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Been talking to this guy on one the apps. I been wanting to suck a cock. Anyway he and I have been talking about meeting up soon he showed my a picture of his cock (7) inches. I showed him mine (5) inches we both agreed we liked each other's Like I said we been talking and tell one another what we wanna do I want to wear panties and lingerie and he wants to dress like a woman ok well Every time I talk to him I have this feeling of wanting to be a queer I've never ever felt that way in my life but do when talking with him, it turns me on. I've sucked a cock before but never felt like wanting to be a queer I like the picture of his big cock and he knows it I also told him what I feel talking to him he really has made an opinion when I'm not taking to him about various things and not on app with him I fantasize when I am talking or when we do get together for whatever each wants to do I still wanna be a queer around him I don't need to hear any analogies from anyone I'm not gay I love pussy maybe it's just a thing I wanna try.

  • I Need A Spanking

    I'm very naughty. I need to be pulled over someone's lap and spanked. Panties down bare bottom on display, one thigh on each side of one of his legs type of spanked. I need my naughty Clitty rubbing against his thigh each time he spanks me

    Kayla, My First Love

    I've been wanting to post this true story for a while and finally got up the courage to. I've enjoyed everyone else's, so here's mine.

    When I was around 8 years old, we lived out West in a highly religious area of America. Normal houses for the 90s, normal parents, and going to church. There were a lot of kids who lived on my block around the same age and one of them was a girl who lived down the street and she was a year younger than me. Kayla (not her real name) would hang out with her brother and I. We'd all spend time at each other's houses doing kid stuff together; jumping on the trampoline, playing N64 games, riding bikes, Pokemon, etc. But one day all of that changed.

    See, Kayla had a crush on me and wanted to spend time with me alone. I never new why and I thought she was kind of annoying. So, one day when I went over to hang out with her brother, he wasn't there and her mom was taking a nap. Kayla said, "let's hang out" and we went to the basement were the TV and N64 was. Now, this made perfect sense to me because I wasn't allowed to have an N64 and they even had the Pokemon arena game. Annoying or not, I'm playing that game.

    However, we weren't going to play videogames. "Instead, do you want to go to the bathroom with me for a secret", she asked. I said, "sure", not really knowing what would happen, and followed her in. Now, at this point, I had no idea of true, sexual, things. I was a good kid, going to church, good grades, and never disobeyed. But what happened next changed me for the rest of my life.

    I remember her telling me to close the door after we walked through. Kayla asked, "have you kissed anyone?" I said, "no". She moved closer and asked, "would you like to?". "Sure", I said. And we kissed. We pecked for a bit and then she said, "Do you want another secret?" I was already on cloud nine, not knowing what to expect, as my dick was getting hard. I answered "yes".

    This part I still remember clear as day. She looked at me with those pretty brown eyes and slowly pushed her pants and underwear down. And that's when I saw it. The most beautiful, smooth, gorgeous pussy I have every seen. I was so stunned at seeing a naked girl that I just stared. She must have felt uncomfortable cause she asked me to take off my cloths. I remember looking and just enjoying the view. I do not remember taking anything off.

    Then, Kayla came close to me and said, "Kiss me naked like mommies and daddies do". Electricity shot through me as her warm smooth body pressed up to mine as we kissed. My cock gently pressed up on her tummy as we began our adventure. We didn't tongue kiss, but we kissed for a lot longer. Kayla broke off that kiss and asked if she could touch me. I remember being, at that point, nervous because no one else had ever touched my cock. However, I was masturbating since age 6-7 cause a friend of mine on that same block, same age, had figured out the glorious action and showed me. This was something I felt guilty about because masturbation was a sin, but I couldn't stop. I was having dry orgasms, but they were glorious.

    When Kayla touched me I fell in love; completely and utterly in love. Her smooth hand touching my cock was a feeling I didn't want to stop. I then asked to touch her, as she was so close, and she said yes. She felt wet on the outside and I didn't know a damn thing of what I was doing. But when she moaned and squeezed my dick harder, I continued my gentle movement on her slit.

    She then stopped and turned around. Kayla opened the door and grabbed some pillows from the couch downstairs. I, being shocked and scared of getting caught, stayed in the bathroom. In my defense, she didn't explain. She came back naked and laid down the pillows. Then, laying on her back, she said "get on top of me and we will be married". Now, she didn't really spread her legs, but her mound wasn't hard to reach. I rested my cock on her pussy and she said "move back and forth". I slowly figured it out and we humped together until we both felt good. We kissed and continued to hump. At one point my cock head met her entrance, but we just focused on the rubbing part. But rubbing my head on her smooth lips was amazing for both.

    At then end, I came, I told her I loved her. She told me that she loved me and I was her husband. I was excited and called her my wife. We dressed, kissed, and she told me not to tell. I did not tell, until now.

    We continued to express our love sexually until my family moved. We'd kiss, watch each other pee, and even started to kiss each other's parts. Sadly, I moved away around two years after this started. I missed her and the more I grew up, the more I desired my brown eyed angel.

    Recently, I looked her up and found that she died in 2021. Nothing was really listed and I wonder if suicide or drugs could be the reason. It's hard not to think that if I stayed, if she would be alive and mine. I like to think I would have protected her and married her.

  • I Became A Closet Exhibitionist

    I’ve always felt I am reasonably attractive. I’m fairly tall at 5’9” and, at 35 I still feel that I can turn heads. My weight fluctuates a bit between 135 lbs and 150 lbs, but even at 150 I’m not considered fat. I developed early, my boobs were a C cup in 8th or 9th grade, and I have a nice, firm bubble butt. I don’t dress sexy but I have always been confident in my appearance.

    I got married to a good man after college and, rather than spend money on a huge wedding, we eloped and used the money for a down payment on a house. We live in a nice neighborhood with large lots and almost every house has a pool in the back yard…except ours. Our neighbor however had a large pool with a large pool deck. In the summer, he regularly has pool parties for his teenage sons and their friends and regularly invited neighbors over. His wife had left him 2 years earlier for another man.

    I was walking our dog one morning and he stopped me asking if we had plans for Saturday. I couldn’t think of anything so I told him no. He said “Good! I’d like you and Eric to come over to the pool to hang out.” He said it would just be him, his sons, us and a couple of their friends…no more than 8 or 10 people and insisted we join them. He even said he’d have plenty of margaritas, my favorite adult beverage, so I eagerly accepted.

    That Saturday we walked next door around 1:00. I had tried to find an appropriate suit, but none of them seemed right for a family gathering. I ended up settling for a small bikini that barely covered my nipples and was cut high on my hips exposing a lot of ass, at least it wasn’t one of my g-strings. Jim was outside talking to his sons when we joined them.

    His sons, Michael and Dave,13 and 15, are cute boys and greeted us warmly. They had barely finished their burger with 3 of their friends arrived, Doug, Isaac and Greg. Doug and Isaac are Dave’s age, 15, and Greg is 13 like Michael. Greg is black and Isaac is Hispanic and all 3 were polite and friendly. After eating, Dave set up a volley ball net across the pool and the 5 boys jumped in the water. The area where the net was set up is about 3 feet deep on one side and maybe 4 - 5 feet deep on the other. The tallest of the boys is about 5’10”, that would be Dave and Greg. The others are a few inches shorter so Greg and Dave were on the deep side and the other 3 were on the shallow side.

    It was getting warm out so I dove in the deep end of the pool to cool off. Eric and Jim were sitting under an umbrella at a table talking, and the boys were arguing over their game. Greg was saying it’s not fair that they had 3 players when there were only 2 of them so Dave asked me to play on their side. I’d had 4 margaritas by now and figured what the hell and joined them. Since I was taller than the other kids it was only fair that I was in the deeper end. The water came to just below the bottom of my boobs.

    We started playing and I was quickly diving for the ball, jumping to spike it, or tossing it to serve. I tried to tell them I needed to rest, but the pressured me to continue. We played for over an hour, 4 or 5 games I guess, before we decided to rest. I got out and poured me another drink and sat down with Jim and Eric. We talked for a bit and Jim got up to make more margaritas. When he did, Eric asked me “So, are you having fun?” I said yes then he asked “Have you looked at your suit lately?” I looked down and one whole breast was uncovered and half the nipple on the other as well!

    I looked at him and asked how long it had been like that, he said about an hour. It hit me that the boys had been looking at my tits the whole time! I got a slight tingle at the thought of it! I casually covered my tits, leaving the suit dangerously close to my nipples, then moved over to a lounge chair to lay down. I watched the boys play and noticed them staring my direction. When Eric went inside to help Jim, I discreetly moved my bottoms to the side so my lady parts were partially exposed. I realized I was getting excited knowing they could see me! I had sun glasses on so they couldn’t see me watching them while pretending to sleep. When we finally left, I stripped naked as soon as we entered the house and fucked Eric on the sofa. I can’t remember being that turned on before.

    Since that day, I find myself looking for ways to “accidentally” expose myself to men. I’ve done it at stores, the park, restaurants, and the beach. I love the excited expressions on their face when they think I’m not aware that I’m exposed. It’s like they get a peek at something forbidden! I haven’t told Eric about it, but I think he’s figuring it out. I don’ t think he minds at all!! Somehow, there’s something about knowing men are trying to sneak peeks at me, though they don’t need to sneak, that really gets me excited. I will say that I seem to have become very popular with the Jim, Dave and Michael!

    Caught Them In The Act

    I play on a co-ed rec league beach volleyball team. I’m not bad, but the reason we’re good is mostly because of this guy Julian who used to play pro overseas. He’s basically a typical “playa”, rich, with a fit 6-foot-5 body.

    Going back a year, I had suspected something was going on between him and Naomi, one of the women on our team. It wouldn’t be noteworthy if she wasn’t married with a kid, but I had no proof anyways.

    Until last weekend, that is, when we went up north to cottage country to play in a tournament. All five of us stayed at Julian’s summer place, and after our Saturday round of games we headed back there. Two of my teammates decided to take a nap before drinks and a late dinner, and I just chilled out by the dock.

    Julian and Naomi disappeared, which I thought little about until I grabbed a beer and decided to take a walk on the wooded trail nearby.

    As I walked I realized I was hearing moaning. Without even thinking I knew what was going on. I ducked down and started to move closer to the sounds. Sure enough, about 30 yards away I saw them going at it.

    Julian had Naomi pinned against a tree with his bare ass thrusting. Her shorts were tangled around one leg, which was wrapped around his back.

    I was scared shitless they’d see me and thought about scurrying away, but I also couldn’t not look. I tried to camouflage myself in the bushes and could feel mosquitos biting me, but I had to watch.

    He started fucking her harder and harder with each stroke, which led her moans to get louder. Then he engaged her in a deep kiss - I assume to muffle the moans.

    Her body started shaking and he let out a groan and I knew he was coming inside her. I knew then I had to get out of there so I made my move.

    It was hard keeping a straight face at dinner, but I managed. Naomi’s face and neck were flushed pink the whole time.

    I was concurrently turned on and disgusted by the whole thing, but I’ve been masturbating all week with nobody to tell.

  • Secret Fetish Fantasy

    I am a mostly straight male, with a dark secret. I have been wearing women's panties since I was 11.. I used to steal my sister's thongs to wear and look at myself in the mirror. I love the way the silky g string feels rubbing against my asshole when my cock gets hard and pulls the crotch of the little panties tight.

    I have kept it a secret my whole life. Stealing things and other lingerie from girlfriends over the years. Also love to sniff the dirty ones and masturbate. I especially love the smell of asshole on them...

    A few years ago I was doing some blow and got horny and decided to dress up and a new fantasy came into being. I wanted to perform for other guys on camera and talk dirty to them while I modeled the panties for them.

    I started doing this regularly, loving getting another guy off while he watched me finger my asshole and tell him how I wanted to suck his cock while he ate my asshole. I love talking nasty telling them to dominate me and use me, make me their little butt slut... I love to take my thongs off and smell the ass on them, telling the guy on the other end of the video to use them like reigns under my nose while he fucks my tight little shit hole.

    Tonight I am meeting up with a guy that is local to finally fill my fantasy of being dominated by another guy. I can't wait to hop on a cock and ride it while I talk nasty and jack my cock off...

    Hopefully his wife will be there to help him dominate me. That is my other dark fantasy, to be dominated by a couple. I want him to force me to smell her asshole while he fucks mine...

    Hopefully she will dress me up in her lingerie, and direct me on what to do to her husband.
    I can't wait to get my hands on her either.

    Will write back if it goes well Tonight