Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Whether you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, chipmunk, or questioning, this is the space to share your story. Have you been hiding your true self from your family and friends? Are you ready to take the plunge and be true to yourself?

Share the emotions you've been feeling and the struggles you've faced. Did you have a positive experience when coming out, or did it go horribly wrong? Was it a gradual process, or did you come out all at once? Who was the first person you told, and how did they react?

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The summer before I turned 18 my oldest sister and her husband, Ron, moved back home after him spending 25 years in the military. They had lived all over the world so our time was limited to their 30 day visits once a year and our visiting them when they were stationed in the states closer. I am the only son having 3 older sister and a dad who worked evenings so he was never able to attend fuctiond or activities with me. Not his fault and a great father to me and my sisters.
My brother-in-law family all lived in our community and they were part of our church family, so we were all close friends and I was expecially glad that Ron, my brother-in-law, was home becasuse he always went out of his way to make me fell important.
Ron invited me to go with him and his younger brother fishing after dinner one hot July night, whcih I was delighted to go. He drove na hour from the house to a large bodied lake where we took postions under a bridge and cast our our reels. After the second beer Daniel, Ron 36 year old brother began with the dirty jokes and by his 3rd beer he was talking about sex with his friged wife. Ron suggested they change the subject as he looked at me, but I said, I've heard it all before. The fish were not bitting so we just set there waiting to try to catch some cats fish around 10pm. Ron had a couple of beers and began to loosen up telling dirty jokes. So, I told a few I knew and we all set back on our elbows laughing when Damiel offered me a swig of beer, which I took. It didn't take but a few sipes and I could feel the effect but Ron stopped as he had to drive us home in a coupleo f hours.
By the time we were loading our gear to leave I knew Daniel got very little pussy and beat off several times a week and Ron admitted he jerked too. That is when Danil said to me: at your age I bet you jack off 3 or 4 times as day, I laughed and said, at the least.
When we got to the car Damiel got in the back and I got in the passenger seat and we began our hour journey home sometime close to midnight. Daniel kept talking about sex, pussy and jacking his dick when he asked Ron if he minded if he beat off while he drove home. Ron looked at me as to ask permission and I said, absolutely. Ron reached under his seat pulling out a white cloth and handed it back to his brother. Daniel said, I knew you had that cum rag somewhere in this piece of junk.
Danile unzipped and began to stroke his dick talking about blow jobs being better than pussy. After a few minutes Danile suggest Ron and I join him to make it more comfortable. Ron looked at me and I said, I am deaf, dumb and blind. Ron unzipped his shorts and wheeled out a hugh dick. As I unzipped my pants Ron told me to rasise up in the seat and slide my shorts down to my feet, which I did. Ron said we can't all blow at the same time as I only have one cum rag. So he told Danile to go first and he said, I need some nasty talk some kinky shot to me like we aways do. That is when I realized this was not a first for the two of tme.
Ron and Damiel were talking dirty to each other and I was about to blow all over the place, so I stopped beating my meat. In a minute Damile called my name and said, you like looking at your brother-in-laws dick, don't you? I didn't know what to say when ROn said, It's okay to look at it and Daniel said, if I were up there I'd have iot in my mouth. I looked Ron who smiled and that is when I felt Daniel reach between the seats and reach for his brothers cock. The he reached for mine and I lobed my hand as Daniel began to stroke me. Ron said, Daniel is the best cock sucker in the world when he is drunk, get in the back and let him blow you. I was hesitant at first but slipped out of my shorts and over the back of the seat I went. As I went head first into the back seat Daniel moved to one side grabbed my head and shoved my face onto his cock. I didn;t need to be coaxed as I opened my mouth and Damiel slide his dick down my throat. He held my head and hunch fucked my ming some dirty shit. Ron told is to slow down as he was talking the next exit to find a place for us to park and get in the NOt sure how long it took but soon we were stopping on a dead end road and Ron turned the car off and told us to get out.
NOw I am standing with my back to the car with Ron and Damiel standing in front of me with us jacking each other cocks. Daniel sucked me and Ron, then Ron sucked me and Damilel then I sucked the both. I sucked Daniel first and when he guided me head to Ron's cock he atood behind me and told Ron to skull fuck me and he started but he cum an a couple of minutes and filled my mouth. It tan out my mouth and dripped onto mt tee shirt. That is when he pushed my face to Daniel and he scremed as he shoved it on telling his brother hoe exciting it was to put his dick in the mouth where some of ROns cum was. Only took a minute and Daniel cum too as he screamed nasty names at me.d, kinky sec
NOw I am standing with my back to the car while these two macho, brothers kneel takking turns sucking my dick. When said he wanted me to cum in his mouth and then he would kiss Daniel and share. The Ron kissed me and I thought I was going to cum again without touching meself. We caught our breaths and for the next 30 minutes sucked weach other severalm more times. When we dropped Daniel at home he asid it was better than pussy and no drama. On the eway home Ron asked me to blow him as he drove home, which I did. He and Daniel both have really nice average cocks with mushroom heads which I came to love.
Ron and Daniel were not the first dicks for me and certainly not the last. When I came out a gay in my early 20's I did do with the support of Ron, my sister and dad. No one ever knew I had sex with my brother-in-law and his brother or that it went on until Daniel passed away and Ron and I still go fishing, hunting and to sports evemts and have wild and kinky sex. Ron may have white hare but his dick gets hard as a rock and he sill loves to sull fuck my face and I love for him to do it.

  • At the time I was 26 and had not quite admitted to myself that I was attracted to women as opposed to men. I just thought I had not met the right guy. I took a room in a duplex with two other girls and worked the morning shift at the hospital. Next door in the other duplex lived a couple, immigrants from Russia. The wife I guessed to be my age or a couple of years older and the husband was in his mid thirties. He worked at the utility plant as the night engineer and she stayed home. They had been married for several months and she wasn't comfortable looking for a job. I knew all this because she talked to me and we stood on the porch for an hour that afternoon.

    She invited me to have lunch with her. Her husband was asleep so it was the two of us, she had made a Russian stew and it was OK. We talked, she told me how lonely she was and I guess I had to be her friend. When I was home she came over and when I came home from work I would knock on her door to let her know I was home. We spent a lot of time together, and we went grocery shopping together. She was nice looking and had a nice body. We went to Target one afternoon, not really for anything, just to get out.

    While walking through the isles she said she could get some underwear and we walked over to the ladies department and she found a pack of ordinary panties. I laughed at her and said those panties were for old ladies and gave her a pair of high cut bikini panties. She turned them down and said her husband would never let her wear something like that. I answered that I didn't really believe she wore those granny panties. She lifted her dress and showed me that in fact she had granny panties on. I had never had someone flash me and show me their panties. My reaction was to have to tell her they looked awful and that I was sure once her husband saw how nice the other panties were he would prefer them. I took her to the dressing room and pushed my pants down and showed her that I had on the panties I was suggesting. I had never shown anyone my panties before.

    We bought the panties and went to the dressing room and we took off her panties as she held up her dress I held the panties and she stepped into them and I pulled them up. I had never looked at a Russian pussy before, I had never really looked at a pussy before, not as a pussy. I pulled her new panties up and got them on so that they were tight and holding up her dress we admired how they made her look. For sure her husband had to like that. She asked me to show her how they looked on me and I lowered my pants again and let her look. Her fingers reached out and touched my pussy. She didn't say a word and I stood there silently letting her touch. I lifted her dress and touched her pussy.

    We went back and went into her bathroom and she changed back into her normal panties and asked me to hold her new panties for her, she would wear them when we went out but not for her husband. I didn't like how she looked and told her and took some of the fabric of her granny panties and showed her how loose it was. We stood there in the bathroom of her house and we stood there while I touched her pussy. This time I went over her pussy with my fingers, pressing my fingers into her lips, she stood with her tongue in her lip and I had a half smile while I drew my finger around her pussy. I pushed my pants down and let her touch my pussy again. When her husband went to work that night I went back over to her house and I took off my clothes and took off her panties and helped her get out of her nightgown and I touched her naked pussy and kissed her naked pussy. I sucked her tit then kissed her. She lay there not moving so I laid down beside her and kissed her again and played with her tit and then got up and opened her legs and I got between her knees and went down on her.

    I ate her for a long time, she was so wet and her pussy smelled and tasted funny but it made me want to continue to eat her so I did. I opened her vagina with my fingers and put a finger in, a bit at first then pushed it all the way in. My face was completely covered with her pussy juice but she just kissed back when I kissed her. We laid there for an hour, both of us naked deep in the dark, playing with her tits and eating her pussy and kissing. She didn't try to kiss my tits or pussy, she let me do it all. I went back to my side of the duplex to get dressed to go to work.

    When I got home after work I knocked on her door but she didn't let me in. I asked her if she was all right and she said her husband was home and maybe it wasn't right to be there when he was asleep. She hurt me real bad, I went back to my room and cried. I had cried myself out when I looked back and she was standing in my room. She came and got on the bed with me and we hugged and she let me kiss her. We talked and she told me that when she was in secondary school she had kissed with a girl and her mother had found out. I told her I had never kissed a girl before. I got up and made sue the door was closed and took off my top and got on the bed topless and let her touch my tits and this time she kissed them. I slipped out of my work pants and opened my legs and gave myself to her and she did go down on me. This time I kissed her with the taste and smell of my pussy on her face.

    She never told her husband, he worked nights and I worked the morning shift and we went out together and sometimes we came over to my room to get naked, and sometimes I went to her room after her husband had gone to work and I ate pussy the rest of the night. Any pretension that we weren't having lesbian sex would have been stupid. I felt lots of desire for her, and I felt that I needed to see her, I was falling in love with her. Everyone knows not to fall in love with a married woman. Her husband took her away from me and they went to live in Vermont and I was the one that was lonely after she left. It took a long time before I let myself kiss another girl, another nurse who worked with me. She is American and she is not married to a man and she likes being a lesbian, she lives the gay way. I came out to my family but I haven't come out at work or anywhere else. I am a lesbian, I know that now and I am in love with her, but I just can't live the gay way, not yet.

    I was born out of a mistaken involvement between my mother and father. It was God's punishment to my mother for going out with him. For a long time she refused to marry him but she didn't refuse his support. She married him when I was eight and we all lived together in his home. My father's law practice had grown quite a bit and my mother always selected who he hired. He interviewed first, for skills but she interviewed last and she decided who stayed and who left, who got hired and who got fired. And so in comes Cristina.

    Cristina had finished law school and had been an intern for a multinational law firm in London. She met my father at a convention and he asked her to stop by and see if she would want to change firms. My mother fell in love with her the day she met her. It wasn't a casual love, it was out there in full force. Cristina was going to work for my father, she had everything, she was bright and well schooled, and she was just so much of everything that my mother liked. My mother never said hello without kissing her on the lips. It was awkward for a twelve year old to watch her mother behave like that and talk about this girl all day and all night long. This was to be my roll model, I was to grow up and be just like Cristina. Top of my class, top of my sport, lawyer like my father, cool calm and collected, but a tigress in battle. My mother kissed her so much that Cristina sometimes looked around at anyone who would save her. My mother decided that Cristina should come live with us.

    Cristina never had a chance, it wasn't her decision where she lived. The nursery beside my parent's room was converted into a bedroom for Cristina, except that my father had the doorway expanded into a two door passageway between the rooms, and Cristina used my parent's bathroom. Cristina woke up in my parent's bed most of the time, many times when I went in her bed had not been slept in. My mother got pregnant after Cristina moved in, that was the price my father demanded for Cristina. Then Cristina got pregnant.

    We lived in this house where my mother kissed Cristina and everyone in the outside world thought my father kissed Cristina. My mother had found her one and only. My father had his thing, as my mother called it and I am sure that he had his thing with Cristina too, after all she got pregnant. But that the price for Cristina living with my mother.

    I grew up and went to college and graduated with honors and I was accepted to law school and Cristina held my hand all the way. After law school I got a chance to go to London to study International Law. Cristina didn't like that, she didn't want me in London. She had been there as a young lawyer she did not want me in London and she made it clear. My that time my father's firm was large, with over fifty lawyers. Cristina hired a young intern, Gabriela. Gabriela would go with me to London, to look after me and she would study Maritime Law. Gabriela had strict instructions. Strict. That was the condition.

    Gabriela and I landed in London and after a night at a hotel we went to the apartment that my father had leased for our stay, in the right part of town and easy to get back and forth to our studies, a three story flat with a small living, dining and kitchen on the second floor and two bedrooms on the third. One faced the park across the street, not big but bigger than the second bedroom which faced the back. Gabriela said she would not sleep in the little bedroom, she wanted to sleep with me. We were alone in London and Gabriela got in bed with me and made sure I understood just what she wanted. This wasn't up for discussion. We were not going to sleep in separate rooms. Now I knew why Cristina liked Gabriela.

    When you have never been made love to and the person comes along that makes love to you, you get attached. And when that person makes love to you every chance she gets, kisses you and sleeps with you, you get attached. My mother had told me to use this time to get to know myself, well I did. We lived a wonderful two years in London, far away from any prying eyes, and all alone to find ourselves. In my mind I want to believe that was the reason that Gabriela had been selected to go with me to London. Gabriela to me is Cristina to my mother, I kiss her all the time.

  • I grew up on a dairy farm. Everyone pitched in, from the youngest to the oldest. I am the eldest of five kids, three girls and two boys. My father is a lot older than my mother and he had his group of friends who were also all dairy farmers and my mother taught school. We lived in a two bedroom, one bath house. All the kids in one bedroom, the girls in one bed and the boys in the other bed. There was no privacy and no modesty, not among the girls or the boys and not between the girls and the boys, the boys got erections and showed them off and the girls got tits and showed them off. When it came time to sleep the boys were all over the bed but the girls were all tight together, I don't think my youngest sister ever slept that she wasn't in my arms and on my pillow.

    I turned 18 and my mother said I was going to go into town with her and she was going to buy me a new dress for the senior prom. In the dressing room I stripped down to my underwear and the other girls and ladies stared at me. I had to change bras because of the dress and I took my bra off and stood still while this one girl stared at me. She had tits herself but staring at mine made me feel good, well actually it is the first time I remember feeling sexually excited. I got wet. We stood there, she was looking at my tits and I was looking into her pretty face. I felt like I wanted to hug her like I did my little sister, I wanted to kiss her. I don't know if it was two minutes or five but I had to get my other bra on and the dress and I went out to my mother and she asked me what took so long.

    That night I dreamt of the girl, I dreamt that I was holding her and caressing her and kissing her, except I was holding and caressing and kissing my little sister. I had a crush on this girl and I didn't know her name and I never went to the city. I didn't even know what grade she was in, maybe tenth or maybe night grade.

    After I graduated from high school I got a job like most high school girls did working at Sears. I asked to work in the girl's clothes department and because I had two younger sisters I got the job. I got to see all the girls from the town change clothes, see their panties and bras and their legs and belly buttons and their lips and their eyes and their hair, some had bushy panties and others weren't bushy yet. One girl asked if I knew if they carried these panties and I pulled up my dress and asked her if those were the panties she was describing. She said yes and I went and got her three pair of panties.

    My sister had a friend over one Sunday after church and they were going to go out and play in the above ground pool we had in the back yard. She didn't have a bathing suit so my sister loaned her one and I got to watch as they got naked and put on their bathing suits, those small tits and they both by then had a decent bush. I made sure that I watched them change back into their clothes.

    At the end of the summer I went to college, it was only sixty miles away but it was as far away as I had ever been on my own. I saw my dorm mate naked. She slapped my face but I still watched her change and get naked. I was sitting on my bed and she walked over to me and stood a few inches from my face and asked me why I stared at her. I could see the outline of her pussy under her bush, her legs moving from one foot to the other. I put my hands on her hips and kissed her pussy. It was a very long kiss, using my lips to cover her pussy and after a few minutes my tongue to explore her pussy. She stood there until I stopped and looked up at her and she told me I was strange.

    But not so strange that she let me kiss her pussy again and walk her back to her bed and sit her down and open her legs and I told her I loved her and I put my mouth on her pussy and this time I didn't stop until I had an orgasm. My first person to person orgasm. I loved her and I loved being naked with her and kissing her and her tits and her pussy. I made her tell me she loved me and I showed her how I held my sister to sleep and that's how I wanted to hold her to sleep, and if we slept like that we both fit on that single dorm room bed.

    By the time we were seniors we were very experienced with each other and we could sit and kiss and hold hands and talk about what we were going to do after we left college. I was going to be a teacher so she decided to be a teacher and she signed up for getting her teacher's certificate. We didn't quite get the same school district but we were fifteen miles apart and we lived together. No one thought anything of it, two teachers living together, but they didn't know what we did. I like to think that there wasn't much we didn't do, by then we had been together four years and we were quite adept and making the other one have an orgasm.

    A rumor was started that one of the teachers at school was a lesbian. I helped the rumor to cover for myself and we all settled on this woman called Joan. She wasn't a lesbian, she was just a little fat and never had a boyfriend. The rumor taught us to get boyfriends and we did. The stupid guys dated you but they wanted sex and that is where things got difficult. We played that we would not have sex before marriage, we didn't have intercourse but the boys went all the way to third base and beyond, they just didn't get their dick in us. Things were just to complicated and I told my girlfriend it was time to raise anchors and head to L.A. where we would not have a problem.

    That's how it was when we were in our twenties. Of course now we are in our fifties and married and no one says a thing, but we don't teach school either. I got over my attraction to girls my little sister's age once I got attracted to a naked girl my age. I still have a deep attraction to girls in their twenties and early thirties, that's my kind of girl. My wife laughs, why would some twenty year old want to have anything to do with a fifty year old butch?

    Well, I have thought about it time to time for years.

    Now that there is no sex at home I have been thinking about meeting a safe straight married guy to suck off.

    I met a guy the other day at the walking trail I go to. We had a good conversation as we walked. Mostly about the hot looking moms and girls out walking.

    I told him it would be nice but I didn't know if I could do one any good anymore.

    He said well he didn't have that problem, his problem is the wife is frigid.

    So I guess you have to take matters in your own hands then? He you gotta do what you gotta do. I asked a question that I figured would give him an idea where I was headed. I said well I guess your nuts are full and hurt some.

    He said oh yes, all the time.

    Surprising myself I said well I might could help with that.

    I met him the next day on some property I own. He dropped his shorts and a perfect looking cock popped out. Gorgeous big head, he claimed 8 inches, big balls.

    I have never sucked one before but it came natural I guess. I slow sucked him, taking as much as I could, played with those big ball, sucked on them lightly one at a time.

    After awhile he started fucking my mouth, he got off in my mouth, I swallowed got on it again and he shot another good squirt.

    We have met now about twice a week for the last 3 months.

    He said he has another friend that might like to come with him sometime.

    I said that would be fine.

  • Sounds hot, we had only been married for about 2 years when my wife was making another attempt at sucking Cock I eventually blew my load in her mouth and she threw up on my stomach and said I'd like to see you do it better. That planted a seed, i recalled when i was 15 I was sucked off by a guy who was in his late 20's still remembered it as the best blow job I've EVER had to this day, i just kept spurting cum and he kept sucking, wanking and swallowed it all. Then slid up to my ear and whispered do you want to suck me now, U uh no thanks, i had already cut, just wanted to get out of there and did, put the whole thing out of my head, until the wife said that. I'm laying there thinking it can't be that hard right ?. It's now 20 years later and I've been sucked of by 11 men, had 8 Cocks in my mouth, swallowed um only twice, 2 guys have tried fucking me, neither had any lube or patience and never got past pushing me onto my back and getting my legs in the air before I got the he'll Outa there, Would definitely Love to be feel a mans hands on my waist one day after he's lubed me up good and can't wait to feel a Big Hard Cock popping inside me for the first time, But until I find the right Man for the job, I'll just continue meeting up with married men and sucking their Cocks in public dressing rooms, rest rooms their homes and occasionally mine
    As it Is Not that hard to suck a Big Cock it's just the swallowing their jizz that worries me, the ones I did was only because we'd been talking for some time, I felt confident they were clean and dfree and I LOVED the feeling of a Man pumping his warm load in my mouth and gulping it down, Without throwing up.