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The Moment That Destroyed My Ego

Recently dated a girl who was on the dominant side. She enjoyed femdom type stuff and pretty much insisted on pegging me. It seemed a little outside my comfort zone, but I'm not vanilla and like to try different things, so I went with it.

I'll admit I enjoyed it at first while it was nice and slow. But soon she started getting carried away. Once she started pumping me a bit too hard I grunted in pain and asked her to ease off. That's when this bitch goes "Oh please, it's not even big. It's literally, like, your size." Then stopped after realizing what she said.

She apologized and swore she didn't mean it "like that" but I'm not sure how else it could be meant. I gotta admit that was a confidence killer. We kinda fell apart after that.

  • Anal And Love It Need It

    I am not gay but I love getting butt fucked prostrait orgasims are awsom I do have a wife she loves to watch me get fucked sometimes she wants me to fuck her at the same time I get fucked I really cum so very hard I am not into gay love only fucking each other I like only very fem. Men to fuck a man and feel him have a orgasim is a awesome feeling my wife asked me to give him a blow job. I am not in to that however I did to make her happy and yes he came in my mouth he wanted to fuck my wife and me to fuck him at the same time. Ok I did I must say it was awesome I am 50 wife 45 Tom 32 we get together every Friday night watch porn and fuck we are all school teachers

    Come Out To Sister

    So since I was 13 I started my long journey of being curious about wearing girls clothes and tbh I liked it

    I used to sneak into my parents room and start dressing in my mom's clothes like everything from panties, bras, lingerie to blouses and skirts also would try to use makeup and all

    when I was 16 my mom passed away and well my dad kept her clothes and didn't want to give them away so I kept wearing them whenever he's not at home and eventually I discovered sissy and femboy porn and got into it all and enjoyed it and enjoyed being a bottom to the point where I was 17 and had my first dick and anal sex and I loved it and loved the idea of being submissive and bent over for a man or a woman and let them control and fuck me and since that I've been into all that

    So I have a step sister and she's older than me and since she was young she'd travel to many countries and essentially decided to stay abroad and come every couple of years for a quick visit

    so lately my dad passed away and since I'm alone at home I started to get in touch with my girl side more and buy clothes and panties and dresses and bras and basically became a sissy femboy

    she couldn't come and visit lately because of her work but she calls me all the time but lately I've been thinking of coming out to her and letting her know everything because I feel that she'd accept me but at the same time scared of her reaction even though I never saw anything to say she's homophobic but I just don't know how will she'd react

  • Learning A New Language

    My mind swirls with all of the things I could ask of my Lover. He’s been around enough that nothing surprises him or turns him off. But I am shy to ask for things because I feel like I don’t know the language.

    How do I tell him that I want him to touch and rub my clit until I cum? That I want to cum with his mouth on me, hips bucking as I quiver in ecstasy? That I probably need something to loosen my brain up enough to completely let go?

    How do I tell him that I want him to take me roughly? To make me fight for an even stronger orgasm that can be achieved in the struggle. That slapping and biting stir my blood more, and I love it when he leaves a mark.

    That I’m curious about what could happen if he took one of my senses away. Would it be bliss or should I beware?

    That I’ve always wondered what it would be like to touch and be touched by a woman. Is it softer, like I expect? What is it like to feel her nipples stiffen under my tongue? To hear her gasp and sigh and know that I’m the reason she’s getting all wet between the legs.

    And what would it be like if I was the one with the cock?

    Darling, if you ever read this, my safe word is: Pineapple

    Got Used

    Last week I went to a local well known glory hole in Atlanta. Cruised around the booths for a few minutes just checking it out while all the guys there awkwardly just looked at each other not saying a word. Finally I found a booth and went in. I started watching gay porn and Stroking when my first cock showed up. I was so turned on I got on my knees and started sucking. Before long I had sucked off 4 cocks and was feeling good so I walked around some more. I found a guy standing next to a booth. We made eye contact and he grabbed his cock. I liked my lips and walked into his booth. We made out for only a bit before I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. He handed me a condom so I put it on him. He turned me around and lubed up and started fucking me. While I was being fucked another cock came through the glory hole. I positioned myself so I could also suck while I was being fucked. The guy came in my mouth pretty quickly and the guy that was fucking me came not long after that.. he pulled his cock out of me, slapped me on the ass with it and left.
    Sometimes being used as a cum dump is such a huge turn on.

  • She Wasn't Expecting Me Home

    This happened many years ago when my wife and I were in our early thirties. I work at a college where I design sets and lights for plays. Normally, when we were in the week leading up to opening, I was at work from the morning until late at night. On the production at the time, I had finished everything I needed to do earlier in the week. Around lunchtime one day I decided to surprise my wife by going home and taking her out to lunch. I heard something as soon as I walked into the door. I knew very well the sounds my wife made when having sex. She was louder than normal. We usually had to be quieter because our two boys were usually home. Since they were at school at the time, she could be as loud as she wanted. Still, i had never heard her be that vocal when she used her vibrator.

    I walked down the hallway toward the bedroom and rounded the corner through the open door. My wife was on her back on the bed with her head toward me at the end of the bed. The loud expletive came from the mouth of the black man I didn't know who was on top of her with his cock inside her. My wife twisted her head and looked back at me. Both of them scrambled as they separated in a flash. The guy reached back and pulled my pillow to cover his cock. My wife sat on her knees stammering for some way to explain her actions. I stepped toward the guy, stuck out my hand and introduced myself to him. He was slow to take my hand and tell me his name was Thomas. My action had silenced the excuses from my wife.

    I looked at her and explained that I had come home early to surprise her with a lunch date. I told her I didn't know I was going to get a show during lunch. She said she was sorry. I told her not to be. I said i had been having fantasy about her having sex with other men for years. I leaned over and gave her a kiss. Then i told her to please continue. I walked across the room and took my pants off before sitting in a chair facing the bed. She just looked at me for several seconds. Then she had Thomas lay down where she had been. She mounted him, and went at it while I stroked myself.

    i can't tell you how many times this happened over the years till right now. She took video of a lot of the ones I wasn't there for.