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Lesbian With Fantasies Of Men

I'm a lesbian I always knew, but lately I have this regular fantasy of finding myself dancing in the club, men start watching me like hypnotized, and I start to get horny just by their glaze of desire over me. One of them slowly approaching, making me dance against him, and I'm so into it. I dance against him like I want it. He starts touching me softly over the close to the rhythm, then slowly touching under my dress. A lot of teasing, a lot of soft touches and rubbing here and there. Others keep looking, only at me. He starts kissing me, his tongue inside my mouth, we make up passionately. Then he leads me to kneel down, guiding my face to his pants. I make out with his pants over his crotch, I unzip it, then I make out with his underwear. Before I get to the real thing I turn the round, I shake it against him again, but this time, I stare at the others who keep watching me, almost hunger in their eyes by how intensely they stare at me. But I'm in control. I get f_cked rough in the floor to the rhythm of the song, all eyes on me. And I'm loving every second.

The fantasy sometimes differs a little. Maybe I'm against the bar of the club, drinking casually, standing by looking towards the bar. Then some dude places himself just behind me, against me. Starts massaging my body like it's his. Proceeds to fuck me against the bar with my tight dress on, the music playing, no one gives a f2ck.
Or in the bathroom of the club. But in this one I'm constantly being told how much of a s1lut I am, a lot of dirty talking, I'm f9cked like a doll and this one feels a little dirty given, ya know, that I'm in a bathroom. But I somehow still love it and I just want to be used and adored.

  • Fun Times

    Reading these stories I feel ok sharing. At around 8 I sucked off a childhood friend who was a bit older than me, 12 from what I remember. I didn’t know anything about sex or had any urges yet so I was mostly curious on stuff. It was just us playing outside hanging out like normal till I got one of those random boners. I had loose shorts on so he immediately noticed. I just laughed and embarrassingly apologized said that it happened to me randomly. But with a sort of thinking face he suggested we should go somewhere hidden where he could help make it go away. Had no idea why my little thing was up so followed him wanting to just make it go back to normal.

    We went to this spot that was covered by trees and bushes where the nearby houses couldn’t see into and had plenty sunlight still go through to see. He told me that it was normal for my thing to be up that my body wanted sex. I’ve seen a few R rated movies by then and liked both girls and boys so I sorta knew what he meant and asked what we should do then. He ended up going on his knees and sliding off my shorts and underwear, my 3 or 4 inch penis sticking out. It was really embarrassing but I just waited for him to do whatever. He stroked me for a bit while saying he learned this stuff from another friend. After a bit he slid off his pants and underwear too while still on his knees. He was hard as a rock and a bit bigger than me at I think 5 inches which made me harder when I saw it. When he felt that he put his mouth on my little cock, felt amazing. He didn’t blow me for long till I ended up having a huge orgasm, thrusting really fast and hard into his mouth but without any cum because I wasn’t developed enough pretty sure is why. He stood up as my now limp penis slid out of his mouth and said that it must’ve felt great and that it was his turn. I was wide eyed and a little nervous. Looking down at his dick it was throbbing and leaking pre cum. I thought to myself if I really wanted to do this. Ended up taking off my shirt so I was now just a butt naked, got on my knees in front of him, and nervously started to try giving him a handjob. He was guiding my hands for a bit and I started getting hard again. After a bit I put my hands on his thighs and licked his balls. They were really soft and fun to play with my tongue I noticed so did that. Started to then take his cock in my mouth. He helped guide my head for that too. When he was close to cumming he started to really get aggressive, thrusting fast and hard into my mouth while holding my head, it was a little scary but I also loved how rough he was being and he soon ended up dumping a huge load down my throat while holding my head in place. I didn’t know what was happening but he said to just swallow so I did. When he let go I gasped for air and coughed, some cum spilling out. He told me that’s what happens when you fully orgasm and said I was a good friend and good boy. I giggled and said nice and that I’d love to explore more. He agreed as he helped me up, slapped my ass a little and both got dressed. Funny thing was I noticed some dry cum in the corner of my mouth so started to brushed my teeth before anyone noticed anything. From that day I’d explore plenty with my friend in the same secluded spot outside. The first time I let him pound my ass and cum inside me was very embarrassing but loved it. We did plenty over the next few years but it was mostly him using my body since I couldn’t manage to cum yet till a little older. Sadly when I was about 12 him and his moved. But me still being really horny, a boy slut pretty much, I noticed the nearby street the secluded spot was near where there would be some high schoolers going by from the nearby high school.

    So occasionally when I had some free time and was really horny, I would go to the spot to see if I could get guys who I thought would be great to have fun. I would come out on to the sidewalk and do the finger through hole hand sign that way I wouldn’t be so obvious to not get in trouble but also good signal for guys interested. Usually I’d invite guys who were on their own. Fucked and sucked plenty all 15-18 both as a bottom and top. One guy brought a few friends so they ended up ganbanging me that was really fun. Girls sometimes. Even a few older women. I’d get older guys too. I think like 20-30 year olds same as the women. I would see them and think hm could try with em the age difference is hot. Some would laugh and just thought I was a typical kid joking around so left. Others though, well they had a good boy to fuck. They were the roughest and most fun. This went on till I was 19 so a couple years ago. Then I just started to, I guess be normal. Have a nice girlfriend but damn do I miss those days. Being covered in and filled with cum. Both guys and girls using me like a sextoy. Thankfully as far as I know everyone has kept quiet about it

    A Missed Possible Orgy Or Gangbang

    When I was around 8-12 don’t remember exactly, I was hanging out with a childhood guy friend in his apartment whose family were out for most of the day and rest of the night (lived with his mom and sis who I assume would be out with a boyfriend usually or busy with work. So he’d have the appointment to himself a lot of the time was very independent) He was around same age as me or a little older I think. Anyways it started getting late when two of his and my guy friends showed up. Them I remember being older at around 13-15. Wasn’t just them who showed up though, three girls showed up too. One was a girlfriend of one of the guys that showed upI remember that for sure. The other two, one maybe was a girlfriend of the other guy friend or interested in him, the other pretty sure was just a friend of the girls. The two girlfriends were around 13-15, the other was around my age. They all came inside into the living room greeting my friend and me. Me being a very innocent and naive kid I just sat back down on the couch by the TV kept on watching TV or gaming. The guys just sat wherever, the three girls were all sitting on the couch by the door. One ended up asking me randomly if I thought the youngest girl was cute and if I liked her. I was more just curious on why she would ask that than embarrassed or shocked. Shyly turned towards the girls, looked at the youngest and said yeah she looked cute and seemed nice. Went back to watching TV, but, then the girl who asked me the question and seemed like the oldest hottest and most confident got up and sat right next to me, ended up casually and slowly massaging my right thigh cause she was on my right side. She was wearing a pretty revealing outfit too along with having a fit slender figure to go with it. Had on a pair of shorty shorts, no socks just bare feet, and a spaghetti strap tank top with no bra. Now, at the time I had seen a bit of porn but not really much just some on the internet mostly in some movies and video game sex scenes briefly. So I didn’t have much of a sex drive or curiosity yet. I didn’t really respond to her just let her do it. Felt nice but stayed focused on the TV. She stopped and I ended up hearing her or one of the girls say, I feel bad he’s so innocent. Along with some giggles. I just shrugged it off and she ended up lying down. After a bit of just usual chatter, one of my friends decided we should play a game that I think if I remember right I passed on participating. The game was who could cum the most. Measured by going into the friend’s room that I was visiting for privacy, masturbating to some porn using his computer, and cumming on to a napkin or rag to see who would the most. The girls seemed to not mind at all. Friend I was visiting went first. Wasn’t much maybe he didn’t feel in the mood to. Next one of the other friends, he came out with a huge amount but he was just joking it was lotion that was in the room. The last was the friend who I knew one of the two older girls were his girlfriend. He ended up nudging her to lick it when he came out with his results but she declined, was bothered or grossed out at all though. I know this all sounds really weird for a kid my age to not be weirded out but as I’ve said I was very innocent and naive minded. It was getting to be about the time I should go home (I lived next door upstairs, it was an apartment complex). I ended up really wanting to sleepover because the girls were either gonna sleepover too or least just spend more time there. But my friend that I was visiting ended up persistently nudging me to go home. He kept asking me why I wanted to sleepover and I just responded that I wanted to keep hanging out. But I think I was also starting to figure out in the back of my mind that they all might be wanting to have sex with each other or together and I was wanting to be part of that. I ended up just agreeing that I’ll be going to not be too pushy but, before I left, the for sure girlfriend asked her boyfriend if she could kiss me. I was pretty embarrassed but didn’t mind if allowed. He was hesitant so he settled for me kissing her on the cheek instead. I did it, she smiled and giggled as I shyly left. That was my first kiss on the cheek I ever gave and I just kinda stood for a bit on the stairs leading up to the apartment I lived it. Thinking how nice it was that I kissed a girl on the cheek but, also regretting not trying to be more mature or realizing that the girls were nudging and inviting me for a good time. I wonder every now and then if I had been more mature and realized what they were doing or going to do, if I had stayed, what I could’ve experienced. Sometimes I regret missing it would’ve been hot I’m sure. Sometimes I don’t it’s possible it could’ve messed me up mentally. Very conflicting but yeah, who knows. I’m not too bothered by it now after so many years more just wonder.

  • Sex With My Best Friend

    When I was 7 years old me and my best Frend (also male) found a porno vhs in my dad’s cabinet we was curious and took it to my bedroom and watched it he used to sleep over every weekend we started taking that vhs every time he slept over eventually we started to copy what we saw we started to kiss then take each other’s clothes off an till we were both completely naked then we would go in to the 69 position and suck each other’s dick then he would then fuck my ass I tried to fuck his ass but I could never get my dick in I thought it was just because my dick was fat and his was skinny we were both young so didn’t know back then that your ass could stretch this went on an till we were 13years old when he moved away we never saw each other after that I’m straight but I still wonder if he still thinks about it and if he enjoyed it like I did and if he has thoughts like me of doing it again now we are adults

    I've Been Paying Women To Make Me Jerk Off To My Sister.

    So for a long time now, I've been watching i****t porn, I got exposed to it really early, and something about the "taboo" made it stick out among the videos I would watch, and while every once in a blue moon the idea would cross my mind that I might imagine any of my actual family in these fantasies.. I quickly brushed them aside and was pretty steadfast in my belief that it was "just a fantasy". Anyways fast forward to about a year ago when I stumble onto a clip titled "taboo mindfuck joi" out of curiosity I bought the clip and had up until that point one of the most intense orgasms of my life as I watched a woman get me to jerk off thinking about my own, flesh and blood, family.. So it's been about a year since then, and every couple weeks I bounce between feeling incredibly guilty and ashamed, and feeling so horny I can't think of anything else. Lately I've been ordering custom clips from different models asking them to make fun of me and push my i****t fetish deeper and jerk off to pictures of my big sister.. When the ball first really got rolling when I would fantasize about her I would always say "oh this is still just fantasy even if it's really taboo fantasy" but now I think I would actually have sex with my own sister.. the thought of getting to fuck her raw without a condom and cumming inside to get her pregnant gets me so excited. Posting this hear but have been seriously considering trying to find a way to break the ice and see what happens..

  • Slutty Gf Wanted Threesomes

    My gf can be very slutty and likes to show off. After a house party a friend stayed at ours as he lived too far to travel. We had all been drinking and had a few lines until we were the last 3 there. Knowing we wouldn’t be able to sleep we carried on drinking which led to a few more lines. She was wearing a very revealing dress showing a lot of cleavage bouncing every time she moved. She had already been dared to flash them earlier in the night. She was sat inbetween us the sofa as she let me do a line off her tits. She let my play with them and didn’t try to hide her nipples as I squeezed them. She the asked if we both wanted another line off her. She led bad as we both did it I slide my hand up her leg slowly and she spread our legs over up making her dress slide up over her hips. I didn’t know bye she didn’t have any underwear on. She first pulled me in for a kiss before doing the same to him. She was dripping wet as we both fingered her. He took his cock out first before she reached down for mine. After a while she stood up and slid her dress of and kneeled on the floor, jerked us both off before she started to swap sucking us. After a while she bent over so he can fuck her as she sucks me. He pounded her till he came inside her then she rode me till we cum together.