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Meeting Up With An Older Man

When i was a teen, there was a game online that i loved to play called Yoville. In yoville, you could buy houses and decorate them, meet people and socialize. It was a lot of fun!

I think i was 13 when i met a guy on there, and i remember really prioritizing seeing this guy on there every day. He was really sweet, and always made me laugh. He would buy me things in game that cost actual money, and g*ft it to me.

For a couple of years we spent every evening hanging out on our computer, and had even started a yoville relationship, as silly as it sounds, I LOVED HIM!!!

He had told me where he was from, and it was just a state over. When i found out that my parents were planning a trip to a campground near where he lived, i told him that i really wanted to meet him while i was out there. He agreed, and planned to go out there to meet up with us.

Weeks later, we were at the campsite. There were lots of people out there, and i had no way of getting in touch with him. I just had a couple pictures of him, and a promise that he would be there.

A couple days past, and i started to feel really down thinking that he lied about wanting to meet me. I remember my parents wanting to go for a hike, and me telling them that i just wanted to stay at the tent. Reluctantly the left me there, and after about a half hour after they were gone, i heard a voice from outside call out my screenname from yoville. I was so excited and nervous, but i sprang up and unzipped the tent.

To my suprise, the person standing there wasnt a 18 year old but he was the handsome man from my pictures. He looked to be about 30, had a well trimmed beard, and was wearing boots, jeans, and a pearlsnap shirt.

I was a little shocked to see he was older, but i didnt care. I was so in love with him! I ran into his arms and he scooped me up off of my feet, and told me how happy he was to see me. I told him that i was too, and he asked if i wanted to take a walk, so i got my shoes on and we started walking down the road together. A little ways down, he pointed to a nice camper trailer and told me that was his, and asked if i wanted to see inside.

Excitedly i ran to the door, and he guided me in. Once inside, he shut the door behind himself and i jumped on him. I was kissing him while having my arms and legs wrapped around him, and he walked me a few steps to lay me on his bed, and i felt his hands touching me all over my body.

He took off his shirt, and asked if i wanted him to take mine off. I said i did, so he pulled my shirt over my head and asked if i would take my bra off. I did, and he kissed my neck and chest before kissing and sucking on my nipples.

It wasnt long before i was pulling my sweatpants and panties off, and he burried his face in my pussy. It was my first time experiancing anything sexual, and i was loving every lick, kiss, and touch.

After what felt like an eternity of him eating me out, he stands up and ask me if i want to pull off his jeans, and i did! I sat up, and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled them down. As they fell down, his dick sprang up in my face and i just stared at it. He moved in a little closer until it touched my face, and i instintually opened my mouth and felt it slide into my lips and across my tongue.

I sucked his dick for a while, savoring every inch i could fit in my mouth. Feeling him thrust gently while pushing my head from behind made me want him even more, so i told him that i was ready if he was. He climbed on top of me and slowly inserted himself inside me. It hurt at first, not really bad but like a sting and a burn for a little bit but then it felt amazing!

We layed there kissing while he slowly filled my fifteen year old pussy with his grown man dick. He made sweet passionate love to me, and i told him that i wasnt on the pill.

He said it was okay, and continued to slowly fuck me until my back arched in an amazing climax. As soon as i came, he pulled out and shot spurts of his thick warm cum all over my belly and titties.

I layed there with him for a couple hours, and we made love again before i had to leave to go back before my parents realized i was gone.

The next day i went back to see him again, and he was gone! I was heartbroken, but after we got home he told me that he was scared that i was going to tell, and left. I never did, and when i turned 18, i moved in with him.

We're married now and have 3 children.

  • Dummy Wife

    I must admit that my sex life is very boring now. I've been married over 35 years. It was good first , then kids came along , then a little bit more hanky panky.....

    Now it's all gone to the dogs, all because she spends all her time gossiping on the phone. She hasn't got time or interest anymore. It always full of complaints about domestic issues, relatives. Even in the middle of the night she'll wake up and go on her phone. What the fuck !! It's so annoying!

    In bed she is sleeping right on the edge far away from me as possible. I've had enough. My wife doesn't even try to be near me.

    Once I did manage to a night of sex, and while I trying to fuck her, she started talking about some problems of other people! Do I really care, I just wanna have a good fuck. But no she's just there like dummy emotionless. I've decided to fuck someone else now.

    My Gay 4 Person Gangbang

    I'm 25 male, but when I was 19 I was lonely so I went online looking for friends. After about 2 years I had a few small friend groups I was apart of. One of said friend groups was a group of 3 other guys in their late 20s to early 30s. I found out they don't live that far from me, so we all 4 planed a meetup for a week. I had just turned 21 a few weeks prior and we all had a great time, even though I was 10+ years younger than them. We ended up going to a bar at some point during the week since I had never been to one before. They got much more drunk than me. I got up to use the restroom and 1 of the guys follows me in and started hitting me with pickup lines and flirting with me. I had never considered myself gay before, but I am very submissive and he said all the right things to fluster me. When I started blushing, he pushed me into the sink and started kissing me while grabbing my ass. The way he just started dominating me like that turned me on more than Ive ever been before.

    After about 5 mins of us exploring each others mouths he stopped and started unbuttoning his pants, I have never done anything even close to this before, but I was so turned on that I just instinctively dropped to my knees while he pulled his dick out and placed the tip on my lips. I just opened up and let him thrust into my mouth. This was happening in the middle of the bathroom, next to the sink. We lost track of time and I was sucking him off for who knows how long, before the door opens and the other 2 guys walk in to check why we were taking so long. I didnt notice and kept swallowing his cock like it was candy. The other 2 guys shut the door, pushed me into one of the bathroom stalls, and pulled their dicks out too. My head was fuzzy and I was so horny that I was panting and drooling like an animal in heat. I didnt hesitate to start blowing them, sucking and jerking all 3 of them off in that stall for what felt like 30 minutes. People occasionally walked in to use the restroom, but none of them seemed to noticed us due to the dim lights and loud music in the rest of the bar. The music got kinda quiet at some point and there was a random person still in the restroom. I had to be quiet so I just put one of their dicks in my mouth and started licking the tip a lot. He pulled his dick out of my mouth suddenly and groaned as he came all over my face. The random person in the restroom heard him groan and investigated, eventually catching us in the act and reporting us to the staff. We all left the bar in a hurry and got an uber to take us back to our hotel, taking turns making out in the backseat, and as soon as we walked into our hotel room I was thrown onto the bed and my clothes removed. This was my second time having sex in my life, and it was a 4 person gangbang with me at the center. They all were giving me orders in a dominating tone and rewarding me with praise when I fulfilled their sexual requests. I wanted nothing more than to be their personal sex toy. One of them started slapping my ass while fucking me doggy style, then pushed my head down into the bed and started to choke me a bit and I couldn't stop cumming the entire time. I was being fucked like a slut and I loved it. There was lots of dirty talking, I was so horny I begged them to use me as a cumdump. I was then put on my back with my head off the bed and spitroasted between 2 of them. One of them pounding my ass like he's trying to get me pregnant, while the second guy throat fucked me and choked me some more. My legs were up in the air while I was being spitroasted, the third one grabbed my ankle and started licking my foot and sucking on my toes while stroking his cock. I wanted them to keep fucking me forever. I have never came harder in my life than when I felt his cock pulsating in my mouth and his warm seed flowing down my throat, me swallowing as much as I can while my ass was still being used as breeding practice. I came over and over again, taking multiple loads in my ass, mouth, and all over me. They fucked me for hours until we all passed out.

    We had plans for the whole week, but instead spent the rest of the week fucking in the hotel taking breaks to order room service for food. By the last day I was a mind broken slut with my only purpose being to please the 3 of them, I was their "cum slut" and I quivered with joy whenever they called me that. I didnt want to leave so we extended the trip a few more days. I was in love with being fucked by them. To remember the time we spent together, a small video was taken before we all went home. The video was of 2 of them standing to my front and back with me lifted up off the ground, legs locked around the one to my front and my ass was being double penetration fucked by both. I was drooling with cum on my face and moaning loudly while begging for "more of daddy's seed". We eventually all went home and they soon blocked me after. I still have that video saved, and masturbate to it often.

  • Good Boy Glory Hole Meeting

    Im 23 and a year ago I was as a club in the bathroom when some guy put his dick through a small hole in the wall of the stall. I was surprised but curious, so I touched it. I got turned on and started jerking him off and soon I started to lick and suck on his cock. I started masturbating while sucking him off.

    Before long he started knocking on the wall and then I felt a warm savory liquid spurt into the back of my throat. I have never done anything gay before and I didnt know who this guy was, but I was swallowing his cum. I ending up cumming myself while he pumped my mouth full of his load, whimpering softly. I heard him say through the wall "Good Boy" and I shivered with pleasure while cumming. I sat there in ecstasy for like 10 mins before cleaning up and leaving. Before I left the club I was approached by a guy twice my size who leaned down and whispered in the same voice from the bathroom, "theres my good boy". When I heard him say that I blushed hard from embarrassment. He bought me a drink and said I was cute, saying that he would love to take me home. I was here with a friend, but told them I was going home with a girl I met. I went to his appartment and he waa so nice all the way there. This guy knew all the right things to say for me to go submissive and start lusting for him. Skipping all the pleasantries, we went straight to the bedroom and he pulled his cock out and put it on my face. I was incredibly horny and was about to be fucked by a guy for the first time. I took him into my mouth and started sucking on his dick without hesitation. He kept groaning while he gently petting my head and calling me a "good boy". This turned me on more and made me even more submissive. I wanted to please him anyway I could, so I tried to swallow his cock and take it down my throat.

    After a few failed tries he laughed and flipped me over onto my back. He put his cock in my mouth again and with me on my back looking up gave him better access to my throat. I welcomed him as I gagged on him for 15 mins. He called me a bad boy when I tried to touch myself, saying Im not allowed to cum from my own hands. Eventually he pulled out of my mouth, leaving me panting and gasping for air as he turned me around amd started pouring lube on my ass. Ive never done anal before so I was nervous, but he kissed my cheek and said he would be gentle. He in fact was not and preceded to fuck me hard. It hurt a bit but then it started feeling amazing. I couldnt help but scream out in pleasure as this man made me a slut for his 7 inch cock. We fucked in too many positions to count all while he kept calling me his good boy. I started cumming over and over from him fucking me. I didnt notice when, but at some point he put a collar on me and was pulling on it while fucking me. I fell in love with this man when he started fucking me doggy style, slapping my ass while pulling on a leash attached to my collar. I would do literally anything he asked me to, I even barked like a dog for him and whimpered while he shot more of his seed into me. He came in my ass at least 5 times, on my back and chest 2 times, and in my mouth 3 times. I happily took every load he gave me that night.

    When we woke up in the morning we took a shower together and I grabbed his dick and started sucking him off in the shower. I swallowed his warm load while we bathed, then after, he made the both of us breakfast. I gave him my number and he let me keep the collar. I consider him my owner and I now meet with him weekly to be fucked like a sissy in heat. I love the sensation of being cummed in so much and I love the savory taste of his cum. Im to meet up with him again in a few days and he told me he had a surprise for me in the form of a horny friend of his. Im going to have my first 3way and im so excited. There are so many things I want to try, like being spitroasted, double penetrated, and I want to try leg locking one of them while pretending they are impregnating me. I have fantasies about being used as breeding practice by a bunch of guys. Anyways, thats my story, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it while riding my dildo.~

    I Fucked My Brother, Twice.

    I am ashamed of something that I did twice. I had sex with my brother. It was a moment of weakness the first time. He was trying to put his dick inside of me for nights, he would pull down my shorts and try to fuck me. The virgin idiot didn't know there was a whole prep for that. And truthfully, I wanted to have sex too but definitely not with my brother. However, when one night, my lusts came over me and he was still attempting to put his dick inside, I held his wrist and he tried to yank by surprise but I instead pushed my ass up and we prepped before he fucked me.

    It was an okay fuck. We didn't really come together and he didn't even come inside but it was alight. My bussy was a bit sore afterwards but it was less painful than me just inserting anything into my ass without prep. I definitely learned I liked getting my ass licked.

    On the second night however, I was the one who initiated it and told him I wanted to do sixty-nine and we did. It wasn't great though, but the sex the second time was much easier than the first. This time, I tired out because my bussy was sore from his rigorous energy and I tried to let him cum inside of me but really, it was too much.

    After that, i asked him if we were bad people for doing this and he answered I don't know. We made a promise then to never repeat what we did and it was the last of our sexual exploration. To this day, I regret and still feel horrible of what I did, May God forgive me

  • How Much I Love Anal

    At the age of 23 I had a friend who was a school teacher also his wife was a school teacher they were on spring vacation and spent a week with my wife and I he and I went to Kmart to pick up some items whatever return home we saw his wife and my wife having sex together that was quite a turn-on as we were both quite surprised that evening my wife told me that his wife told her that my friend wanted to f****** I have to laugh my wife said why not she thought that was exciting I gave it some thought the following afternoon he approached me I agreed he got some KY Lube rub it on his cock and around my butthole he laid on his back ass metal straddle him mind you this is my first time oh my God I don't think it could have gone in any father he held up there shortly and gently started to pump I can feel his cock massage my prostrate that was the most exciting thing I have ever felt I started to lose some pre-c** he started to increase his pumping his breathing got heavier I can feel his cock expand where did he began to move faster I can feel my prostrate in large he let out a huge moan he was coming hard and so was I I covered his chest with semen I have to tell you this was the greatest orgasm I have ever encountered hey ask me if I liked it I told him absolutely but I did not know that he was gay he said that he was not gay but bisexual he asked me if I would like to f*** him are then hesitated and said yes I will try it the feeling of his spasms in his rectum were awesome I come extremely hard again I will tell you this intercourse with a man is much more exciting than a woman the next experience I had he asked me if I thought his wife was attractive and what I like to have sex with her I said absolutely he said this is good however I must f*** you while you are f****** her I agree to that that turned out to be extremely exciting or dad I come so hard I thought I would pass out he asked me if I ever had oral sex performed on me I told him Only my wife again I let him do it very exciting he then asked me if I would like to do it to him I said I will give it a try I don't think it was more than 30 seconds that I had it in my mouth when he shot hot semen into my mouth again this is very exciting I am not there because I love women also again I have f***** his wife are you ask me if it will be okay to have sex with my wife I agree to that and that was a very exciting experience as the first time I f***** him while he was f****** her and at the same time she was looking his wife's p**** the question is am I gay the answer is no a rectum knows neither gay or straight only pleasure I have also had another experience at the age of 13 my father was working late shift I heard my mother moaning in a room next to mine I walked over and look through her door and saw her masturbating my cock instantly became hard I then went into my own room and masturbated absolutely wonderful two weeks later my father was on night shift again I also heard my mother again masturbating this time I cannot resist it I walked in and I asked her if she was all right she said yes but I need the real thing can I help her I wasn't quite sure what I could do she asked me to sit down on her bed next to her she put her lips around my hard cock and began to lick it she continued to masturbate her body went into spasms as I know she was having an orgasm she then put her hands around my cock and cause me to have an orgasm at that point my dad went back on day shifts and we no longer had any other experiences like that until I was 17 and she was still very good looking she had the nicest shaped ass of any woman that I have seen are done my father was on night shift my mother was masturbating and this time she asked me if it would be okay for me to put my penis into her vagina she was beyond childbearing age it did not matter if I came in her but before this she asked me if I wood lick her love button as she pointed to it I did she got so excited it was unbelievable against her whole body went into spasm she laid there breathing hard for a few minutes then grab my penis and told me to insert it into her vagina I did I believe it was only about 30 seconds before I shot hot sperm into her vagina we agreed at that point to have sex together on a night that my father was working serious currently 71 years old now and I am 50 and we still have the most enjoyable sex that I can ever remember I am married now and my wife is okay with me having sex with my mother and on occasion she loves to watch and as far as my anal sex dolls my wife text me with a strap-on