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Slutty Gf Wanted Threesomes

My gf can be very slutty and likes to show off. After a house party a friend stayed at ours as he lived too far to travel. We had all been drinking and had a few lines until we were the last 3 there. Knowing we wouldn’t be able to sleep we carried on drinking which led to a few more lines. She was wearing a very revealing dress showing a lot of cleavage bouncing every time she moved. She had already been dared to flash them earlier in the night. She was sat inbetween us the sofa as she let me do a line off her tits. She let my play with them and didn’t try to hide her nipples as I squeezed them. She the asked if we both wanted another line off her. She led bad as we both did it I slide my hand up her leg slowly and she spread our legs over up making her dress slide up over her hips. I didn’t know bye she didn’t have any underwear on. She first pulled me in for a kiss before doing the same to him. She was dripping wet as we both fingered her. He took his cock out first before she reached down for mine. After a while she stood up and slid her dress of and kneeled on the floor, jerked us both off before she started to swap sucking us. After a while she bent over so he can fuck her as she sucks me. He pounded her till he came inside her then she rode me till we cum together.

  • Spanking Time

    I was just 13 when i was at my aunt and uncle's house with their 6 kids 3 boys 3 girls, we usually spent a week each summer at one or the others houses , but i made sure i was going there this time because i had so much fun last year and they lived on a farm and lived a weird life with strange rules . One was spankings! Yes strip naked and stand in line in the barn type of Spankings and i became a victim of my uncle's huge hands last year and I wouldn't miss out this year, i was terrified at first but one other perk was that my boy cousins always got spankings and they were super cute boys and i got to see them naked and they had really nice penises even my youngest who was 9 then , i remember how they all were crying and standing in line for their turn i came up because I was told everyone must attend what i saw was 3 boys jumping in place nervously waiting for my girl cousin Anna to be spanked bare butt i heard a crack! And a yelp, but my eyes were glued to those boys each had a an erection going on some were harder than the others and standing from half erect to partly erect and my favorite was Tommy his was straight up and down and throbbing ! It would slap his tummy it was so full of blood his head pulsated and his shaft would slap his skin almost to his chest ! As he wailed in fear of his whooping! I was in love i just was wide eyed and wet i stood only 3 feet away and stared at those beautiful cocks and got so aroused i wanted to grab them with my hand wrapped around them and feel how hot and thick they were, feel the throbbing in my sweaty hands! I must admit the crying added a sense of urgency and made me even more excited my other cousins were bigger but not down there he was 3 and 4 years younger and he was so much bigger it looked odd they were little boys but had a mans penis hanging between their legs! I just felt so lucky to see them naked all the time! And soon i just went nude too we all acted like it was nothing but I had to keep from going to far since they were my blood! Oh how i would have sucked my youngest off so good. i masturbated 5 times a day often in the big barn by the horses or in the woods near by i just was so horny that summer and when I had my first orgasm in that barn with the scent of those horses and seeing their cocks hanging down too, i just about had a seizure they were the most powerful orgasms a 13 year old girl could ever have! I miss that place!

    Interracial Experience

    So I was on a local chat line looking for gay sex. I've always been a bottom I can't help it I'm just wired that way and even though some men don't like it or understand I am feminine when I'm with a man including cross dressing if that's what they want. So I luv being the Gurl.
    Anyway I'd been exchanging messages with an extremely confident Black man and I accidentally pissed him off because I'd left a message telling him he wasn't responding to me quick enough.
    After a few days of silence from him he sent a message indicating that he didn't appreciate my lack of self control and lack of patience. He was right I was rude and totally out of line but I apologized and explained that his confident attitude and deep voice just made me so horribly horny.
    I gave him my number asking that he could maybe find a way for me to get back in his good graces.
    In just a few minutes he called me and with his sexy deep voice explained the rules....
    I was to send him a hot ass pic and my address I would be dressing in something sexy color red and I could expect spontaneous rough make up sex.
    There he was in less than 2 hrs knocking on my door all 6 foot 3 two hundred and sixty pounds of big black stud.... and as I opened the door to greet him I realized I was trembling with excitement!
    As he stepped through the door way he pulled me against him with one hand and shut the door with the other and then pushed me against the wall kind of trapping me with his much bigger muscular body... before I could say anything he hushed me with a big sloppy kiss as began groping me calling me pretty bitch telling me how sexy i looked and now he had scooped me up carrying me to my living room couch where he laid on top of me dry humping and kissing non stop. I was submitting to his dominant nature totally turned on and enjoying the way he demanded my attention.
    I kissed him I slid my hand down into his pants rubbing his big swollen cock trying to free it he was so hot and exciting.
    Before long his hand was resting on the back of my head pushing my warm mouth onto his big dick gagging me he moaned with pleasure making me happy to please him anyway I could.
    His cock had become fiercely thick and hard from my sucking and it was time now as he positioned me doggie pulling my red silk panties down he roughly mounted me from behind. Gripping my hips with his strong hands I had to accept his thick cock alot faster than I thought possible but somehow as painful as it was at first i was really into him and my tight hole now became the source of arousal for him. His strong cock fucking me now felt so Damm Good! I began to cum crying out for him.... I felt so sexy so sluty I wanted him to pull out and cum my mouth but he wouldn't stop he started fucking me really aggressively telling me he owned my sexy bitch ass while his seed exploded deep inside my body.
    I guess he kinda did own me didn't he?

  • Hybristophilia..?

    Hybristophilia is being attracted to those who have committed crimes. Usually, people say they like more conventional criminals like Bundy or Dahmer. I didn't understand when I heard about it because I didn't feel it. Until I watched something on the Unibomber or Ted Kaczynski. He had strong morals, intelligent, and was very primal. My mind wandered near the end of it.. I began to rub my clit when pictures of him were on the screen without even thinking, (Naked watching documentaries makes me sound weird. :p) I was drawn in by his utilitarian lifestyle, he was like a caveman nearly. He'd be uncut and long, I'd love to worship his cock. Ibegan to think about how he'd fuck me. He wouldn't want to use a modern invention like condoms or birth control for me. I'd be able to feel all his love deep inside me. He'd be all pent up after his time alone, being used like a doll for my little criminal~

    Made My Crush Think I'm Gay

    I met this beautiful young woman through my circle a few months back. Hot as hell, volleyball player, fun and quirky, all around bad bitch. I've been into her from day one, but never made a move cause she had a boyfriend and I felt she was outta my league anyway. We are pretty good friends though.

    Well, last night I was having a conversation with her and I noticed she kept clearing and massaging her throat. When I asked if she was ok, she told me it was no big deal, she was just sore from giving her boyfriend a blowjob earlier. We talk pretty openly to each other so it wasn't too weird. I was like oh..nice and offered her a cough drop. She said thanks but it probably wont help, and went on to describe the discomfort. It almost felt like she was talking to me like one of her girl friends. Pointing to her esophagus, she starts asking me "you know how, like,.." she stops herself then looks me straight in the eyes and casually asks "Wait, have you ever sucked a dick before?"

    I don't know why, but I was instantly turned on when she asked me that. She wasn't being funny or trying to mock me, nor trying to arouse me. She was just genuinely curious if I'd get what she was describing. And that turned me on even more. So much so that I decided to just go with it and say yes even though it was a lie.

    "...just once, but PLEASE don't tell anyone," I falsely admitted. Immediately her eyes widened and her hand rushed up to try to cover the huge grin on her face. "Wait, really? Oh my God who? when?" I guess I got the reaction I hoped for cause she was clearly eager to know the story. I acted shy and reluctant to talk about it, hoping she'd pressure me to spill the tea. She did. After assuring me she held zero judgments, and swearing that the conversation would never leave the room, I 'caved'. I told her it happened a year ago during a drunk threesome with my ex girlfriend and a guy we met at a hotel. Her face was lit up with excitement and said "Oh that's awesome! How come you've never told me?" I said I'd never told anyone because I was too ashamed and embarrassed, so she was the first person I ever told.

    Her reaction to my story turned me on even more. She came up real close and put her hands on my shoulders and said it means a lot that I trust her with my 'secret' and that it's safe with her. Before that point, she'd never been this up close and flirty with me before. I don't know if it's cause my story turned her on ,or if she got comfortable cause she thought I was gay. But her hands were on me, looking me in the eyes, with her lips a few mere inches from mine. I could smell her perfume and could literally feel her breath touching my lips when she spoke. I was rock hard and didn't even try to hide it. She told me not to be ashamed, that people are allowed to experiment and it doesn't make me gay or less of a man, and that it's really cool how I was willing to "explore my sexuality" and most guys are too insecure to ever try something like that. I nearly busted in my pants as she explained all this to me is her soft, feminine voice.

    The second she left, I had to let it out. I stroked myself maybe 5 or 6 times before I pumped out what felt like a quart of semen. I don't know why that whole conversation made me so horny, but it did. Even after the post nut clarity, I was still turned on. Though, now I probably made the girl I like think I'm gay. Not a brilliant move when I think about it, but oh well. Even though she swears she doesn't see me any differently, and that a little drunk experimenting doesn't make me gay, I just know every time she sees me from now on she's gonna picture me sucking off another man. And I'm ok with that. I find it hot as hell, honestly.

  • Killing Me In That Muscle Shirt

    She and trucker husband rented a single wide trailer from my father who owned several on our property.Hubby gone most of the time on the road. She late 20's early thirties, me 16 my dads slave digging ditches,doing chores around dad trailer park.. It started when dad told me to stay away from them..What he really meant was stay away from her..I saw him drooling all over her, moms body language in response to her behavior and dads...She would call me to the back door of the trailer.She'd give me 50 cents to carry her garbage to the burn pile.....I had such embarrassment trying to hide my boner in front of her..She always in her husbands wife beater muscle shirt,she bending down from above giving me a view of her little titties with big brown nipples..Always a pair of her stained panties on top of the trash in a brown grocery bag.

    I couldn't get to the burn pile behind the big oak tree quick enough to sniff her panties while I'd beat off..Her scent was intoxicating.. Of course she was seducing me.

    That summer I'd do things with and to her I never knew existed.She showed me the pleasure of being anally stimulated while being sucked off..I couldn't get enough of her...Then one night in the middle of the night they were gone.Skipped out owing dad rent...I was devastated for the longest time..I'd gotten used to cumming in her couple times a day every day.

    She gave me confidence and skills to rarely be told no by anyone I wanted sex with.I had my way with seniors right down to jr.high school girls.,I had my way with my Algebra teacher many times my Jr. year..I made her my sex slave.Her hubby was a missionary position only guy. I gave to her my way sometimes leaving marks, made her quite the slut..I went from failing to passing grade and never learned squat about algebra..Made her whimper often..If you touch a female right they'll beg to be touched..

    In the last 50 years I've had so much sex I can't remember it all..As a senior its the same just less often. Love making them squirt...There is this light skin black girl half my age that works behind the counter at the bowling ally that's about to get it.. Told her yesterday I was going to have my way with her and make her squirt...She smiled ear to ear, blushing telling me she has a boy friend.I told her we won't share it with him..She gave me her number..Perhaps I'll write about her next....