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Killing Me In That Muscle Shirt

She and trucker husband rented a single wide trailer from my father who owned several on our property.Hubby gone most of the time on the road. She late 20's early thirties, me 16 my dads slave digging ditches,doing chores around dad trailer park.. It started when dad told me to stay away from them..What he really meant was stay away from her..I saw him drooling all over her, moms body language in response to her behavior and dads...She would call me to the back door of the trailer.She'd give me 50 cents to carry her garbage to the burn pile.....I had such embarrassment trying to hide my boner in front of her..She always in her husbands wife beater muscle shirt,she bending down from above giving me a view of her little titties with big brown nipples..Always a pair of her stained panties on top of the trash in a brown grocery bag.

I couldn't get to the burn pile behind the big oak tree quick enough to sniff her panties while I'd beat off..Her scent was intoxicating.. Of course she was seducing me.

That summer I'd do things with and to her I never knew existed.She showed me the pleasure of being anally stimulated while being sucked off..I couldn't get enough of her...Then one night in the middle of the night they were gone.Skipped out owing dad rent...I was devastated for the longest time..I'd gotten used to cumming in her couple times a day every day.

She gave me confidence and skills to rarely be told no by anyone I wanted sex with.I had my way with seniors right down to jr.high school girls.,I had my way with my Algebra teacher many times my Jr. year..I made her my sex slave.Her hubby was a missionary position only guy. I gave to her my way sometimes leaving marks, made her quite the slut..I went from failing to passing grade and never learned squat about algebra..Made her whimper often..If you touch a female right they'll beg to be touched..

In the last 50 years I've had so much sex I can't remember it all..As a senior its the same just less often. Love making them squirt...There is this light skin black girl half my age that works behind the counter at the bowling ally that's about to get it.. Told her yesterday I was going to have my way with her and make her squirt...She smiled ear to ear, blushing telling me she has a boy friend.I told her we won't share it with him..She gave me her number..Perhaps I'll write about her next....

  • My Son

    I'm a 38-year-old single mom and I have a 14-year-old son, we live together in a small apartment with 1 bedroom. We were used to sleep together since he was small and up to now, we're still doing so. It all started last year when we were sleeping... It was in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up and felt something hard was rubbing against my butt. I pretended I was asleep and wait for his next move. It went on for about 15 to 20 minutes getting faster and faster until I heard a soft moan behind me. Then I felt something hot wetting my panties from behind. That's the time the rubbing stopped. I didn't bother to get up for I was so sleepy. The next day, I didn't talk about it and just acted normal like any other day. When he left for school, I began to think about it. I didn't see it but I imagined it was big and a little thick for his age. My hand went inside my panties and to my surprise, I was wet. I stopped thinking about it knowing it will just happen once, but it did not. It happened several times, and in some few times he would slide it between my thighs rubbing against my pussy while he slips his hand under my nightie to feel my breast and play with my nipples while humping until he finished. Sometimes I wear thongs and some nights I don't wear undies so his hands were free to touch and rub me. I know he can feel my wet pussy during those times.
    It wasn't right but the sensation I felt was so good that I almost guided him inside me.
    The last time that happened was a few weeks ago, I wasn't wearing any undies, I got so wet and while he was humping, he almost got inside...good thing I moved a little and he missed my hole while he was cumming all over my pussy.
    We haven't talked about it up to now. I'm waiting for what's about to happen next.


    I'm weakened by him constantly
    I'm not my self when I'm with him.
    I crave him non_ stop,
    When I'm working here's what I think about when I'm dreaming he's what I dream about
    I only sleep and I'm with him,
    I can't stand to be away from him and when I am my soul screams for him.
    I would do anything to satisfy that man I love the way he touches me I love the way he looks at me I love the way he smells.
    I like that he's my manager,like proving my self to him.
    I know we come from similar backgrounds,
    I'm just use to one side of that back ground
    While he's training me to the other.
    He is my darkest fantasy, I could never be with snoy man,he's ruined me for other men.
    I'm definitely used to a rougher terrain,
    He just goes about it in a different way and I can't get enough of him no matter what I'm anxious to find out what he has in mind I just wish I could have found him sooner he is my strength he is my weakness he's the one that feeds me and he is the one that quenches my thirst.,.,.

  • Jerkoff Sessions With Gorgeous Teen Girls

    I buy snapchat sessions from girls online. I love the power I hold over them. My two favorites are 19 and 20. Both in college. One blonde, freckled, gorgeous blue eyes. The other dark haired, pale, brown eyes. Two asses you wouldnt believe.

    I pay them to facetime me and touch themselves, strip, and dirty talk. I love hitting them up at night when they are drunk and horny coming back from a party. It feels so good to play with them, I am their dirty little secret. I think one of them has a boyfriend.

    I Sent My Mom A Dick Pic

    Since I was an early teen I was pretty into the mom and son kink, and I'd watch porn and read stories depicting this taboo. I was into it as a fantasy but had no attraction to my actual mother. But over the years, the thirst and curiosity grew, as it does. Finally the temptation took hold of me and I made a bold move.

    I downloaded a texting app and got a fake number. I shaved my junk smooth, got as big and hard as I possibly could, then snapped the most flattering pic I could. I was careful to make sure my face or any distinguishing features were excluded. Then, from my fake number, I sent my mom the picture.

    There was no response, but she did open it. This just led me to more questions. Might she have any idea it was me? And did it turn her on at all? I know it's fucked up but I really hope so.

    Our interactions since then haven't really been any different or awkward so I'm guessing she doesn't suspect anything. There's no way I could ask or follow up without incriminating myself, so I guess I'm left to wonder.

    Also I should probably quit porn since it's apparently making me do fucked up things lol

  • Experimenting With Another Boy

    Growing up I was an odd boy. Not as masculine as normal boys both in looks and personality, I was sometimes pretty feminine. Either way I was a cute little boy with a tight ass and cute little dick. I knew for sure I liked girls and wanted to be manly. When I was around 7, I started to get curious about sex. Saw glimpses of it in movies and video games which made my little cock hard but not too much because I didn’t know why it would do that.

    One day, a local boy (who was 7 or 9 at the time I forget, and my friend) invited me to his home when alone and showed me porn videos in his room that he shares with his older sister. This was the first time I saw hardcore porn. I remember one of an Asian woman getting fucked by a fuck machine and squirting. My friend said it made him hard and I noticed I was hard too. We both ended up dropping our pants, our tiny little boy cocks exposed, watching more until he said something like maybe we can do those things too.

    We then went into the closet and took off all our clothes. Our little kid bodies exposed with our tiny etect dicks out. We didn’t know what to do he just lifted me up in a carry fuck position, but he didn’t penetrate my little asshole, just kind of bounced me up and down while his tiny hard cock kept hitting my ass. But his older sister then came home so we both quickly changed and acted like nothing happened.

    I ended up sleeping over either the same day or soon after that incident when we had the place to ourselves because his family were in different places. Taking a vacation or with lovers who knows. Anyways, that night we ended up getting naked again and just touching each other. This time our cocks were limp. We didn’t care we just kept rolling around sort of wrestling and cuddling.

    The following morning however, when we awoke cuddling each other naked, he made a suggestion I was very curious on.

    He told me to try sucking his dick.

    I actually didn’t mind trying it so, he stood up, and I got on my knees in front of him and put my hands on his thighs, his limp 7 or 9 year old penis hanging limp from his crotch. First I licked his little balls, they were really soft. Then I just put his whole tiny penis head and shaft into my 7 year old mouth. It was very squishy and I actually tasted a tiny bit of piss that he was leaking out. He said it felt good but I ended up stopping because I got bored of it cause I just held it in place with my mouth. He then said we could try kissing but I was unsure about that.

    We ended up going into that carry fuck position he tried before with the same result. But this time I leaned into his head with my head for a kiss, but not just a normal kiss, one with tongue. He ended up not liking that and put me down. We never tried anything again after that.

    From that I knew that I wasn’t gay and neither was he I don’t think we were just kids being curious. But, sometimes I think about it. That if I had actual penetrative sex and proper oral with cum involved, inside and on us and in our mouths, could I have become gay or a twink, bi etc. Because for a bit after that I fantasized on handling older guys’ cocks as a little boy. Swallowing loads from bigger dicks, getting fucked in my little pink asshole. Maybe I would’ve loved getting gabanged. I even tried fucking my asshole with my toothbrush which felt pretty good as I stroked my cock sometimes when I learned to properly masturbate.

    As I got older though and more masculine, that mindset faded and I am now just a straight adult male who is only attracted to women. And I don’t regret it it was a fun experience. I’ve tried thinking if I could be with a man now and no I wouldn’t like it. Although, femboys, and trans girls who still have their cock, that look like very much like girls are still attractive to me idm sleeping with them but not date seriously.

    Though I do sometimes fantasize that it would’ve been hot af had me and my childhood friend managed to get hard when I slept over, sucked on each other’s little kid cocks until we came in our mouths and pounded our tight assholes to fill each other up good. If you’re reading this and masturbating. Know that if you ever met us little boys back then we probably would’ve let you join us. Either gender nor age (as long as not too too old and wrinkly or saggy) wouldn’t have mattered. What would you have done to and with us ;) ?