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I Have A Tiny Micro Dick

Hey I always wanted a hot female to sph me but mixed with public humiliation by printing off my pictures and putting my name and number on them and leaving them around your town or mail them to my family.

  • First Time I Mastrubated

    when i was 16 i used to sleep next to my mom one night i wake up and i have a hard on i was like wtf my mom rolled over i can see that fat ass i remember its like yesterday i take my cock she is sleeping and stroke it for the first time looking at her ass made sure not to touch and came held the foreskin so tight so the cum dont spray then then put it back in my underwear and went to sleep

    I Am Gay

    i am gay for the past 2years nobody knows kept a secret from friends and family been sleeping with dudes i have no plans of coming out never .around 60 guys i been with hookups . i am such a cum dump for these hot guys and i cant stop . my moms calls and she like why you single find a girl lol

  • Mom Seen My Dick Pic

    so i was watching porn and took a pic alongside the porn which was like a girl on her knees infront of a cock and had it in the laptop .one day my mom opens my laptop and sees the photos and shit and when i came home she was like i know what you do in your room and shit.fuck.now its super weird.

    All For One

    I confess that I was known at school (among the boys) as a slut. Before, during and after school I had sex. At the beginning it was only one, but it became more and more boys and they all wanted to fuck me.

    They started to plan meetings where they fucked me. They wrote a fuck list written on my back.

    Even in class I was fingered or groped.
    I let it all happen because I realized that I loved it.

  • Gangbang

    I confess, I cheat on my bf with a group of guys who gangbang me three times a week. They love to invite me when they hang out together. In summer time, they used to gang me outdoors more often. In the woods, on the field, in old broken houses even on a park bench.
    All of them raw and without any protection. They always took off all of clothes.

    Love you guys for taking such a good care of me since 3 years