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Sugar Baby

I have always considered being a sugar baby, but never know which sites is the best?? anyone have any tips or recs??

  • I Want To Fuck A Guy I Know.

    So, there's this guy.

    We met in middle school and we still text at times. He's a failing musician, loves metal, generally greasy but keeps his hair well groomed which makes absolutely 0 sense to me, rude.. But I saw his cock once. I was surprised at how big he was, I was expecting maybe 3 inches at most flaccid. That looked like a damn 3rd leg and he wasn't even erect. I know for a fact he's a virgin too. Something about being his first and letting him use me like a doll feels so euphoric to me. I've jerked off to voicemails he's sent me. I hope he invites me to one of his concerts again, I want to flirt with him so bad.
    He's thick, long, cut and isn't shaven. Something about a hairy man gets me going..

    Husband Knows Not

    So my husband was just playing with our three cats, walking around the flat with the toy, his noise cancelling earphones in. Meanwhile I was on the living room couch, butt plug in my ass, secretly watching hot anal porn on my phone, playing with my clit while he was focused on our kitties, feeling the plug stretching my rim. I orgasmed when he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He has no idea. It gets me so hot, doing this with him none the wiser. Mhmm…

  • Fun Time

    I 19f want to play with myself out in public and have someone come up and finger me

    I Love Cumming On Here To Disike Everyones Stories

    I press the bin it button for just about everyone for fun. Its so cool being a put down towards everyone else but yourself.

  • The Love I Gat For U

    I like u since high school days