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Local Fit Wife

I live in a small village, single high street, cricket green etc. As I wfh often head to local coffee shop for a change of scenery where the local group of yummy mummies would meet post school drop off. Four regulars, all early thirty-ish, not working due to husbands job and all normally in gym gear so can’t say as a late forties, dad bod etc I didn’t enjoy the view.
One in particular is super hot in the workout daily, clothes, hair and nails always immaculate way. Husband similar in that looks like an athlete and runs his own business but also a bit unfriendly.
Over a period, having seen her around the village and then on a train into town where we got on the same carriage I said hello, joking it seemed rude not to do so as we were so often in the same place. She wasn’t particularly warm but after that I’d nod or say hi.
After a couple of months I began to drop in the odd “you look good today” and I noticed the odd smile, especially if her friends weren’t around.
Six months ago I was sitting in the shop as her friends said goodbye post coffee. I saw her glance at me and then heard her say she was going to take two minutes to finish her drink. As they left she sat back down, looked at me and then walked over. This never happened she said but do you fancy a stronger drink? I nodded and she said follow me so I did. We got in our cars and I followed her to her house where she waved me in. Five minutes later with a bottle opened she asked me if I would sleep with her, purely sex nothing more, and so there I was with her lying across her dining room table sliding my cock into her gorgeous body. Assuming this was onetime only I didn’t hold back, driving harder and harder whilst I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She had her eyes closed and just kept saying fuck me fuck me.
It didn’t take me long to come but I stayed in her and just teased her clit until she was writhing in orgasm and I was squeezed to full erect again. I pulled her up and then bent her over to fuck her from behind, again getting harder and harder, and also slapping her tight toned arse till it was tinged red. For the second time I came and together we collapsed to the floor. Felt like we both needed that I said.
I’ve been fucking her ever since and it makes me smile that the hottest woman with the so called perfect guy is getting her needs met by Joe average instead

  • I Loke Sex... But I Much Prefer Humping A Pillow

    I always prefered to hump and grind against my bed or pillow to using my hands ever since I was a horny teenager. I never had much confidence and had low self esteem, so I only started having sex in my 20s. For most of it I was with a long term partner, but it was never very sexual, and eventually we broke up, so I only started to really practice and experiment the past couple years.

    I know it sounds like bragging, but every single person I hooked up or been in a relationship with since then, both men and women, really enjoyed what I could do for them; apparently I'm very good with my tongue, good at foreplay and I have a nice average but somewhat thick penis. The chemistry is always important to me, and I try to be as attentive and caring to them as possible, so sex tends to be pretty good. I know this because my partners always seem a lot more enthusiastic to be with me and have sex with me than I do with them. In fact, while I like sex, I'd much rather be humping their leg.

    I really fantasize about it too, even during sex, but I am always embarrassed to ask, because well, I don't want to hurt anyones feelings. I only ever asked one partner, who was especially kink-minded, and it was fucking fantastic, especially as they were younger than me and took on a humiliator role, berating me for acting like a horny puppy; but to ask anyone else would be too embarrassing. The closest I try to get to it is when I 69 with my partner, giving them oral (which don't get me wrong, I love as well) while I hump away at their chest.

    Now I'm in a new relationship that I want to last, and it has been a whirlwind of amazing sex for the past month and a bit, but I don't really know how to approach it without scaring them off. How can I be an honest and open partner if I don't tell them I'd prefer to hump them to fucking them, that while they give me a good orgasm a pillow would give me a better one? I feel like it wouldn't be fair to them, and it might make them think their pussy is not good enough, and it kind of breaks my heart.

    Just Thoughts Or Trauma Dump. Had Me Overwhelmed Since Some Years.

    This is me - Born in a really backward background, both parents are illiterate, father did laborious work for almost 30 yrs (14-50 of age) and he still does but as he grew in work, the work has eased a bit, but still he works around 14-15 hrs a day (at least stays outside the house because of it) and also they (my father & his parents) lived in a village and called themselves a lower caste (as they literally were illiterate and it benefits them from govt. schemes) but also now when I grew up I asked my mother what the profession of our ancestors was and she said nothing, they just used to hunt and live and the caste my father had us registered to avail govt. benefits (by giving bribes to lots of officers, he's unknowingly a petty man tbh) is not the caste my mother said, as the registered caste's ancestor's profession was making cheap alcohol and the one my mother described were the warriors in the past few centuries (in a king's army) and migrated to diff. places after the kingdom was lost, so most probably I belong to that but I can't call myself that since it's not a registered caste and my original one is a backward caste too but its history is rich and not as bad as the one I'm registered with. And the whole family (grandfather, grandmother, and their kids, and my cousins, all of them) is quite backward in thoughts too and I didn't give all this much thought but whenever someone talks about these things it makes me feel less of a person like I'm low of a human and also having caste certificates is considered a cheap thing in here, so that makes me feel bad too, I didn't wanted but my father forced it on me by emotional blackmail, saying that it's for my own benefit (it wasn't good for me honestly, because of this - I never got the choice to decide and now I've graduated with a degree I've no knowledge in, from a college that I only got because of my caste certificate and didn't deserve on merit, so always felt low in there too for whole 4 years couldn't feel equal to others, I mean how could I. So, I know it's a weird thing - but how do I overcome this feeling of being a low person, a less human being, my whole journey seems like forged cheating if I think about it, I never chose the Science stream, didn't chose the degree to pursue either - just keep on going with the flow my father and brother created. - Any advice.

  • Young Yard Man

    I decided to talk a little bit about the other day. I am 18 and married for one year. I was at my pool laying out the tough boy doing the walk up to me and as he was talking he had the hugest bulge down his leg I just stared at it but I had may sunglasses on he couldn’t see me looking. After a while he finished the work and he was dieting so I thought maybe this was my chance to see his package. So I told he could take a shower so he said ok and we walked into the house. If you want me to continue let me know it gets pretty kinky. Embarrassed to talk about it but can on this site if you are interested

    Riding The Waves

    The other night, my Lover, and I were in bed and I put my lips to his nipple and started rubbing his cock. I am still a little unsure of myself, having never really touched a man, only sucked. Luckily he is patient and encouraging. eventually, he lets me put my mouth on him. which I love. But he has other plans for me.

    He started to give me what he calls, “The Goddess Treatment“. He has me lay back sideways against his bent up knees. He caresses my breasts and slowly works his hands down to my pussy. He slips his hand between the folds and quickly finds my clit. He teases me a bit, rubbing his fingers around it as my juices begin to flow. He works his way to my vagina and slowly slips one finger in. He knows all of the places to touch that make me moan. He comes back to my clit and massages me some more before working his way down and asking me if I want two fingers instead of one. By this time, I’m usually panting and I say yes. He plunges them into me and I squirm with breathless delight. Then after his found my G spot and tickled it, he works his way back up. Now he focuses on the place where I find the most pleasure. His fingers probe in and around until he finds exactly where I want him to be, NEED him to be. I can feel my pelvis rising up to meet him. I have to come. I can feel the orgasm rising inside me waiting to explode. I hold my breath to give it that extra push. Finally, I feel it surge through me. I think he can tell the moment it comes when the bucking and quivering and moaning reach their height. I’ve been masturbating for a long time on my own. He is the first to figure out how to make my clit explode. He lets me quiver and regain my sanity before I climb on top and we fuck for real.

    You would think me being on top would mean I was in control, but I am absolutely not. Having already had my biggest orgasm, my pussy continues to throb. Wave after wave of orgasms come so many that I can’t keep track. My hips buck of their own accord as I feel him rising toward me. I know I’m in trouble when he brings his knees up and thrusts deeper inside me. I can feel him up to my bellybutton as my Juices quench his thirsty cock. He caresses and sucks my breasts, which makes me come again and again. I asked him where he wants to come, and he says inside me which I find flattering. I am confident in my oral skills but not as much with my pussy. I come very easily. (Obviously.) But I always want to make sure that he is fully satisfied as well. He has me touch my breasts and pinch his nipple And I feel kind of sexy, like I’m enough. Eventually, I feel his body tense up and his moans swirl up like a reverse tornado as As his cock explodes inside of me. He shudders For a long time afterwards, and it makes me so happy that I can witness those moments when he is most spent.

    I’m not sure exactly how he does it, but he still manages to tickle me on the inside. I giggle which makes him laugh too. I’m so thankful that he brings out some of the best parts of me that I never knew existed. That’s why I am so lucky.
    (You’ll have to excuse me. I need to go touch myself now.)

  • Eating At The Y

    In the 70's I was 19 at the time...I took a job at a concrete bridge beam company. I think it was called Southern Pre-stressed Concrete or similar. It was a sweaty hot grueling entry level labor intensive job out in the sun...

    There was an opening in the quality control dept that had its own office downstairs air conditioned and many privileges...I showed interest in the job but was laughed at because of my lack of education...I'd helped the guy that was doing the job a couple times before he quit UN-expected with no notice..

    So one morning I was called to the office upstairs.All my fellow workers we teasing me saying your in trouble now, the Cunt wants you, it can't be good, it was nice working with you,that kind of thing...The person running our branch of the company was an older female. Quite the tyrant everyone was afraid of. She late 40's maybe 50...

    I knocked she said come in lock the door behind you...I understand you'd like to have the Q uality Controls job....You'll have to travel to varies jobs as part of your duties, you'll be at my personal assistant at times...I can arrange for you to be properly trained.
    With that she said you can start right now,stood up,pulled up her skirt,pulled down her panties,sat in her chair legs spread wide one leg on the desk the other on the filing cabinet, telling me to eat her pussy...Of course I wanted it and the 2 bucks an hour more money. So I ate her old lady pussy..What more could a guy want in life.A good paying job and all the sex you can stand at work.I was the QC guy two years before I got fired. I actually had some pretty kinky sex with her..After awhile a guy gets tired of being degraded,treated like a piece of meat,it was her way or the highway.

    Turns out the guy who had quit before me was because of sexual harassment...Back then it was an unheard of thing..

    I was to find out personal assistant meant her personal sex slave to do as told.I was to learn she had quite the sexual appetite...And was very kinky...She loved stuffing vibrators and various toys up my butt while milking my cock.....All this sex got old..

    She'd have me paged to her office on the yard loud speaker.All the guys would say teasingly to me ,you'd better run,your mamma wants you......It was one such day I drew the line at her fucking my ass with a strap-on...She fired me on the spot.picked up the phone and had me escorted from the yard by security. I did get two weeks severance pay.
    I've often wondered who her next sex toy was...

    This really happened....It .actually wasn't the last job I would fuck on,but was the last with a man hating kinky c**t....