The summer before I turned 18 my oldest sister and her husband, Ron, moved back home after him spending 25 years in the military. They had lived all over the world so our time was limited to their 30 day visits once a year and our visiting them when they were stationed in the states closer. I am the only son having 3 older sister and a dad who worked evenings so he was never able to attend fuctiond or activities with me. Not his fault and a great father to me and my sisters.
My brother-in-law family all lived in our community and they were part of our church family, so we were all close friends and I was expecially glad that Ron, my brother-in-law, was home becasuse he always went out of his way to make me fell important.
Ron invited me to go with him and his younger brother fishing after dinner one hot July night, whcih I was delighted to go. He drove na hour from the house to a large bodied lake where we took postions under a bridge and cast our our reels. After the second beer Daniel, Ron 36 year old brother began with the dirty jokes and by his 3rd beer he was talking about sex with his friged wife. Ron suggested they change the subject as he looked at me, but I said, I've heard it all before. The fish were not bitting so we just set there waiting to try to catch some cats fish around 10pm. Ron had a couple of beers and began to loosen up telling dirty jokes. So, I told a few I knew and we all set back on our elbows laughing when Damiel offered me a swig of beer, which I took. It didn't take but a few sipes and I could feel the effect but Ron stopped as he had to drive us home in a coupleo f hours.
By the time we were loading our gear to leave I knew Daniel got very little pussy and beat off several times a week and Ron admitted he jerked too. That is when Danil said to me: at your age I bet you jack off 3 or 4 times as day, I laughed and said, at the least.
When we got to the car Damiel got in the back and I got in the passenger seat and we began our hour journey home sometime close to midnight. Daniel kept talking about sex, pussy and jacking his dick when he asked Ron if he minded if he beat off while he drove home. Ron looked at me as to ask permission and I said, absolutely. Ron reached under his seat pulling out a white cloth and handed it back to his brother. Daniel said, I knew you had that cum rag somewhere in this piece of junk.
Danile unzipped and began to stroke his dick talking about blow jobs being better than pussy. After a few minutes Danile suggest Ron and I join him to make it more comfortable. Ron looked at me and I said, I am deaf, dumb and blind. Ron unzipped his shorts and wheeled out a hugh dick. As I unzipped my pants Ron told me to rasise up in the seat and slide my shorts down to my feet, which I did. Ron said we can't all blow at the same time as I only have one cum rag. So he told Danile to go first and he said, I need some nasty talk some kinky shot to me like we aways do. That is when I realized this was not a first for the two of tme.
Ron and Damiel were talking dirty to each other and I was about to blow all over the place, so I stopped beating my meat. In a minute Damile called my name and said, you like looking at your brother-in-laws dick, don't you? I didn't know what to say when ROn said, It's okay to look at it and Daniel said, if I were up there I'd have iot in my mouth. I looked Ron who smiled and that is when I felt Daniel reach between the seats and reach for his brothers cock. The he reached for mine and I lobed my hand as Daniel began to stroke me. Ron said, Daniel is the best cock sucker in the world when he is drunk, get in the back and let him blow you. I was hesitant at first but slipped out of my shorts and over the back of the seat I went. As I went head first into the back seat Daniel moved to one side grabbed my head and shoved my face onto his cock. I didn;t need to be coaxed as I opened my mouth and Damiel slide his dick down my throat. He held my head and hunch fucked my ming some dirty shit. Ron told is to slow down as he was talking the next exit to find a place for us to park and get in the NOt sure how long it took but soon we were stopping on a dead end road and Ron turned the car off and told us to get out.
NOw I am standing with my back to the car with Ron and Damiel standing in front of me with us jacking each other cocks. Daniel sucked me and Ron, then Ron sucked me and Damilel then I sucked the both. I sucked Daniel first and when he guided me head to Ron's cock he atood behind me and told Ron to skull fuck me and he started but he cum an a couple of minutes and filled my mouth. It tan out my mouth and dripped onto mt tee shirt. That is when he pushed my face to Daniel and he scremed as he shoved it on telling his brother hoe exciting it was to put his dick in the mouth where some of ROns cum was. Only took a minute and Daniel cum too as he screamed nasty names at me.d, kinky sec
NOw I am standing with my back to the car while these two macho, brothers kneel takking turns sucking my dick. When said he wanted me to cum in his mouth and then he would kiss Daniel and share. The Ron kissed me and I thought I was going to cum again without touching meself. We caught our breaths and for the next 30 minutes sucked weach other severalm more times. When we dropped Daniel at home he asid it was better than pussy and no drama. On the eway home Ron asked me to blow him as he drove home, which I did. He and Daniel both have really nice average cocks with mushroom heads which I came to love.
Ron and Daniel were not the first dicks for me and certainly not the last. When I came out a gay in my early 20's I did do with the support of Ron, my sister and dad. No one ever knew I had sex with my brother-in-law and his brother or that it went on until Daniel passed away and Ron and I still go fishing, hunting and to sports evemts and have wild and kinky sex. Ron may have white hare but his dick gets hard as a rock and he sill loves to sull fuck my face and I love for him to do it.



by Anonymous

Hot confession. I was stroking my cock as I read it! I'm bi myself and have had the pleasure of sucking two hard cocks at once and really enjoyed having two different loads to taste and swallow. I sucked off my wife's sister's husband for years so I know how nice it feels to have a steady supply of cock and cum when you want it! I'll be thinking about your confession the next time I have his hard cock in my mouth!

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by Anonymous

My wifes sister passed away 2 years ago. Her husband of 24 years and their 2 kids live in a neighboring state. Occasioanlly I attend conventiuons in the city where he lives and always stop by for a visit. Both of his kids attend college in another state, so I make sure to stop as he is alone. I stopped over one evening and caught him watching porn. After a beer we laughed and he turned the porn back on. He said it was a MMF and was I okay, I said hell yeah. Then one of the guys guided the others dick into the pussy he just pulled out of. I asked had he even been in a MMF and he said before he got married and would do it again if given the opportunity, I said let me know if you need another man. He asked was if I okay with bisexual men and I said absolutely and they can they suck me if they want. I spent the next 3 hours fucking and sucking my macho, jock widower BIL.

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