Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Whether you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, chipmunk, or questioning, this is the space to share your story. Have you been hiding your true self from your family and friends? Are you ready to take the plunge and be true to yourself?

Share the emotions you've been feeling and the struggles you've faced. Did you have a positive experience when coming out, or did it go horribly wrong? Was it a gradual process, or did you come out all at once? Who was the first person you told, and how did they react?

This is a safe and supportive space to share your journey, and to offer support and encouragement to others who may be struggling with their own identity.

I have been working at the same place since I was 18. They hired me the day after I graduated high school. As I have gotten older I have become more and more comfortable with my sexuality and have blossomed into a rather flamboyant sissy. So one day I decided to come out to a couple of my co workers as if they couldn't have figured it out already. word got to my boss who is a fundamentalist Christian and believes the crime of being a homosexual should get the death penalty. So he immediately fired me and even refused to give me my final pay check or back vacation pay or some benefits I was entitled to. So I hired a lawyer and sued him. State law makes it illegal to fire someone for being gay. I honestly don't know how he could not have known before. I won the law suit. It took a while but the judge ordered him to pay me 18 months back pay at triple the rate I was paid. Then he ordered him to hire me back at double my previous rate and reinstate all my benefits retroactive to the date he fired me. He refused, spent months in jail for contempt of court then he lost his business when the judge ordered it sold. My new boss is gay and he likes me, a lot...

  • When I was sixteen I ran away from home. I bought a ticket on the Greyhound bus for Los Angeles. Lots of people got on and got off, and the drivers changed in Phoenix. Once I got to L.A. I wandered around and fell asleep at the bus station and when I woke up my bag was gone with my clothes and money. In the bathroom I was washing my face and this woman asked me what I was doing, she didn't leave me alone and got out of me that I was on the street and that I had lost my bag and I didn't have any money. She gave me a twenty dollar bill, which back then was like a hundred dollars today, she told me I was pretty and if I wanted I could go home with her and get a shower and get something to eat. It never crossed my mind to ask what she was doing at the bus station.

    At her house she came into the bathroom when I was in the shower and asked me if I needed anything. She stayed in the bathroom waiting for me to get out of the shower. She finally just pulled the shower curtain back and turned off the water and held up a towel and told me to step into it so she could dry me off. I had never been felt up before and she pushed her hand in between my legs and she rubbed my breasts. When I tried to step away she raised her voice and told me to stand still she wasn't done drying me. She but a bathrobe around me because she had put my clothes in the wash and she sat me down to eat breakfast.

    She told me her name was Mary and that I was going to be her houseguest. When my clothes came out of the dryer she stood in front of me while I put on my clothes, she ran her hands over my hips and boobs telling me what a pretty young thing I was. She showed me her room and told me that I was going to sleep with her but I had to sleep on the side by the window because sometimes she had to get up at night and go down the hall to the bathroom. I had never met a lesbian before.

    She went out to go to the store. I tried to leave but the doors to the house were locked. When she got back she had some clothes she had picked up and a bag of groceries. She gave me a lecture about being a young girl on the streets and she was lucky she had found me before I was taken away by the pimps. I got several lectures that day and all of them ended up with if I went on the streets the pimps would get me. That night she told me she liked girls just like me and to take my clothes off and get in bed. She got naked beside the bed and got on the bed and I had to touch her and get to know her. She made love to me.

    She had some money because her father had left her with a trust and she owned the house she lived in and I stayed with her for a long time. She was very jealous but she let me come and go and she took me to this school and enrolled me telling them that I was her niece and had come to live with her. Nights were hot and cold, many nights we went to bed and she insisted on holding me regardless and we fell asleep. But some nights she wanted to play with me, she always got naked first and had me play with her breasts and suck her nipples, she hardly ever made me go down, but she went down on me all the time. Compared to her I was small but even at that age I had had sized breasts and she loved to lay me on my back and play with my breasts and talk about the day. Sometimes she went down on me and didn't stop, not even after she had gotten me off.

    When I finally moved out, I had finished high school and I was going to art school and I had a job working for a small office as a clerk. She gave me money and helped set me up in my first apartment, she wasn't happy about me leaving but she said I was just one of those that could not stay put. Alone I found out that I got hotter with a man than I did with her and I discovered sex that I wanted to do. I got hurt several times and she always told me it was because I was chasing a man and I had to learn that was a dead end street, to find a young woman that I liked and make her my own and stop playing with fire.

    Along around when I was twenty-five she introduced me to a college girl she knew through some friends. She was going to college and she was definitely gay. Her name is Alice and she is originally from Huntington West Virginia. We hung around for a while and it took a long time for us to sync up and find out that we could be together. I won't say that Mary is wrong, guys always end up blowing up in my face. Mary wants me to be with Alice and never quits telling me to stay away from guys. There is only one path she says, and it is not with a man, follow my heart, lay my head down beside Alice and tell her she is the only one. I wish it was that easy, I wish the path was as clear to me as it is to her. I do hold Alice at night, and when we make love I sometimes can't stop. I do tell her she is mine and that I am glad she is with me, I tell her but sometimes I don't know if I am telling her to convince myself or to convince her. Or to agree with Mary.

    I came out with my freshman roommate in college. She is an all American beauty, 5 foot 6 inches, blond and blue eyed, she played various sports in high school including softball, volleyball and lacrosse. She came to college on a softball scholarship. She is a kisser and toucher, she likes to play with my tits, but mostly she likes to lay around and kiss. Kiss in the morning after you wake up, kiss before you go to class, kiss when you get in from class, kiss when sit around and watch tv. I wasn't used to so much kissing, the most I had ever done was pretend kiss at parties.

    When she gave things away was one morning when I was at breakfast in the cafeteria and she came down and snuck her hands under my arms and held me by the boobs and kissed me to say good morning. She didn't think anyone was watching us. That afternoon she told a friend of mine that we were queers and she didn't care who knew. Basically she outed me. Once she decided that she wanted to come out and she dragged me with her. Coming out at school eventually meant that I had to come out at home, no one was surprised and no one was surprised that I was dating my roommate at college, well actually sleeping with her because we were in the same room. My parents had a talk with us, her parents were not so easy, they were shocked even though she had experimented in high school a whole lot more than I ever did.

  • I worked for Band X all my career and got to the end of the rope and was let go as I approached 65. The severance package was generous but the loss of the job was not. I went into a deep depression. I started out with I will travel, but of course alone that is not fun. My son has been my burden since his teens, he dropped out of high school, has been in prison for dealing drugs, he is out on probation working at a warehouse. He is not a person you want to spend any time with. Very sad really, his behavior cost me my marriage.

    I took a couple of courses at the community college but just could not get into them. In the public restroom I was approached by an obviously homeless man who offered to give me a blow job for ten bucks. We went into a stall and he sucked me for a minute and asked for the ten bucks and left. That incident didn't help my depression. I got a part time job working at the county library restocking books. Boring and of course you can't talk to anyone. There was this one man that came in every afternoon and worked on one of the computers. He brought his flash drive and type away. One day I asked him what he was working on and he said he was writing a novel to pass the time away.

    He wouldn't let me read what he was writing but after several days he agreed to meet me at Starbucks for a coffee. Like me he is retired, like me he is bored, like me he can live but he really can't do anything. He writes a nonsense novel and I restock books at the library. We got to be library friends and from time to time we had a coffee. In one of those coffees I told him about the incident with the homeless guy, maybe he could work something like that into his novel. We talked and he said that maybe I liked it, having the homeless man suck me for a minute, maybe it was an unfulfilled desire. He looked at me and offered to suck me, he said he would very much like to do that and he promised he wouldn't charge me ten bucks and it wouldn't be for a minute, to him it was an art.

    Well, at his apartment which was a short bus ride away from the library he fulfilled his promise. He told me he was gay and had always been gay and it was a pleasure to introduce me to a more liberal way of thinking. That day he sucked me to completion, like he said it is an art. I hadn't had an ejaculation with another human being in a very long time, I was surprised at how quickly I responded to him and how good it felt to have a warm set of lips and a warm hand on me. He offered to help me get over some of my hang ups, he would like it if I gave him a blow job, sort of tit for tat. It was awkward but once I got started it was easier and strangely erotic, he coached me and he helped with his hand, coaching me on how to help the process along with your hand, and he had an ejaculation too.

    Well this became a thing to do, the more I sucked him the more I liked it, the more he sucked me the more I liked it, and it wasn't long before we were across from each other on the bed sucking cock. He read passages to me from the book he was writing, it was about gay men and it had many passages of gay sex, I had never known that gay men play with nipples or that gay men are sensual kissers. I learned how gay men have sex, I learned to have gay sex, at first quite a difficult thing to let happen, but after several times a desire to let it happen. The more we did the more I liked it and just as he said I lost many of my inhibitions and we became lovers.

    I felt bad because I wasn't gay, I was just having gay sex. He was gay and he confessed his feelings to me, feelings that I could not reciprocate, I was having sex, pleasurable gay sex, but I didn't have feelings for him. So he had feelings, and I had sex, lots of sex. What I did have was a need to spend time with him and we enjoyed outside activities together, we took a couple of long weekend driving trips, we had the pleasure of having sex in bed and breakfasts where the idea of two retired men sharing a room gave the owners something to think about. We also went to bed and breakfasts owned by gay couples and he introduced me to their kind of living. Around town I met more and more gay people, both men and women and the more I got involved the more I enjoyed it when we had sex, sure he was an artist when it came to sex, I was an intern but what I didn't know I made up for with enthusiasm. I am at the point of truly enjoying sucking his cock and truly enjoying having him have sex with me. He is close friend, that is as far as my feelings go right now, and I continue to enjoy the sex.

    Our town had a mini Gay Pride event, mini because it was quite small but we were there, just a bunch of gay men and women hanging out at this outdoor bar.

    I went to college and ended up with a degree in forestry management. Not what I ever intended to study but between dropped classes and whatnot I ended up with that degree and had to graduate. The placement office got me an interview with a forestry company and I guess I was acceptable enough and I got hired. The pay was not much, and I had to move to up to Oregon where they had a tree growing operation. The town was small, about ten thousand people with a movie theater and a small shopping area, a couple of local cafes and the proverbial fast food places. I rented one side of a duplex complex and started my job on a Monday morning. I was assigned to the forestry management department, an office job keeping records.

    After meeting the small office staff and getting orientation about the activities the office manager, a woman and one of the field superintendents took me to lunch at one of the local cafes. Everyone knows everyone in town and they were locals, they knew the name of the waitress and the waitress knew their name and they introduced me and she was nice, an older lady, but she was nice and called me my name. I was sure she would never forget my name.

    I spent the afternoon getting exposed to the records and the office manager showed me what I needed to do and how to file everything, and what papers I needed to take to her for counter signature. All the office stuff. She also told me that the next two days I would be going with the field superintendent and he was going to show me around the farm and how the farm was laid out, the harvesting and the lumber processing area. We would spend the night at one of the camps, more for experience than anything else. I got my hard hat issued and my steel toed boots which I did not like and company overalls and I was set for the next day.

    On the drive up he was talkative and he probed about my love life. I should have paid more attention but he just went on and on and I had a hard time convincing him that I did not have a girlfriend and in fact I had never had a girlfriend. We got up into the mountain and he pulled over into this turn around on the road and stopped the truck, turned to me and put his hand in my lap and said he thought maybe I liked boys. His hand was hard on my lap, or crotch really and he was grabbing me through the coveralls and he said he was pretty sure I liked boys and he liked boys and we were going to get along fine. He held my crotch for several minutes challenging me to get his hand off but there was no way I could win. I know I was flushed, I could feel it, my heart was beating too fast and my breath was hard and he kept telling me he knew I liked that, he could feel it, he could feel me getting hard under his hand.

    We drove on, I was nervous from them on and didn't want to talk but he talked for both of us. reaching over to grab my crotch as we drove. He asked me when I had sucked my first man and he figured out that I did not have any experience. As we drove into the base camp he told me that I was his boyfriend so to stay away from any of the other guys, they had been out there alone for a couple of weeks and they might want to take me out back. I was introduced to these two men, who obviously looked like they had been out there for several weeks, unshaven and dirty. The superintendent showed me my room in the trailer and he told me he was in the next room and we would be seeing more of each other later that night.

    Everyone ate what was heated up and they talked business, explaining to me from time to time and telling me that I would catch on. After the dishes were cleaned up we went outside for a few minutes before the superintendent pulled me aside and told his buddies we were going to get some rest. He took me into trailer while the two guys watched. There wasn't any ceremony, he started to jerk my clothes off working on getting my coveralls off while he took his off, he told me he had wanted me from the time he saw me, he got naked first and got me naked and he was on my cock with his mouth and hands and then he laid back on the bed and told me to get on his cock. I don't think I sucked him for a minute before he had turned me over on the bed and got on my back and started to fuck me. What he used to slick me up I don't know what it was or where it came from but his finger was sliding in and out of my ass before he got his cock in and fucked me for what felt like a long time.

    For my first time it felt pretty good, in fact it felt really good. He got off and used the pillow case to clean off and threw it to me to clean off and he went back to sucking my cock. After I finally let go he got dressed and went outside and back into the building to talk with his friends. I had been initiated. Whenever he came into town he spent time with me at the duplex. No one said anything, it was a long time later that I learned that he had a reputation and I wasn't the first new hire he initiated. I have moved on and moved to Portland. I have met this guy and that guy over the last several years, but I have my initiation imbedded in my memory. I try not to compare, but I do.

  • There isn't much to say here, I was in a fraternity during my freshman year and I was passed around and three guys fucked me in a row. After I got fucked I became part of the fraternity and joined the in group. The guys fucked and sucked each other and I sucked and fucked too. It is what we did. No one was really one thing or the other, we all liked to suck and we all liked getting fucked so we took turns.

    After college and I was out on my own I missed getting together with my fraternity brothers. I was lonely enough for that kind of sex and I answered an add in a local trash paper that I picked up outside a record store. The add called for a young man with an appetite for adventure. I went to this address, it was an apartment and I was determined so I knocked on the door and this middle aged man answered. He was nice an all and he walked me around, showed me the place, he asked me lots of questions like in a job interview. In the bedroom he had a large mirror on the ceiling and he wanted me to undress for him.

    He tried on these furry cuffs and put me on the bed and tied my hands to the headboard, he got on me and sucked me into an erection and then started to play with my dick with a feather, teasing me. He got a glove on and put his hand under me and stuck his finger in my ass and sucked me until I came. He gave me my first prostate massage. Every week it was something different, he used various ointments, candles, restraints, small whips, he always sucked me but never fucked me or asked me to suck him or fuck him. After a while it was interesting but I got bored and I decided to stop going there.

    My next experience was totally opposite. I met this man again through the adds in the paper and he was an aggressive top who fucked me right out. I liked it and I went back a couple of times, I gave him a couple of blow jobs which I liked and we fucked, but once we had fucked he wanted me to leave.

    The third guy I met was at the apartment complex in the laundry room. He was a salesman for a manufacturing company, he was always dressed nice and he asked me to his apartment and he prepared dinner for me. He came across as being a sophisticate and he was definitely a top and we got along fine. We went out together and became friends and when my lease ran out I moved in with him and we became lovers. I think it was the first time I felt something for my lover. Through him I met other men who were also gay and I became part of the local gay club.

    Time has a way of passing and I am alone again, my old fraternity brothers stay in touch, it is easier now because of email and social media, they have their lives and only one of the other fraternity brothers is gay. I have my group, and from time to time we play but it is not as much fun as it was when I was in the fraternity, but it is still fun to play. I met a guy several weeks ago, he moved in to the condo complex that I live in and he reminds me of my first lover. He is an art dealer and works with special orders for wealthy clients who commission him to buy specific pieces for him, which I find interesting. He must think my job is dull, office manager for a small law firm.

    Maybe we will be friends and more.