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1st Time Penetrated

On Craigslist, i'd typically post for giving a No Strings BJ. Usually strike out with useless chat. i was striking out all through the night, drinking the whole time, until a guy responded that he was a top and wanted more...never had i done more than give bj's. I figured it wouldn't happen...I said I'll leave my apt door open if he wants to come by.. He responded...could you be blindfolded...i said sure...it was early, probably around 6a I put on a blindfold layed back on my bed from my computer desk and faded out.

I woke up by him grabbing me gently by the head and shifting me off my bed to my knees, putting his penis in my mouth...it happened quickly...I couldn't see...It surprisingly jogged my memory of leaving my door ajar.

He face fucked me for no more than 2 mins...closer to one minute.

Shifted me back to the bed on all fours and after a few pushes, he was in me.

It was an odd feeling having another man's body get off using me...he came, spread my cheeks, he was checking out his load, zipped up, said very few words and left.

A true story

  • The Day I Became Uninhibited

    I was helping as a part time at a law firm. The day came when I was asked by my boss to attend a conference downtown, Since the days were long and the morning were early the firm reserved a block of rooms at a hotel nearby, hu husband was supportive of me attending, he felt it would be a great opportunity at work.
    After a full day of sessions and meetings some coworkers invited me for drinks after. My girlfriends and I were having a few drinks when a gentleman bought me a drink and we began to chat.

    He was saying all the right things, I knew what he was after, and I was letting him. As I stood up to say my goodbye and head to my room, he softly kissed me, I kissed back. Didn’t take long before we were in his room and I was out of my dress, I’m a curvy woman who can stand to lose a few pounds, and yes, I have a big butt. As we kissed passionately, he undid my bra and I was in panties and heels, he told me to leave my shoes on and it turned me on.
    I leaned over so he could get a good view, he caressed it, rubbed my ass, I giggled then suddenly I felt stinging sharp pain, he just slapped my ass and I moaned. It was such a turn on and he knew it. “you like that!” I said I did; he grabbed my hair from behind and kissed my I exclaimed, “fuck me like you want to” he spun me around and kissed me he pushed me to my knees he said “suck it” For the first time in twenty years I was sucking someone else’s cock and it felt wonderful. I looked at him and I again said “fuck me, fuck me hard” he bent me over and grabbed my waist and penetrated me.

    The next day again sessions and meetings I met my coworkers for dinner and drinks and off I went to show off a new outfit I purchased earlier that day. Shorter dress than normal and taller heels. Two gentlemen promptly came over to introduce themselves and obviously purchased a drink for me we talked for a bit and I said I wanted to dance I flirted harder on the dance floor. I explained I was married and my husband was at home with kids, so I was “single” to a certain degree. They smiled and as I flirted harder, they touched and groped. I was sooo turned on in the uber I kissed one and then the other, then exclaimed “I hope you don’t begrudge a girl a fantasy”. In my hotel room they had me out of my dress almost immediately I decided to keep the heels on, my first threesome was underway!

    The last day would be a short day, one quick session and off home again. Again I wore a new outfit with a short, very short dress and heels. During the session I had made the acquaintance of a very nice gentleman. Very cute, I learned he was married and was taking a flight the next morning, I told him I was local but had stayed in the hotel for convenience and dreaded headed back home. He invited me to lunch as we talked, I exclaimed my husband would not approve of my dress since it was so short. He disagreed and complimented my legs. I walked a bit in front of him then leaned over giving him view of my ass. He smiled, as I sat next to him, he placed his hand on my thigh, and asked when I was planning on going home, no rush whatsoever I exclaimed. As he caressed my thigh I told him id never been with a black man before In his room I found myself again on my knees amazed by that huge black dick, almost 8’’ would be my guess. As I stroked and kissed his cock my phone rang, my husband. A few yups, and mmmhmmm as I sucked his cock. He said “I love you” as I pulled his cock out of my mouth to force an “I love you too”. My new friend placed his hand on my head as he said “you’re a sexy slut aren’t you”.


    My name is Arun, age 30 average body 6inch hard, cuckold fantasy, my wife fareen age 29 petite perfect body, housewife - we have been happily married 6years.

    Straight to the story - One day my friend (Harry age 29, chiselled body with sixpack pure gymfreak and brags how good he is in bed rumour is he has a 10inch huge cock)
    who owns a cafe came to see me at my house and as we were talking I seen him checking my wife out which I ignored then asked my wife "what do you do in your free time" and offered my wife a job which I was hesitant accepting but before I can reply she jumped in excitement and instantly accepted at that moment I stayed quite after he left we ended up in a argument where I said "you wont be able to hold this job a week" she stayed quite guess it was challenge accepted.

    Monday morning 1st day of her new job I watched her get ready with her new matching lingerie and black jeans and white shirt she was so excited for her 1st day she didnt even say bye before she left her shift was suppose to be 9am till 5pm so at 5pm I waited outside the cafe to pick her up and waited till 6pm her phone was going straight to voicemail. As I went inside I noticed 2 waitress look at each other and laugh, I asked if Fareen has left they smirked and said yes she left couple of hours ago then I asked where is Harry they replied "he is in the office with some bird" he must of seen my on CCTV and called front and told them to get me a coffee as shop was closed I sat on table having my coffee while waitress were cleaning up when music went off I realised I can hear moans I laughed and said Harry is really doing it in there waitress both looked at me and said some bitch really needed it with a huge grin. Soon waitress left after approx 1 hour of waiting I was shocked to see Fareen walk out adjusting her clothes and Harry without a shirt showing his amazing six pack. Fareen went straight in washroom Harry came and sat next to me and said "your wife is amazing in everything" I looked at him and said "are you for real fucking my wife" he replied "Arun I known you for years you think I dont know about your cuckold fantasy back in college days I seen your internet history its full of it" I just looked at him in shock he added " bro just pretend you dont know let her be happy and dont pretend you dont enjoy it I will send you footage of that camera in the office". She came out and said ready babes I said yes lets go and she turned and said "thank you Harry by the way for everything"

  • Always

    I’ve always been a cheater. I know it’s because of my father. He relentlessly and shamelessly cheated on my mom. He went through several of our babysitters.
    My first boyfriend of high school, I fucked his best friend in his truck more than once.

    My first boyfriend in college, I ducked his younger brother on the regular. Would even tell my boyfriend how big his little brother was. Much to my surprise it turned him on. He was disgusted with himself but we kept it up anyway. My orgasms after one then the other fucked me were unreal.

    My husband now loves hearing my cheating Slut stories. He works 24 7 but doesn’t want me lonely. He was my first to fuck my ass. He begged me to keep that whole for him alone. So this bitch fucked our pool boy and begged him to cum in my asshole. I took pictures of his cum leaking out of my gaping ass and sent them to my husband. He jerked off to it and begged me to record us next time.

    I’m good wife and this time did as requested. The pool boy brought his friend as I requested and the double stuffed me and then took turns dropping loads in my ass. I’m so tired.

    Fit Asian Girls Blossoming At The Gym

    I find the big bottomed asian girls who have nothing to hide let themselves loose at the gym on campus. These girls love to display their figure in the most raw form possible. They dress sluttier than they would on a night out even!

    Thank you beauties for sharing every inch of your body so openly. Truly a treat for the rest of us.

  • Masturbation

    I need help am struggling with wanking. And am tired of it. I once thought of killing my self because of it and because it was affecting my spiritual life.