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Unethical Behavior At An Asian Massage Parlor

Went to my usual Asian massage place.
Walked in and her husband was at the desk.
She came out from the back and I made up a flimsy excuse to get her into a room.
Told her to take off her pants and panties cause I wanted to just give her daty.
Off came her pants and panties and she enjoyed an short oral session all the while her husband sat at the desk.

  • A Secret Love For A Distant Relative

    I have a crush on one of my third cousins. He is the son of my grandfather's cousin. Not sure how that works in terms of family tree, but I'm sure it is still quite i****tuous. We did not grow up together, and he lives overseas. I first met him when I was 17, he was about 12. We got along, and no feelings were there. I didn't meet him again until I was 25. When I went to visit, I was blown away by how my chunky little cousin had grown up.

    He was typical Italian beauty. About 5'10, a little husky, olive skin, thick black hair, beautiful green eyes, with just the same amount of facial hair. Francesco was quite the catch. I was, and still in the closet to my family. They were unaware of my sexuality, and thus my sexual feelings for Fran were a secret. It made things quite conflicting.

    One day my uncle had driven Fran, a few of his friends, and I to the beach. I was excited to see him with less clothing on. I was not disappointed. Fran immediately undressed to his skimpy little pair of blue speedos. I surprised such a tiny piece of fabric could hold in that ass of his. Before we went to the water, we applied sunscreen. I eagerly agreed to assist Fran. His skin was so soft. How I wanted my hands to venture else where.

    We had a marvelous time, and stayed for hours. At the end of the day the fellas went to the lockers to wash off. Fran included. We went in and headed over to the showers. Some of the guys just washed off with their swim suits on. Lucky for me, Fran wasn't as shy. He slipped his tiny speedo off as the shower began to run down him. He stood so proud and unashamed. Michelangelo couldn't have sculpted something more beautiful. Finally, I could adore his plump, fuzzy butt without that meddlesome speedo hiding anything. Just as I suspected, he had the thickest cock and balls I could imagine. Long, thick, a nice dark color, and uncircumcised. He pulled it back to rinse it off. What a beautiful pink head. The guys teased him for going nude, and they started to horse around. My eyes were fixated on his thick cock flopping around. God he was stunning.

    Later on that night Fran asked if I wanted to sleep over. His brother was out of town, so there was an empty bed. Naturally I agreed. We went over to his house around dinner time. In the middle of it I went to the bathroom. Fran had his own bathroom that he shared with his brother. After taking my piss, I noticed the hamper of dirty clothes. I went through, looking for Fran's underwear. He specifically wore stripped ones, so I knew which ones were his. I was so aroused. He had so many. I found a pair that was covered in cum stains.

    I started sniffing it. God, it stunk so good. I could just imagine his wet uncut cock rubbing against it. I found the biggest cum stain I could find, and I started licking it. It tastes so good. I knew this was the closest I'd ever get to swallowing his cum. I hid the underwear and went back to dinner. I did my best to hide my erection.

    Later on that night, when he fell asleep, I went back to the bathroom. I started sniffing and licking every pair of underwear he had. I put one pair on so I could imagine how it would feel. I started quietly playing with myself. I just imagined how much I would give anything to have his cock in me. Nervous I'd get caught, I put everything back and headed back to the room.

    It was so hot in the room, and I couldn't sleep. I looked over at Fran, who was only wearing underwear to sleep. God he looked so hot, his legs wide open. He keep twisting and turning, at one point his blanket came off the bed. I whispered his name a few times, but not response. I got out of bed, and sat infront of his. I just wanted to look at him. As I got closer, I noticed he was hard. His dick was standing tall, with only the button on his boxers keeping it contained. Curious, I tapped his shoulder. Nothing. I did it a few more times. Nothing. He continued to snore.

    My heart was racing. I turned my eyes over to his crotch, and I could see his dick twitching with excitement. Carefully, I reached over and gently rubbed his head through his boxers. The fabric started to get wet from his precum. I licked my lips, and watched him from the corner of my eye. His snoring continued. I carefully undid the button on his boxers. His wet hard member snuck out. I took my finger and began to rub his exposed urethra. It was soaked. I licked the precum off my finger. It was so delicious. So this is what his juice tasted like.

    Very carefully, I did my best to expose his entire cock through his underwear opening. My heart felt like it was gonna pop out of my chest. I knew if he woke up I'd be fucked. He remained hard. Must've had some hot dream. I leaned my head in and went for it. I licked the tip of his fat wet cock. He tasted so good. Francisco, I want your juice.

    As I licked it some more, he became to react. He turned over. I took that as a sign and quietly went back to bed. I couldn't believe what happened. I tried to savor the taste of my precum on my tongue. I fell asleep gazing at him.

    The next morning was nothing out of the ordinary. We had breakfast, chatted, and went out. I don't think he ever knew what happened. I think about it all the time. It hurts. I wish I could tell my cousin how much I want to sexual with him. His body reacted to me so eagerly. It knows what it wants. I wouldn't mind being disowned if it meant I could service his cock and eat swallow his yummy sperm. What a delicacy.

    Trip To Ecuador Led Me To Discover A Secret World Of Gay Sex

    I took early retirement last year and bought a Harley. I looked into various clubs in the area and found one that was made up of Christian men with a mission. I looked them up and they worked with various churches in the area helping youth, habitat, and other worthy causes. We also took road trips, some long and some not so long. After a while I was a member of the group and it became the center of my social circle post retirement.

    In October of last year this fellow rider came to the group and told us that his church was going to sponsor a small church in Cuenca, Ecuador and they were planning a trip down there to see what the local church needed and we would then determine how the church would help them. I signed up to go, in part because I speak passable Spanish and I didn't have wife or family commitments.

    We were housed in a small hotel, small is the operative word. The meals were at this small diner. The bathroom and shower facilities were down the hall. In the morning of the first day we are there I go down to the shower facilities and my travel buddy is in there and he is in the shower. I stepped back but he called for me and told me to hop on in, he would rub my back. At a loss for what to do I followed his instructions and he immediately got the soap on my back and lathered me up, he got up close and personal and his cock swung hitting my behind. After a while he told me to turn around and he lathered me down from neck to crotch, grabbing my cock in his hand and washing it thoroughly.

    He bent down and took my cock and put it in his mouth for a long suck with his tongue running all over the head of my cock. He stood back up complementing me on my cock, offering me his, a great big snake of a cock. "Oh come on, indulge", and I indulged. I had not expected any of this, I had stayed totally straight, I had never given an indication that I was a cock lover. Like I said, I indulged, his cock was a monster cock, and it wasn't long before I had backed up to him and he was finding a way to pleasure me. I put both hands against the shower wall and he pounded me for all it was worth. He satisfied himself and we washed up and went and got dressed and met for breakfast.

    Later that day, after touring the small church we found ourselves alone and he asked me if I liked it, or if I had just faked it. I told him with a cock like that how could I have not liked it, no faking from my end. We talked and covered the topic of finding a lover boy to have fun with, and it was just lucky that we had crossed paths seeing as were both Christians and Harley riders. We had another round that night, this time I did the honors and mounted his sweet ass, tight sweet ass and he made me cum long before I was ready.

    After our return to Atlanta we kept together and partied together and shared cock and bull stories, Always Ready was our motto, in fact that is what we had written on the back of our leather riding jackets. A great big half circle over a cross. He knew more good boys and after a while we had a small group of boys who wanted to do good, ride their Harleys, pray on Sunday and fuck on Monday.

    Take a ride out into the country, find a nice quiet place to stop and hold onto the back of your bike, drop your drawers and pray to Jesus.

  • The Summer Of Birthday Suits And Learning About The Birds And The Bees

    I am now in my early forties, but at one time I was six years old. That summer my family took us to a lake house cabin for the summer. My father worked in the city and he came up every two weeks, the rest of the time it was my mother, my sister and me. The cabin was on the lake and it had a dock and that is where we would go to sunbathe. There weren't many cabins on the lake and from time to time we would see someone go by in a boat, but otherwise we were left alone, part of the reason why my father picked that cabin.

    The first weeks we were there we spent time out on the dock and on a very sunny day and my mother took her top off and laid back to sunbather her boobs. Little did I know that I would grow boobs like that, huge momma boobs with big brown nipples. It was just the three of us, my sister and my mother and me. After a while she turned over and pulled up her bottoms to uncover her butt and get some sun on her cheeks. I remember how white her boobs and bottom were, almost pink in the sun. Out of the blue she told my sister and I that if we wanted to sunbathe in our birthday suit that was okay with her, just don't get our little tushies burned because that would hurt.

    I lay on the towel, completely naked, the sun cooking my tooshie. I opened my legs to get some more sun, it felt so good, something that is hard to describe. After a while my mother told us to turn over and sunbathe our bottoms, get them nice and toasty brown. When daddy came we would have toasty brown bottoms and toasty titties. Well I burned my tooshie that afternoon, pretty bad too. My sister had kept her legs closed and although she was also sunburned it wasn't so bad. My mother had burned her boobs pretty bad, by burned we were pretty red that night.

    My mother had me rub Nivea cream on her boobs and she rubbed Nivea cream on our burnt bottoms, and she took special notice to my tooshie, she was very gentle and told me I had not done what she told me so there, spend a day or two with a burned tooshie and I would learn to pay attention to what she said.

    For the rest of the time before my father came up we sunbathed in our birthday suits, swam in the lake in our birthday suits and walked around the cabin in our birthday suits, we got nice and toasty brown all over, even our tushies got toasty brown. My mother's boobs got tanned and so did her butt cheeks, but she never let the sun hit her tooshie, she said daddy didn't like it that way.

    When daddy came we didn't bother to get dressed, we swam with him in our birthday suits, had a picnic on the dock in our birthday suits. Daddy convinced mother to take off her two piece bottom not just her top. She was naked outside, her boobs and butt were tanned but her tooshie was so white, a triangle of pink white which is the way daddy liked it. Daddy kept his ding dong covered most of the time, except when we were in the lake, mother would cover it with Nivea cream and when she was done she would hold it up and kiss it. At night we heard all sorts of things coming from their room which was next door to ours.

    In the morning mother told us that we should know that when daddy has been away he comes home and he wants his tooshie, that daddies really like tooshies and that he uses his ding dong to make her happy. She opened her legs and showed us her vagina and had us open our legs and find our vaginas. The summer went by fast, there was lots of birthday suit sunbathing and swimming and lots of mother and daddy making noise in their bedroom. We saw daddy's ding dong get pretty big and hard and mother hold it tight and kiss it and we saw mother pull daddy down on top of her. By the time we went back to school in the fall we were pretty knowledgeable about the birds and the bees and how mother and daddy had sex. We got the birds and the bees straight that summer.

    As I am now, I have those same big mother boobs and I like having daddy make me happy. My daughters are now in their late teens early twenties so there isn't much that I can tell them, except that you never get tired of having a ding dong make you happy. As with my parents my girls growing up never had an issue with nudity in the house, not for me or for them. We went once to the south of France and to see what they would do we went to a beach that allowed nude sunbathing. They were fourteen and seventeen at the time. I was curious as to what they would do. They never said anything, they just let the nude people walk by. It is really their time and don't ask don't tell is the order of the day, any conversation about sex with them is strictly verbotten.

    Trapped In Leather, My Endless Fantasy Becomes Reality

    I've always fantasized about being kept in a strait-jacket, otherwise naked, and endlessly fucked at both ends, by a pair of older, tough-guys, for weeks, months, even...

    Recently a pair of escapees from the local prison found my unlocked patio door, and carried out a very private 'home invasion' during which they found me asleep, half-way into my strait-jacket, a horrendously expensive custom-made affair, of expensive leather, lined with latex, and with an attached hood, whose drawcords could hold it tight to my face, so that the zippered opening lay right over my mouth. Well obviously they quickly completed the process, until I was utterly helpless, and after making themselves at home, for a day or so, decided to have some fun with me.

    I ended up on one guy's lap, his hard cock gradually penetrating me deep and deeper, my legs dr**ed over the fat padded arms of the old armchair, while his buddy stood in front, his cock in my mouth, via the zippered opening. One lifted me up and down, on his cock, while the other thrust in and out of my mouth. The one under me reached around and was mauling my swollen testicles, and sliding up and down my shaft, as the other pumped in and out slowly and intensely, until his ejaculation hit the back of my throat, triggering a swallow reflex. Then he withdrew, and closed the zipper tightly, and soon after that his partner exploded inside me, and lifted me off, and out of the chair. On weak shaky legs, I allowed myself to be put back to bed, and they settled down to watch some football game or another. I slept after a while.

    The armchair position has been inflicted on me several times a day, and they discuss at length just how long they can take advantage of their situation. Some serious orgasm denial drew a full confession from me, as to my seclusion and lack of friends or family, and how there was really nothing to stop them making this menage permanent.

    A year later, nothing has changed, and I crave my time in the armchair to the exclusion of all good sense and judgment, as my permanency fantasy grows more and more likely. Now totally compliant, I am allowed an hour a day, to feed myself, toiletries, exercise, and what I'm doing now....

  • The App That Brought Us Together

    I have been waiting to confess to this girl for so long but was worried I got rejected. Then I saw this app called ugotcrush which allows me to make an anonymous confession to the person I like. After I manage to chat to her on the app, I found out that she liked me too. It was a dream come true!