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They Had No Idea

So I’m part of a group of women poets in a small town. We meet weekly to share our stuff, write and choose prompt, then write something new (based on the prompts) in 12 min. I’m not sure how I got roped into it, but it might be because the creator of the group is obscenely beautiful. Like the kind of beautiful where it’s hard to focus on the conversation. I’ll call her Natasha. Also included are her best friend Layla, a lithe yoga instructor; Megan, a bubbly, dark-curly-haired college student; Lilly, a sweet pink-haired arteest, and Clara, a willowy introvert. All of them are artists, poets, singers… and I want to fuck them all. They all have tremendous racks and it’s hard not to look. I want to see yoga teacher all sweaty and gasping, I want to bend pink hair over a table and take her from behind, I want to see curly girly’s tits bouncing up and down above me, I want to watch the willow sway with each thrust, and oh God to I wanna see Natasha loose her mind when she cums. But I smile and participate as I should.

Tonight I kept wondering what they would think of me if they found out how wonderfully I’d been fucked last night. My fella and I christened his new apt with one helluva fuck. We’d been out and about and I’m pretty sure he knew I wasn’t wearing underwear and the bra I had on was very sheer and it was cold out sooo… my nipples were good and hard. Once we settled in, he spent some nice time tending to the girls - touching, kissing, sucking - and he knows it goes right down to my clit. Then he’s grabbing just the right spots on my ass to fan the flames. He let me suck him for just a little bit, then he wanted me to ride him. Gladly, I do and I cum over and over again in waves. He knows just how to position me and where to thrust so I cum hard, repeatedly. He brought me back down to him and I got up the courage to tell him, “Leave me a mark.” He obliged, then we switched things up and he took me from behind. I love doggie-style for several reasons - it feels amazing, I love being able to scream into a pillow (I can be loud), it gives him the power to control the pace and the rest of me. And it’s also super easy to reach down and touch myself for the bonus orgasm. Then he asked me to let him watch me astride him again, which I did, then he finally let me suck his cock to the point of explosion. (My speciality.)

So as I sat with my poetry girls, I played with my necklace and tried not to think naughty things about them, all the while knowing I had a mark on me that I had requested.

  • Wife's Boss

    I sucked off my wife's boss at a company July 4th party. Since then I meet him at least twice a week. I not only suck him off he fucks me too. He doesn't let me cum because I am just a cumdump.

    Next Level Humiliation

    My best friend and I had a lot of sex without commitment. Since we were both 17 years old, we did it continuously. It got crazier and wilder.
    But the wildest thing happened when we were 24 years old:

    We were direct neighbors in a high-rise building with 12 floors. She always had the crazy idea to do it in the elevator while it was going up and down.
    She had persuaded me but I put a condition namely that she is completely naked during this time.
    She agreed and we went to the elevator. We drove up and down and I pushed her naked against the wall. I fucked her hard, no one caught us. Shortly before I came I sprayed my sperm in her face and put on her handcuffs. These I attached to a rod that was in the elevator.
    She looked at me in shock and without saying anything I left her there.

  • Our Front Line Is Our Uterus, We Are Made For That, Let's Do It

    Let's get serious. If women were meant to be men, then they would have broad shoulders. As it is we have broad hips. Why? To have babies. That is the fate that is ours to carry. Bad luck and all that, we are made to get pregnant.

    In university I was preached about self reliance, about working for a living. I was preached that I was equal to men, in everything. There is no difference. Well we all know that's bull shit, just one try and man can kick your ass and fuck you if he wants to. The only thing keeping a man from fucking you, is another man that owns you. That's why you change your name, and you wear your wedding j*welry.

    I put my uterus to work, took my fucking, and I presented a bouncing baby boy to my husband. Now that's woman's work, men cannot do that. It is reserved for women. So why, if there are things reserved for women, cannot there by things reserved for men? I ask you. Do you want to wear a uniform and stand on the front line. Where are we going to get the balls to do that? I didn't think so. We are sisters, sisters, we hold the line at home, in the hospitals. We don't throw our bodies at the enemy. Do you know what the enemy does with a captured female combatant. No? I didn't think so? They r**e you, that's what they do, r**e you and make you serve them, and r**e you some more. The enemy has a use for you. They are going to use you to make babies for them.

    I don't know about being a lesbian. I don't understand that. But if that is your problem to deal with, that doesn't excuse you from your duty. MAKING BABIES FOR THE FATHERLAND. That's our duty now. Our boys don't come home. We have to make more boys. That's something women can do. Let's go to work, for the boys that don't come home.

    The Plumbet

    I am sitting in our bedroom wearing a blond wig ive made up my face, i have a pink bra on with silicone breast matching panties a black garter belt and black stockings and my pink chastity cage. I am watching our plumber fuck my wife up the ass. When he is finished with her i will thank him for fucking my wife kneel in front of him and beg to clean his cock. After i clean his cock i lick all his cum out of my wifes ass and thank her for fucking a real man. Pretty much every tradesman in the area uses my wife. Thats what happens when you are a sissy husband.

  • My Teenager Years With My Bro

    When I was in my early to mid teens, me and my younger brother have this thing we would do that was unoriginally called "the thing". You see "the thing" was really just my brother would lay on his stomach on his bed while playing PS2 or Gamecube while I unsuccessfully tried to get my cock into his ass. That is until I leaned about lube and found some KY in our parents bedrooms and that was the missing piece as I mamaged to slide my cock into that tight ass. He didn't cry out beg me to take it out but he did have his head buried. I put all of me in him and that was really it, maybe a few in and out motions but I kind of just kept it in place. I asked a few times if he wanted me to take it out and he said it was okay. I ended up taking it out eventually but my heart was pounding with excitement.

    Luckily for me, he still wanted to do "the thing". With lube my cock went on every time and with every new time the easier it got. Eventually I started movements and whenever I asked if it was was okay he would tell me it was. It eventually got his enough where I could pick up just enough speed to make me feel really really good. I had been avoiding cumming in his ass up to this point; not sure why but nerves I guess. But after not jerking off for a few days I didn't care and let loose in his ass as deep as I could.

    That's when I realised that he couldn't feel it. He couldn't feel my cum in his ass. From then on whenever we did "the thing" I came in his ass and he had no idea. That is until eventually down the road he learned about that and asked if I did that to when I confessed I had been cumming in his ass. He didnt seem to care which was a good thing for me. He also asked if we were having gay sex and I told him no and that we were just having fun. "The thing" went on for a few more years, usually once or twice a week. He got good at taking it, like towards the end of "the thing" there were times where I was giving it to him with everything I had. I would always ask first, some days he would not be for it, some days he would want it and tell me more while we did it.

    Position wise it was always on his stomach or eventually we threw doggy in the mix. If I knew what I knew now, I would of mixed in missionary to get as deep as I could. Anyways I moved away for university so "the thing" stopped. Years later he is not gay engaged to another man: not sure if I jad anything to do with that. I'm married to my wife and have kids. Though I have a thing for anal, its like my kink and the cards were dealt in my favour because my wife only cums from anal. We have actually been only anal for a while now as well she cums from it and we do not want amymore kids so up her ass the cum goes.