Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Whether you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, chipmunk, or questioning, this is the space to share your story. Have you been hiding your true self from your family and friends? Are you ready to take the plunge and be true to yourself?

Share the emotions you've been feeling and the struggles you've faced. Did you have a positive experience when coming out, or did it go horribly wrong? Was it a gradual process, or did you come out all at once? Who was the first person you told, and how did they react?

This is a safe and supportive space to share your journey, and to offer support and encouragement to others who may be struggling with their own identity.

First I can't complain about my life, I am one daughter of several (we are seven kids), my parents own a very successful business in Indiana and I enjoyed a great childhood. But, always a but, I just never met my other half. Not that I have not tried. I am pretty enough, if not too much, athletic, energetic, good schools, traveled extensively, poised, conversationalist. I am a "catch". I was alwas told that whoever gets me will get a great wife and I am laser focused on family. I don't work, I am MOM material, I will make you a great home.

I am picky, if you are not premium then you are not for me.

Well I went to see my mother's baby sister in New York. She is single, rich and moves in all the right social circles. My Mom sent me to see her, maybe she can shed some light on my man problem. She was as nice as you can expect, she has always been my favorite Aunt. When we had dinner she told me she didn't want a man, she was quite happy slipping in and out of bed with lovely young ladies. To put it bluntly she really never got close enough for some man to use his dick on her. Sorry to disappoint, but if I was interested she could set me up with more pussy than I could handle.

Talk about being put in an awkward position. My aunt was gay and my mother knew it and she sent me anyway. My aunt did what my mother wanted, introduced me to several girls. All nice, beautiful, educated at great schools, rich, and looking for 'that girl'. Two weeks of 'dates', two weeks of false starts, two weeks of asking myself what was I doing. Then one showed up, she is an artist, her work is amazing, 31, so beautiful, she got into my mind. And she told my aunt she would see me, she just didn't want to break me in.

But I wanted her to break me in. All I thought was if this was what I was then she was the one. I had literally never felt the 'connection' before. My aunt said get between the sheets a couple of times and see if you like it, see if you are compatible with a strong minded woman, if you can be her Beta because she is definitely an Alpha. Well, she broke me in, and it was the most anxious thing I have ever done. I liked it, but it was so weird, and I never got up the nerve to kiss her down there.

I always envisioned myself being a Mom with five kids, I always saw myself walking beside a man, but can I be that to this woman? I know I am picky, but I never thought I was fishing in the wrong pond. The fishies I was supposed to be looking for look like me, and don't have a stinger. What if she says, nice roll in the hay, but you aren't pretty enough?

  • After college a friend of mine and I, both middle class white females, decided to make a trip through South America, starting in Peru. This was in the mid eighties. We hired a guide to take us to Machu Picchu. He was thirty five or so, a sociology student but not graduated, he spoke English pretty well. We flew to Cusco and were supposed to continue by land from there.

    In Cusco we stayed at a small hotel, he had his room and we shared a room with two beds. In the middle of the night the door was busted down and we were taken out of our beds, hand cuffed and thrown in police vehicles. We were taken somewhere, interrogated about supporting the Shining Path which we had never heard of, pressed for the most minute information about our guide.

    After three days we were given our things and escorted under armed guards and put on a plane to Miami.

    We never traveled abroad again. We have lived together all these years, we sleep in the same room. We never heard about our guide, never found out why we were arrested and interrogated. We were not m****ted sexually, but that is a small consolation to what they did do, using one of us to suffer and the other one to beg them to stop.

    Somewhere in that darkness I understood that if I was to ever love someone I should love her right then before they killed me without ever loving someone. I asked for forgiveness for my sins, told her I loved her and prepared my soul for the hereafter. Our eyes locked and we took strength from each other. On the flight back to Miami she confessed her love for me.

    I moved in with a friend so that my dog could have a back yard. Between the houses were four foot chain link fences which were fine as they kept the dog out of other people's back yard. I was out with my dog and the neighbor came to the fence and introduced himself to me and offered to help if we needed help. I thanked him and went about my way.

    Last year for the Fourth he had some friends over and they were cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and he came over and invited us 'girls' to come over and have a beer and a hamburger. We put on some shorts and tops and went over and introduced ourselves around. One of the guys there said that our neighbor had told him we were gay and he wanted to know if we were married or if we were just shacking up. Telling him we weren't gay was useless. We blew him off and had a nice time. When we got ready to go back to our house the man that accused us being gay walked with us to our front door and offered to provide man service, seeing as we weren't gay. He said he had a reputation for making girls scream.

    Behind our front door we laughed, and changed into our bed clothes and sat down to watch an episode of the Hallmark Channel which we watched religiously. My housemate sat beside me and put her hand under my boob and asked me if I needed a lift. Then a kiss on the cheek, then she jumped my bones and was on top of me tearing off my nightgown and going for my panties. At first I went along, it was a joke but when she went for my panties she was serious and I let her win and open my legs and go down on me. Her lips and breath were hot, and her tongue was like a hot spear driving into me, her teeth grinding on my clit, her fingers digging into me. I was lost in the moment and I had an orgasm on the couch. She pulled herself up, taking off her nightgown and grabbing onto me and asking me if I was ready for round two.

    This time she went slow down on me and worked up and down kissing and grabbing my boobs, kissing my nipples and my face and back down to my pussy. She looked into my eyes and told me she loved pussy and she was glad I loved giving it to her. Kissing with our arms around each other we fell to the floor and pushed the coffee table out of the way and she offered herself to me and I tried my first girl. We stopped only when we were no longer able to go on and decided to go to the bed where it was softer.

    She said she had always been gay, since her earliest memories of having a crush and I told her it was my first time. First time or not she made sure that I was going to remember it and we slept and woke up and made out and slept until the next morning when we woke up late in the day. We laughed at the guy from the night before who offered us sex and spent the day in a lazy motion talking about things of the heart, wondering why the Hallmark Channel never had a show of flower arranger falling for the girl cop in town.

    We live next door and we eloped in April so not to scare off any of our friends and relatives and when he sees us he asks us how us girls were getting along and if we needed any help. We ask him from time to time to help us, things like cutting a limb down or climbing on the roof, we make sure it is always he-man stuff and admire his call of duty. We aren't homemaker types so we don't cook or clean for him, but from time to time we help him out with girl stuff, like helping him shop for his mom or sister. He pretty much knows that we are a thing but he never brings it up and he has never invited his crude friend over and us at the same time.

    Hey girls, how about getting some pizza and watching the game with me? We like doing that.

  • My mother came out to me when I returned home after college before I would leave again for a job in D.C. I screamed at her, how could she do that to Daddy. She was his F wife, WIFE. I did not empathize. She stayed in her marriage allowing my father to find a young lover.

    I met her in my second year at work. I had been accepted at Cornell for Graduate School. Leaving her behind was unthinkable, I just couldn't. I decided not to go to Cornell. I moved in with her.

    My mother came to D.C. to find out what I was thinking, she showed up at our apartment unannounced and found that only one bed had been slept in. Found our dirty clothes on the floor of the bedroom, dirty clothes, hair brushes, toothbrushes, make-up and my good earrings in the bathroom. The bed was still warm, she had caught us before we had gotten up that morning.

    She ordered me to Cornell, "you go and don't you dare come back without a husband!". And she yelled at my girl "get out of here, leave my daughter alone". It was her apartment I had moved into.

    I went to Cornell, met a young man from the Medical School in N. Y., got married after he graduated and went with him to be his wife while he completed his residency. I let my 'embarrassment' slide into the background, made Daddy proud with his first two granddaughters, I strived to be a good wife. My husband's acceptance of me riled my life. His happiness and relief of his stress from his Medical practice was predominant in my heart and mind. And my girls growing up at home.

    When I 'messed' up and did the unthinkable I thought of my mother. How could I do that to my girl's Daddy? I stopped, kept my secret tryst to myself. I renewed my vows, I renewed my life. My mother passed and our conversation after I went home after college was never talked about again. She never told anyone of what she found in D.C. that morning. I met her special friend at her funeral, she told me in that short moment to honor my husband, as my mother had honored my father.

    I am my husband's wife, I am a lesbian woman as was my mother.

    Thank you,

    We had a family reunion at the beach. There were cousins and aunts and uncles I had never met. We got permission to build a bonfire on the beach. Someone said lets go swimming, some one took off their clothes and we all took off our clothes, it was dark with a small moon, the only light was the bonfire, naked kids all around, some college kids and some ten and twelve. I was fourteen and being naked felt good, seeing the other kids felt good. My new cousin wanted to pee so I took her behind the dune, she was ten with small tits and light pubes. I stood beside her and held her hand to pee. Then I squatted, opened my legs and peed. I had midsized boobs and a very hairy vagina. Letting her look felt good. After I peed I opened her legs and looked at her.

    I remembered that night and would a get naked whenever I could. After college I went to the Peace Corp in Bolivia. I worked in a small town with this Nashville girl who went to Sewanee, it took months before she got naked with me. She was small with small tits and a very bushy vagina. By then I was heavier with full tits, heavy hips and a very bushy vagina. She had a pretty face and so did I, getting naked like that felt good, we stared until we laid on the bed to touch. The word got back to the Peace Corp that we were sleeping together and we were tossed out and went home.

    The forbidden fruit had crossed our lips and we couldn't live without it. We moved to Costa Rica and worked in the computer gambling business server warehouse in a small town on the coast. No one cared that we slept together, or that we watched hours and hours of lesbian porn. We were near a small beach where we could just get naked and we did, we started a sort of nudist beach. It was an amazing year, then we had to grow up and go home.

  • I sucked my first cock at age 14. My friend was 12. Neither of us had pubic hair. I ejaculated when I came, my first ever orgasm. My friend had a dry orgasm as he was not quite at puberty. We sucked each other a few times over the next year until we both 'discovered' girls. I wish now we had known we are gay and continued that exploration. I now enjoy most aspects of gay sex; mutual sucking, rimming, assplay, flip fucking and cum eating. I'm still closeted and only occasionally am able to truly express my sexuality. 2 days ago a hot young Latino had me on my knees sucking his uncut cock and licking his asshole. Then he bent me over and slid his bare cock unlubed into my hungry wet fuckhole. He'd fuck me hard for a bit then pull out and I'd suck him ass to mouth. After doing this for a while he told me he was cumming. He started to pull out but the first shot went in my asshole. I turned around and swallowed the rest while stroking myself to a heavenly orgasm.