My mom has been in denial of my orientation since I was 17 and came to my own realization the I was gay.
When I would try to talk to her she would side track the conversation.
When she caught me giving a boyfriend a blowjob in my bedroom she said...
"It's just an experimental faze"
Last weekend my partner, Jim and I made a video of us having sex.
It was short and nowhere near "porno"
quality but we made sure you could see our faces and what we were doing.
A few days later I arrived at my moms house for dinner. It was pleasant and afterward we sat on the couch watching the news. I slid over closer to her and took out my phone and casted the sex video right to her flatscreen.
At first my mother was mystified when my face and naked chest suddenly appeared on screen. I had queued the video to the last 5 minutes beforehand.
I pressed play.
The camera angle caught my upper torso and head as I laid on my back. My body rocked with each of Jim's thrusts. I called Jim's name and begged him faster and let out an exaggerated moan for full effect.
My mom's face was frozen.
The camera turned 180 to show Jim on top of me, smiling and pumping away.
"Fuck you're so tight!!"
Mom tried to get up but I reached across her lap and restrained her. She put her hands over her face but I rested an arm over her shoulder and slid them down. She opened her eyes wanting to turn away but was transfixed on the screen as if
watching a slow moving train wreck.
The camera shifted to show my cock flopping up and down as Jim quickened his pace and his condom-less erection driving into my boi pussy. He was on the verge!
The slapping of lubrication between
his cock and my asshole resonated from the speakers. Jim clinched his teeth...
"You ready for my cum?? Huh??. You want it?"
With three hard thrusts Jim cryed out as his orgasm hit and unloaded his semen into my rectum.
Jim grabbed the camera out of my hands and brought my red asshole into frame. Just as he penetrated my anus with a finger I pushed and his cum dripped out and onto the bedsheet.
My mother cried.
She could no longer deny it.



by Anonymous

Damn... I got hard reading this

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by Anonymous

My sister wouldn't believe I was gay, so I did the same thing. I have a video of me sucking and being fucked by four different men, and it's over an hour long. She watched it all.

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