina took me with her to the bathroom and Tom took my BF to the bedroom. She grabbed me hard with her hands and told me that her man was gonna fuck my BF and she will fuck me before we all join back together...
She dominated me hard, telling me to lick her pussy for a long time, then her asshole. I loved it, a grown up women telling me what to do, was super hot for me to experience. She squirted into my face after penetrating me with her pussy and grabbed my hand to take me to their bedroom.
My BF was lying butt naked on their bed getting fucked by Tom while Sabrina and I watched and kissed for a bit. She told me that Tom loves to fuck younger boys anal and that she likes to watch it and that shes glad to have a little slut(me) by her side now to enjoy the show.
I never was so attracted and hot at any time before. My BF getting fucked hard, him moaning and wanting this old mans dick got me so wet. Sabrina took care of me as well while we were watching Tom and my BF getting on.

We stayed that night and made it into a group orgy of sorts. My BF came to me directly after the night and told me that he wants to be fucked again and if I agree... I said i was comfy when i can join. Months have passed and we visit them almost every day. He's getting fucked by Tom and ill be the whore for Sabrina. Sometimes we fuck together, but rarely its me and my BF alone. He also told me recently that hes much more into getting pounded by a dick and tbf i enjoy Sabrina more than any dick they could give me.
At this point it feels like we only in to the relationship with a "getting fucked by others" mindset, but... we both love it... so idk if thats wrong or anything.


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