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Eating At The Y

In the 70's I was 19 at the time...I took a job at a concrete bridge beam company. I think it was called Southern Pre-stressed Concrete or similar. It was a sweaty hot grueling entry level labor intensive job out in the sun...

There was an opening in the quality control dept that had its own office downstairs air conditioned and many privileges...I showed interest in the job but was laughed at because of my lack of education...I'd helped the guy that was doing the job a couple times before he quit UN-expected with no notice..

So one morning I was called to the office upstairs.All my fellow workers we teasing me saying your in trouble now, the Cunt wants you, it can't be good, it was nice working with you,that kind of thing...The person running our branch of the company was an older female. Quite the tyrant everyone was afraid of. She late 40's maybe 50...

I knocked she said come in lock the door behind you...I understand you'd like to have the Q uality Controls job....You'll have to travel to varies jobs as part of your duties, you'll be at my personal assistant at times...I can arrange for you to be properly trained.
With that she said you can start right now,stood up,pulled up her skirt,pulled down her panties,sat in her chair legs spread wide one leg on the desk the other on the filing cabinet, telling me to eat her pussy...Of course I wanted it and the 2 bucks an hour more money. So I ate her old lady pussy..What more could a guy want in life.A good paying job and all the sex you can stand at work.I was the QC guy two years before I got fired. I actually had some pretty kinky sex with her..After awhile a guy gets tired of being degraded,treated like a piece of meat,it was her way or the highway.

Turns out the guy who had quit before me was because of sexual harassment...Back then it was an unheard of thing..

I was to find out personal assistant meant her personal sex slave to do as told.I was to learn she had quite the sexual appetite...And was very kinky...She loved stuffing vibrators and various toys up my butt while milking my cock.....All this sex got old..

She'd have me paged to her office on the yard loud speaker.All the guys would say teasingly to me ,you'd better run,your mamma wants you......It was one such day I drew the line at her fucking my ass with a strap-on...She fired me on the spot.picked up the phone and had me escorted from the yard by security. I did get two weeks severance pay.
I've often wondered who her next sex toy was...

This really happened....It .actually wasn't the last job I would fuck on,but was the last with a man hating kinky c**t....

  • Sex With A Hung Guy

    I been married for 20 years . I have found a18 year guy I been with now for 2 months. He is well hung (9.5”) and good in bed he much better than my husband. We have sex 4 times a week and my husband knows nothing. He give my anal sex and he spreads my anus put go all the way in till his huge balls slap my vagina. He unloads so much cum it run down my vagina, leg to the floor. He great I plan on seeing him more often. Vaginal sex is little slower we only got it in 7” but it fill me up nothing like my husband

    I Hated Him

    My fathers derelict little brother would come home from sea ever once in awhile .He'd always stay with us. I was a young boy not sure how young. Uncle Billy was a sweaty beer drinker that always forced everything on me.He never asked,was never friendly,his hands rough and dirty..He borrowed dads car telling dad he was taking me fishing.

    That first time burnt in my memory....We stopped at the bait store for cane polls,worms,and two six packs Canadian Ace beer..My first beer..I choked down two that made my world spin around.

    I hated what he made me do with him..It was always disgusting him on my back.sweating,grunting,smelling his beer breath,feeling him deep in my guts.My body betrayed me by cumming..The first cum of my life..Oh I'd jacked myself sniffing moms panties in the past but had never really ejaculated until that day with him up in me. It hurt yet felt good at the same time.

    Afterward he'd say he was sorry and beg me not to tell Which open ed the door for me to get whatever I wanted from him..

    This went on for years even after I was in high school fucking everything that walked....I got this feeling of dread when dad would say uncle Billy was coming....

    My secret thing he created...My whole life no matter how much pussy I'm getting I masturbate anally usually with a RC cola bottle or other penis shaped object at the time. I was always getting cucumbers from the garden..Now in my sixties it more realistic toys.Anal orgasms are whole body orgasms much different than pussy or jacking off..Many times I've told myself no more,not going to do it anymore...to only give in to the craving days later.

    I hated him..... but never told on him.

    My first young bride was a shotgun wedding because her daddy caught me between her yyoung legs....I would later find out others were fucking her because I tasted their cum in her while eating her pussy..Got lots of stories of she and I sexing with others before we divorced
    Thanks to uncle billy for forcing me to swallow his load on his visits I know what cum tastes like.

    Recently its the xxx movie place with glory holes. I really hate uncle Billy and what I've morphed into in deep secret..I disgust myself... I really hated him.

  • My Mother Was A Molested Child.Molested By My Father.

    My mother was 14 and unmarried when I was born a bastard. My father was 36, 22 years older than mom..There has always been tension in the family,an unspoken something..A relative of mine told me that my mother was fucking her brother and got knocked up by her father (My grandfather) is my father,...she a m****ted child. I was kept away from moms family my whole life..My father took her away from the family and married her two years after I was born..
    My parents drank often and dad would in front of my sister and I grope mom often sliding his hands up her shorts leg or skirt. She'd allow It until she realized I was watching ,she'd jump off his lap laughing.She no doubt a sex pot.

    Looking back I think mom was very sexual as I've read that m****ted children become...She was m****ted by her brother,her father and then her husband..What a mental struggle she must have endured.A strong woman no doubt.....The man who raised me I call my father a German was always mean to me especially when they drank. He used to tell me I was the milk mans son..Never hugs or affection from him..
    After learning what happened to mom it all ads up.. Sad really...

    My Whole Life As Far Back As I Can Remember I've Been Sexual.

    As a boy even before puberty I was jacking and sucking the older boys dicks to be in their club,tree house, fort in the woods etc.Making money or getting something I wanted was a natural progression..As long as I can remember sex was always around me.I've done fathers,grand fathers,mothers,grandmothers,little girls,little boys.I'm always horny to this day and I'm almost 70...I 'm the proverbial if it feels good do it often. I'll suck and fuck anything,everything.I've broken most of the Taboo's...You name it I bet I've tried it...I sniffed and made love my mothers panties for a long time.I'd cum in her chewed slobbered on panty crotch and place them on top of the laundry hamper so she would find them...I was always watching dad smack her butt,groping her.She'd be walking by,he'd grab her ,pull her on his lap and slide his hand up her shorts leg.You could see from her body language his finger was penetrating her.Right there in front of me and my little sister dad would finger fuck her.She was a petite blonde sex bomb 90-100 lbs,tiny little titties..

    Skip forward few years I'm a freshman in high school fucking everything that walks, sucking coaches dick and even fucking my algebra teacher..
    Dads out of town with work.I come home from a football game date a bit buzzed,moms on the couch in her robe passed out drunk. I'm horny having been heavy petting a cheer leader but no sex...Shaking mom,saying her name.No response so of course I open her robe to see she'd naked underneath...I can still see it in my mind as if it were yesterday...Her pussy shaved bare except a little patch above her clit. As I pushed her legs apart her clit stuck up erect like a little dick bugging to be touched,sucked. No shame,no fear or thought of consequences I fucked her. She was way wet,hot, willing,used to being fucked....After I came I scooped her up carrying her to bed.All the while she never woke up

    Next morning I woke her up fucking her from behind spooning her..Of course she panicked when she realized her son was fucking her and not dad... While she protested I emptied my balls in her...
    She often protested while responding to my firm forceful touch. She loved the way I touched her,having my way with her,giving her uncontrollable squirting orgasms... Even after dad was home I'd grope her, sneak quickies in her when dad was outside doing chores or out in the garage.You'd be surprised where you can get in a quick fuck. After awhile she got into it,she really had no choice....After dad died I bought her sexy outfits and would take her out in public showing her off as my girl..We had some wild sex..
    She died as parents do at 63. The booze had a lot to do with it...

  • What A Night

    went to a city for the day with a previous hu and decided to get a hotel across the city since it was half the price. got so drunk at the bar, and otw to the hotel gave him sloppy head and rode him while he was driving (traffic going into the tunnel). got to the hotel and had amazing semi rough sex and then woke up a like an hour later and did round 3. wish we would've done more though, but had so much fun, need to have a night like that again!