The Forbidden Roommate Hookup

After college I got certified with a shipping industry software company. My first solo outing to a customer brought me together with a client IT Manager. He invited me to dinner and following dinner to a bar. At the bar he was friendly and kept putting his arm around my shoulder, pulling me to him. I was uncomfortable but I was also not willing to make an issue of it. After a while, getting on midnight he suggested another bar. Men were dancing together, near the restroom a man was kissing a young guy, at the table next to hours two young men were holding hands on the table as they talked. When he asked me if I wanted to dance I was lost as to what to do.

I had never danced with a man, there were two other couples on the floor, he held me tight, leading and I had to dance like a woman. When he kissed my cheek I pulled my face away, he pulled me towards him and kissed me on the lips. Twice. He whispered that we were going home.

His townhouse was nice, furnished. He offered me a drink which I declined. I wanted to say I wanted to go back to my hotel but I couldn't. In his room he took my shirt off, grabbing my cock in my pants. Several more kisses, his lips were so hot. After taking his shirt off he helped me get out of my pants and shorts, he held my baked cock in his hand, sitting on the bed he sucked me into an erection. My head told me to leave, my feelings told me to stay.

On the bed naked I touched, held, sucked his cock. I lie to myself, I was being made love to, he was giving me oral but he was demanding oral and mouth fucking my mouth and face. From his drawer in his nightstand he took out a condom and a lube and he slid his finger in my ass, rubbing lube all over my ass. On my back he slipped the condom on and pushed my legs up and put his hard cock against my ass and putting his weight on me his cock slid into my ass and he fucked me.

I lay in the bed as he got off me taking his condom off laying beside me. I lay beside him, I was the woman. I tried to tell him I wanted to go back to my hotel but nothing came out of my mouth. I slept with him.

I never wanted to be gay, I never wanted to be the girl. I always thought I was a man. I'm not, I'm a gay bottom boy, I'm the girl, I was the dishes and the clothes, I do the grocery shopping and take his shirts to the laundry. I am not the man, I'm the woman, he gets on me, he doesn't use a condom any more and I lube myself up before laying down on the bed for him.


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